Biscorna cross stitch patterns: download free new, new year roses

With the help of biscorony can decorate any room, giving it comfort and bright colors With the help of biscorony can decorate any room, giving it comfort and bright shades Biskornyu - the so-called octagonal beds. But today they are used both as beads for various ornaments, as decorative pads, and as original Christmas toys. A piece of such products, in that a lot of corners is formed in connection with the way of joining parts. And the details are two square identical pieces of cloth. Usually the angle of one piece is applied to the middle of the second piece, then the elements along the edge are sewn together.

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Schemes for biskornyu cross: features

Yes, and this beauty can be embroidered with a cross. The main decoration of such home-made bedding is just the embroidery of biscorn, it can be performed both on the top and bottom sides of the product. But if you start, then you can do only the upper part, you will be able to overcome two with a heavy hand.

It is recommended to choose a scheme for biscormina of such complexity, with which you can cope It is recommended to choose a scheme for biscorony of such complexity that you can handle

It happens that the two sides decorate with the same embroideries. Then such a pillow can be put by either side. But if you really decided to do everything right, you should take into account that one side of the biscorony is distinguished by more complex and beautiful drawings. Well, the bottom of the thing is made out only schematically.

And it's logical - the embroidery threads underneath wear out faster, they wear out faster. And this picture is not visible, it is turned to the surface where the needle bed lies. The fabric is used as the basis, on which it is more convenient to embroider - canvas or flax.

The edges of the figure are usually cross-stitched with a "back needle" seam. The details of the pads are joined without stitching, the needle with a threaded thread braids these seams so that the fibers of the main fabric do not touch. The edging turns out beautiful and accurate.

Cross-stitch embroideries: kinds

There are related types of needle beds, which, properly speaking, can not be called biscorna. But the opinion has already settled that these are varieties of biscorony. Although they have similarities, these are still similar species.

For biscorry embroidery it is recommended to select high-quality threads to make the product look beautiful and stylish It is recommended for embroidery of biscorridges to match quality threads to make the product look beautiful and stylish.

Related kinds of biscorphone:

  • Banurukotti. This voluminous needle bed consists of two planes with five corners each, they are exactly the same under the other. Then you sew the biscorna so that the four corners of the upper side are not in the same plane with the edges of the underside.
  • Zigugu .And it turns out even less, as they sew it all from one square flap. The fabric is first decorated with embroidery, then the corners of the fabric are stitched together, the underside of the product is obtained.
  • Pendibulus. And it is sewn from one square, the sides of the figure are sewn - it turns out an equilateral triangle with a wide solid side. Leave a small hole, through it add a filler. It goes to the upper central corner, the lateral edges remain empty.

You will only have empty corners sewed together. You get these handles from your handbag. Well, this part you decorate with bows, beads, ribbons.

Embroidering with a cross biscorning, new schemes: how to work

So, it starts with the fact that you take the right size. On it, make the calculation of the necessary distance for the formation of the bottom and top of the biscorna so that there is a free intermediate between the parts of the bottom and the top.

The canvas is cut to pieces, do not forget to leave the allowances on the seams. Step back a little from the edge of the embroidery, square the seam "back the needle."The thread is fixed in the corner of the seam "back needle" below. It is necessary to attach a corner to the middle of the edge of the upper side.

This scheme will make biscorony, which will be an excellent gift for any holiday This scheme will make a biscorry, which will be a great gift for any holiday

The needles are pierced by one of the seams "back needle" on the top part, then on the bottom. Fibers canvas can not be touched. So the details of biscorm are held in a circle. When zagotovochka will look like a pocket, it is filled with filler. Then sewed up to the end.

To make a product from a polygon turn into a standard needle bed, in the middle a tightening is made. The needle is passed through the sides cents several times, pulling them together. The place of the weft is decorated with a bead.

Variants of cross biscuit embroidery schemes( video)

It's that simple, and not without attention and accuracy is a nice biscuit thing. New Year's landscape or a bouquet of roses will decorate your corner of the needlewoman, casket with embroidery accessories and any other place in the house. Appointments it has a lot, and you yourself can come up with a new one.

Successful work!

Biskornyu: embroidery stitch circuit( photo)