Cross-stitch embroidered house designs: fulfillment of desires, free of charge happy new year, gingerbread and puppet, set of dreams

There are many schemes for embroidering houses, thanks to which even a beginner can create a beautiful composition There are many schemes for embroidery houses, through which to create a beautiful composition can even novice Many believe that the embroidery made from the heart will bring the execution cherished desire, a dream come true. These pictures include a doll house, it is able to store the comfort and warmth of family relationships and embroidered little spirits, which include households, put in a corner, they will help to feel the joy of motherhood.

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cross stitch: kits houses

houses are among the most colorful and interesting motives for embroidery cross. Fantasy needlewoman can depict a variety of subjects, ranging from fairy landscapes and ending with delicious natural motifs.

6 popular small houses:

  • Gingerbread house, with the found in the woods a hoard;
  • Fabulous cottages by the sea;
  • Country cottage;
  • Beautiful three-dimensional houses;
  • European miniature streets and old huts in the aisles;
  • Summer cozy house in the mountains.

Such embroidery will look good in the kitchen, giving it coziness and comfort This embroidery will be good to look in the kitchen, giving it comfort and convenience

If beginners needlewomen have doubts and they will be afraid to make a mistake, it is better to buy pre-prepared set of schemes homes, or find free pictures in magazines orThe Internet. The set often includes the desired canvas cut, color and monochrome scheme, a set of threads and a needle.

Embroider the cross of the house

In order to teach as a result your own masterpiece, you need to make some effort and spend time, the result is sure to like it.

To begin with, experts recommend starting with the most simple options - fruit in a cut. You can try to embroider rivers, then gradually move on to more complex tasks - images of a mini garden and a river, they are very popular in a country like Korea.

Making such pictures first seems difficult, but with time, experience is gained and everything becomes simple.

For embroidering a house according to the scheme it is better to use bright thread colors embroidering at home under the scheme is better to use bright colors of thread

Experts advise to start with the angle, and if before that time there was no such experience, you can try to embroider monochrome - the scheme that has no more than two colors toNot complicate the task. To get to work better from the left corner, using the technique of a full cross. It is better to concentrate and do first one piece in a certain color range, then proceed to the next one in order not to get confused in the threads and shades of the picture. We embroider pictures, slowly, concentrating on work, a small bead adorned with flowers or a butterfly near a house in the forest will give a slight convexity effect, which will complement curved trees or voluminous bushes.

Cross stitch patterns: monochrome, house

The world of art does not stand still, moving in parallel to technical progress. Products made in monochrome technology, go to second place, because they are designed exclusively for training beginners, and are rarely used for decorating houses.

Monochrome house will be most appropriate in the interior, where modern high-tech prevails. He will emphasize the color scheme of the room.

If there are children in the house, it will be a real surprise for them to embroider their own gingerbread house embroidered with their own hands, but made not in the form of a picture, but a real house. A similar product can be made by purchasing a plastic canvas.

This scheme is perfect for beginners, since it is not difficult This scheme is perfect for beginners because it is not difficult

For the execution of the works of art are necessary: ​​

  • Beads,
  • Small tape,
  • Yarn;
  • The middle needle for embroidery.

If the needlewoman acquires a set, then a detailed instruction is attached to it, allowing step by step decorating and making a tale from a piece of plastic. Such a house can be given to children, can be used as a casket or simply for decorating a room.

Drawing pictures by embroidery

In addition to the pictures, it's interesting in a monochrome version that the housekeeper will look like - this small, but necessary trinket in every family, will add a little warmth to the hallway, and will be a reminder not only about the need to take your key, but also to kissHandicraftsman before leaving home. Not only adult members of the family, but also children can help with design.

Often, many babies like to work with their mother, and such an occupation will only benefit - developing fine motor skills of fingers, instilling assiduity and patience, laying the foundation of creativity in a little man.

To make the embroidery look stylish and chic, it For embroidery to look stylish and chic, it's best to put it in the frame for the picture

It's better to make a picture in a wooden frame, to which to attach several hooks. From behind, you need to attach a fastening loop and hang the product in a prominent position in the hallway, preferably in front of the mirror.

Experts advise, before embarking on conventional embroidery, it is better to fix the fabric in the embroidery frame, not tightening the fabric. The movement and fixing of the thread in the drawing should proceed smoothly, so that they do not overtake a certain part of the image and do not warp it. If on the finished product there are traces of the hoop, it should be slightly evaporated, restraining the picture over the steam can get a sloppy landscape as a result.

How to embroider according to the scheme( video)

To achieve bulk and select a specific fragment, the thread is reusable, creating a 3D effect, and adding realism to the image. Combination of cross-stitch and cross-stitch embroidery makes it possible to achieve the same result.

stitch diagrams of houses( photo)