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A bright and unusual patchwork patchwork is a good solution for those who want to give their home a maximum of coziness and warmth Bright and unusual bedspread in patchwork style - this is a good solution for those who want to give their home maximum comfort and warmth The room is noticeably transformed when a patchwork product appears in it. Playfulness, comfort and a positive mood will never leave the house, in which bright, intricate shreds, neatly sewn into a single composition, have found their place. If you decide to settle in your house a patchwork blanket or blanket, then you should decide whether you will buy a finished product or make a colored sheet yourself. The possibilities and advantages of both options are below.

    • How to sew a patchwork cover
    • Cute baby blanket: patchwork for the joy of kids
    • Where to buy a bedspread on the bed: patchwork on sale
    • Patchwork coverlet: a choice of fabrics( video)
    • We sew a plaid in(Patchwork)
    • Patchwork technique with your own hands( video)
    • Patchwork coverlet( photo)

How to sew a patchwork cover

If you have never sewed anything but buttons,s quilt by hand. However, despite the seeming complexity, sewing a patchwork veil is a feasible task even for a beginner master.

Despite the apparent complexity of the product, with due diligence, even a beginner can make it In spite of the apparent complexity of the product, with due diligence, it can even be made by a novice

In general, the creation of a patchwork is as follows:

  • Developing a concept for a future product. This is a very important stage. You can be inspired by ready-made works, you can come up with something yourself, but how your blanket will look, you must represent from the very beginning.
  • Preparation of parts for stitching. From the selected fabrics, you need to cut out the details that will later be sewn into a single fabric.
  • Stapling parts. Excessive accuracy and accuracy in the performance of work is important here. Have enough patience, pins and ironing.
  • Attach the front side to the heater or simply plain solid material. Depends on the quality of the future product: if you want to make a blanket, it is recommended sintepon or fleece. If you wish to get a lightweight blanket or blanket, then you can take a not very thick material.
  • Edge processing with edging. Simply sew long fabric flaps around the perimeter of your product.

As you can see, the work to create such a stylish element of the interior does not require too much skill. Perseverance, desire, accuracy and at least a modest experience in using a sewing machine will be enough to make you sew a simple and pretty patchwork veil.

The concept of a patchwork can be developed with the help of simple or more complex schemes found in thematic publications or invented independently You can develop the concept of a patchwork cover using simple or more complex schemes found in thematic publications or invented by yourself

To work easily, be sure to consider your workplace and also take responsibility for the choice of materials: everything forPatchwork you can find in the fabric store.

Cute baby blanket: patchwork for the joy of kids

Patchwork is what you need for the design of a children's room. All mothers are strongly encouraged to master this technique to regularly indulge their babies with new cheerful pieces made from pieces of colorful diaper.

Babies will taste colorful quilt cover with stylized images of animals and plants or favorite fairy-tale characters

What can be a baby blanket in a patchwork technique:

  1. Unlike the creation of an "adult" product, the manufacture of children's bedspreads will allow your imagination to sweep without limits in colors and patterns. Children love everything bright and unusual.
  2. It will be very cool to use for the application of children's bedspread images of cartoon characters or animals that your child especially likes.
  3. You can make a "training" blanket. Multicolored letters and numbers will allow the child with interest to master the world of bills and letters.
  4. You can also develop the taste and imagination of a baby by selecting fabrics and drawings together. More adult children will happily take part in the sewing of products from rags. Created together, a coverlet in the technique of patchwork will forever preserve in your child's memory memories of a happy childhood.

Take your love to the creation of a patchwork-style product, and soon you will see the whole world of home-made needlework. Your children will be grateful if you teach them to create beauty from simple hand-made materials with their own hands.

The children The children's room will look nice patchwork pastel tones calming the child's psyche

Remember the main rules of the design of the children's room: there can be many colors, but pastel shades will look better than bright and screaming. Light colors soothe the child's psyche, and the bedroom comes a gentle home mood.

Where to buy a bedspread on the bed: patchwork on sale

If you want to purchase a blanket, you need to carefully study the offer. At present, one should not trust unverified sources of goods, since their quality can be very disappointing. What is an indicator of the excellent quality of the product in the patchwork technique?Of course, above all, this is the material. The ideal choice is 100% cotton, satin.

When choosing a patchwork patchwork in a store, attention should first and foremost be paid to the quality and environmental safety of fabrics When choosing a patchwork in the style of patchwork in the store, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality and environmental safety of the fabrics

Artificial fabrics have a number of drawbacks that significantly degrade the quality of the bedspreads in the patchwork technique:

  • Artificial tissues can deform with time. Shrinkage of the fabric will lead to deformation of the pattern. As a result, the veil will completely lose its charm and meaning.
  • Deformation when washing. Artificial tissues can behave unexpectedly during washing: machine washing can be contraindicated in such materials. For convenience in purification choose naturalness!
  • Some artificial fabrics look unnatural. A patchwork veil is a symbol of closeness to the natural way of life. Quite often patchwork is used to complement the style of Provence and eco-style. Artificial tissues are inappropriate in such directions.
  • Color instability. Low-quality material is prone to fading and molting. If you choose 100% cotton, you can be sure that the brightness of the colors will please you long enough.

Customer feedback tends to the fact that the first quality indicator is the price of the product. A high price is not a guarantee of reliability and durable service. But you should not trust the offers from online stores that sell similar products at suspiciously low prices. Despite the fact that China is not famous for the high quality of its goods, the manufacturer of tango( tango) enjoys a good reputation among buyers of quilt products.

A good option is to purchase the product in the patchwork technique from a trusted home master. In the network you will find many offers for the sale of patchwork blankets and blankets.

Patchwork cover: choice of fabrics( video)

We sew plaid in the technique of patchwork with our own hands

Have patience and inspiration, and get to work!This is the main advice to all novice masters who want to master patchwork.

If you are morally ready for work for the benefit of beauty and comfort, then go on to the instructions for sewing a blanket in the technique of patchwork:

  1. Prepare a convenient workplace. Think in advance what you need and in what quantity.
  2. Prepare the materials. For a start, you can take trimmings from old things, for example, jeans or cotton pieces and trimming. If there is sewing experience, and you are more or less confident in the result, then buy a specialized fabric at the sewing shop or at the Ikea store;The latter is also often used for patchwork and quilting.
  3. Make the blanks. For a plaid, a composition of large even squares is suitable.
  4. Sew the parts to yourself: first, assemble the flaps into strips, then stitch the strips into the fabric.
  5. Sew a base to your canvas. Be sure to stitch along both the perimeter and the center of the product. Quilted plaids look qualitative and accurate.
  6. Now sew a rim to the rug. Bend the edges of the binding tape inward to prevent the fabric from falling off.

To make a quality product in patchwork style, patience and accuracy are necessary, because all the patterns require symmetry To make a quality product in the patchwork style, patience and accuracy are necessary, because all the patterns require symmetry

The master class for the manufacture of plaid in the patchwork technique will describe in detail the sewing process, especially if you are in this businessThe beginner.

Patchwork technique with your own hands( video)

Any product in the patchwork technique can be additionally decorated with appliqués or needlework made in a different technique. Knit crocheted or knitting needles, decorative elements can complement both the plaid in the patchwork technique, and the entire interior where there are such things. Remember that exclusive things are valued quite high in our time. Put your soul and work into your work and maybe soon you write your first ad "Selling products in patchwork style!"

Patchwork coverlet( photo)