Cross-stitch ornament patterns: black and white patterns, download for free, video lesson of Celtic ornaments

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to choose such a scheme for embroidering an ornament that does not contain complex elements If you are a beginner, it is recommended to choose a scheme for embroidery ornament that does not contain complicated elements Cross Stitch pattern scheme is very popular for a long time. The main themes of sewing has always been the symbolism inherent in ancient cultures. For centuries, traditions have remained unchanged, with no specific meaning in the ornaments. Modern technologies allow you to study the culture of your own people without leaving home. You can get acquainted with the basic ornaments in the network, by watching a detailed video lesson, or a master class.

    • Motives for Cross Stitch: Patterns and designs, schemes
    • Ornaments Cross: floral and plant patterns
    • Children's cross-stitch
    • Lesson cross stitch: Ornament( video)
    • Cross-stitch ornament: scheme(photo)

Motives for cross stitch: patterns and designs, schemes

first ornament appeared in ancient Russia. At that time, only Slavic motifs were beginning to emerge. Embroidery flaunted on clothes, towels, towels and hats. Many needlewomen decorated with Slavic motifs objects in the house. A characteristic drawing is difficult to confuse with any other. Slavic patterns were widely used for embroidering amulets. This is not a simple process, certain schemes were used in the work.

The basic for needlework are natural fabrics, in particular, flax. It allows you to embroider without additional twisting of threads. The canvas itself acts as the basis. In most cases, patterns are embroidered through two strands. For work threads of floss are used. They have bright colors and good density. To reproduce the ornament, it is necessary to use matte and silk threads. Often the Slavic motive accepts the use of red color.

Most often in the Slavic ornament a red color is used, symbolizing love and continuity of the genus most common in the Slavic ornament is red, symbolizing the continuity of love and kind

Cross embroidered:

  • Drawings;
  • Ornaments;
  • Geometry;
  • Vegetation;
  • Animal Kingdom;
  • Patterns.

A special niche is occupied by geometric drawings. Many embroiderers make out their work using geometry. Complex and multicolored patterns are widely used, they are easily combined with other drawings. This allows you to create a unique design. Geometry can be used in the elements of clothing and interior.

There are special schemes that make it easy to embroider geometric patterns. They are used for the design of pillow cases on pillows. Bright yarns will brighten the interior of any room.

If the pattern is embroidered cross a border, you can pick up a rough cloth. Experts recommend giving preference to cotton fringing. It is of good quality and allows you to create interesting drawings. Under it, you need to choose the right thread thickness.

Most of the patterns for embroidery of the ornament contain geometric figures, so when embroidering it is necessary to apply a ruler Most embroidery designs contain geometric shapes, so when embroidering, you must use the

ruler. You can embroider any picture or postcard and decorate it with geometry. This can be a narrow, oval or round pattern. It all depends on the scheme used. Important: almost all geometric elements are embroidered with a full cross.

Ornamental cross: flower and vegetable patterns

For embroidering a towel or embroidery on clothes, it is recommended to use an openwork border. Specialists call for the use of ornament. He can act as the main figure, or competently supplement the overall picture.

The most popular patterns are:

  • Floral;
  • Vegetable.

flower pattern may be provided in monochrome and floral art. Everything depends on the purpose of towels or towels. The more shades, the harder the work. It is recommended to start serious drawings with experience.

Embroidery with floral ornament, inserted in a beautiful frame, will perfectly fit into the interior of natural themes Embroidery with floral ornament inserted in a beautiful frame will perfectly fit into the interior of the natural thematics

The choice of the base and the thickness of the threads depends on the number of colors and the complexity of the scheme. The simple ornament accepts the use of ordinary cloth. A complex pattern looks good on a shallow canvas, using a double thread. More often needlewomen give preference to the technique of a full cross. The type of embroidery depends on the complexity of the work, so other techniques are often used.

Embroidered floral ornament looks good on towels and towels. The folk pattern enjoys wide popularity, it is based on interwoven wreaths, leaves and berries. You can arrange a bright openwork branch on a tablecloth, napkin or pillowcases on a pillow.

The floral pattern is embroidered on the canvas. The thread is recommended to be used in three additions. For simple schemes, a full cross is used, heavy work is done using joints.

Children's embroidery by cross

Young mothers try to devote more time not only to their child, but also to needlework. The hand-embroidered drawings complement any attributes of clothing, towels, bedspreads and pillowcases.

Embroidery with animals or cartoon characters is well suited for a children Embroidery with animals or cartoon characters is good for the children's room and will daily raise the mood of the child

Widely popular:

  • Black and white motifs;
  • Colorful pictures;
  • Patterns designed for interior items.

You can download free schemes on the Internet. There are many of them, which allows you to choose an ornament for a certain event. Young mothers are happy to draw new ideas and are engaged in decorating the child's bedroom.

From the selected pattern, and its size depends on the fabric and thread. Beginning needlewomen are recommended to select small pictures, 8x7 centimeters. It is desirable to choose several motifs for edging, the main thing is that they are the same in length and width. It is not necessary to use a large canvas, and even a white shade.

Cross-stitch embroidery lesson: ornament( video)

Scheme, base and threads are selected according to personal preferences. You can see the motifs of Celtic drawings. All this is on the network in a convenient extension of xsd.

embroidery stitch ornament: diagram( photo)