Cross-stitch patterns: embroider Roman in beautiful print, small metrics and calculator

Embroider a cross according to the scheme figures - a simple and fascinating exercise cross embroider scheme numbers - Simple and addictive hobby Each embroiderer, sooner or later begins to create three-dimensional paintings to decorate its interior, as a gift to friends or to order. Very often for such works, in addition to the embroidery of the figure itself, an image of various symbols, including figures, is required. Forever in your chosen scheme there are numbers, so it is important to know how to properly embroider them. Today we will consider the basic positions of embroidering figures with a cross.

    • How to use the figures cross: embroidery
    • Fonts for beginners: cross stitching figures
    • Driving cross numbers for experienced seamstresses
    • Roman numerals: schemes for cross stitch
    • correct numbers scheme in cross stitch(video)

How to use cross figures: embroidery

cross stitch - is a creative process, you can at any moment to change the scheme and bring into it something new. Even if in your original idea there is not one or another element, such as numbers, you can add it as you go along.

When you embroider a metric for a newborn baby, you definitely can not do without beautiful and understandable figures. They can be large or small, simple or decorated with monograms. The main thing is that they harmoniously fit into the picture and accurately indicated all the necessary data. To embroider a metric, you must specify the date and time of birth of the child, as well as its weight.

Numbers, like letters, can make your work individual and unique numbers as letters can make your work a personal and unique

interesting figures will look embroidered French knot, cross the picture. This technique will give your creation a volume and a certain charm.

Also figures can be useful for embroidering watches. There are even examples, when the masters embroidered the dial, interfered with the clock mechanism, thus getting a real watch, with a very original appearance.

The embroidered greeting card on the day of birth or anniversary of the wedding, too, will not do without beautiful letters and numbers. The use of figures in embroidery can be very different, whatever you come up with, remember that the font should be combined with the rest of the picture.

Fonts for beginners: cross stitching figures

If you do not consider yourself a professional in the field of cross-stitch, the thread to represent numbers you need a suitable scheme. It should be understandable and not very complicated.

If you take a calculator, you will see an example of a font that any beginner can handle.

A beautiful font does not have to be complicated. You can focus not on the form, but on the color of the numbers. Gold letters will decorate any greeting card.

For beginner embroiderers it is better to choose simple figures without decor in the form of monograms, berries and flowers embroiderers For beginners is better to choose simple figures embroider simple figures without decoration in the form of monograms, berries and flowers


  1. Draw special marker washes away the necessary figures on the canvas. At the same time, make sure that all the cells indicated on the diagram are included in your drawing. Embroider all the crosses in the same direction.
  2. .Top-down or left-to-right. In this case, first embroider a row of halves of crosses, and then go back, completing the elements.
  3. When the digit is embroidered, fix the thread and proceed to other work items.

When embroidering numbers, always look at the diagram and make sure that none of the crosses is missed, otherwise the circuit may turn out unrecognizable. Craftsmen do not have to apply the boundaries of the scheme to the canvas, but beginner needlewomen can not do without it.

Experienced embroiderers are advised to begin embroidering a figure not from the beginning or end, namely from the middle. They argue that this way work will be more accurate.

Diagram of figures by a cross for the experienced craftsmen

If you have not embroidered a cross for the first time, then you might think an ordinary font is too simple. Fortunately, there are also unusual complicated fonts.

They can have a large number of monograms. It is important to monitor the location of crosses, one element embroidered in the wrong place, turn a beautiful bend in strange and untidy spot.

Figures with additional elements look more pompous, but embroidering them is much more difficult figures with additional elements appear more pompous, but much more difficult to embroider their

If you want your font looked volume, add to each number one glare of several white crosses.

Another interesting option for professionals will be figures embroidered in different shades of the same color and complemented by berries and flowers. So for a small shaped as letters may take up to 10 threads of different colors

Roman numerals: schemes for cross stitch embroidery

Roman numerals are not very different from the Arab. Such a font can even be called simpler. After all, it consists of sticks, ticks and crosses. Thus, with embroidering such beautiful and unusual alimony, even a beginner can cope.

Roman numerals will be a beautiful decoration of the dial Roman numerals will be a wonderful decoration of the clock face

embroider Roman numeral I:

  • Embroider horizontal row of four crosses:
  • Count one cross to the right of the embroidered line and embroider underneath a vertical row of 8Crosses;
  • Next to the vertical row, embroider one more same row;
  • Complete figure, embroidering a vertical rows, a horizontal row of four crosses, this number must be parallel to the upper horizontal row.

This is the simplest symbol of the Roman font, but the remaining two digits are also embroidered very easily.

correct numbers scheme in cross stitch( video)

stitch numbers, though it seems a simple exercise, may cause some difficulties for the novice masters. Therefore, try to calculate your strength and choose suitable schemes. Then embroidery will be for you.