Knitting in style patchwork knitting: a technique for socks patchwork video. Jacket, schemes and master class

Knitting in the patchwork style is a popular and accessible kind of needlework for beginners Knitting in patchwork style - popular and accessible even for beginners kind of needlework The basis of knitting by patchwork is to prepare those very multi-colored flaps and their gradual stitching in the right fabric. The technique is quite simple, but still requires a certain skill. By the way, this method was invented relatively recently - in 1948 and even patented. In addition, it is allowed to use yarn of different thickness, but for beginners to use this option should not be.

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Patched knitted method

The patchwork method is quite easy and fast to knit:

  • cardigans;
  • mittens;
  • sweater;
  • socks;
  • jackets;
  • mittens;
  • skirts( now especially fashionable).

Using patchwork, you can make absolutely any thing, from socks to plaid Using patchwork, you can make absolutely any thing, from socks and ending with a rug

You can make knitting patchwork and children's things, but it is recommended to use a special hypoallergenic yarn( sold in almost any textile store).In addition to yarn for knitting need a hook, so it is recommended to learn how to use it in advance.

What is the technique of knitting patchwork with knitting needles

The main knit under patchwork is a handkerchief( makes it convenient to count the patterns).Preliminary pattern to simplify your task, you can draw on checkered paper( you can replace and millimeter).There is no specific shape for the pattern, but it is easiest for newcomers to learn the squares. The number of typed loops for the same square is taken on both sides, with this there must be an odd number. The standard is 25 loops. In this case, the set with the transition is typed exactly on one spoke. The bend can be set with the same hook or simple bandaging.

The simplest detail with which you can begin learning knitting with patchwork-style knitting needles is a square The simplest part with which you can start learning to knit in patchwork style is square

By the way, now many shops offer special patchwork kits. They consist, in principle, of spokes of convenient length, as well as ready-made yarn of different thicknesses. For beginners, you can use such preparations.

How to connect two squares using the patchwork technique

How to connect the bound square to the second?Just half of the edges are sewed. It is also possible to use the starting row, so it's convenient to hide errors if the first set was not very successful. Further, you can connect squares in any convenient way, creating the given schemes.

The patchwork knitting method is based on combining a multitude of multicolored squares into a single whole The patchwork knitting method is based on the joining of a multitude of multicolored squares into a single whole

If you want to change the color of patterns, or combine them in a special way - just add the right yarn. The only thing is to plan the shade beforehand, as well as their combination, so that it does not turn out that absolutely random figures will be added to the flap without the planned pattern.

With the patchwork knitting technique it is absolutely necessary: ​​

  1. learn how to connect the flaps( just join in the process of knitting, and not sew together);
  2. create two-sided binding with face loops;
  3. decrease in the second and third row( it removes the loop and matches the other front).
  4. To show the master class it will take more than one hour of practice, but it's worth it.

With what things do you start knitting?It is better to choose elementary socks or mittens to start with. The main thing is to learn how to correctly associate colors and flaps. In addition, they can just be connected from squares, not doing "figured" knitting.

How to connect two squares using the patchwork method( video)

Patchwork with knitting needles: knit socks

So, conditionally assign knitted patches whose side is 15 knots. Those that will be extreme - there set 16 knots, since the edge edge is also separated by the knot. Here everything is extremely simple - the knitting needle is inserted along the knots and the desired edge is tightened. Yes, by the way, the set is made simple, that is, in the usual way. Similarly, the second square( also with the edge node, if necessary) is added.

Need to knit needles before the planned width of the product. It's about socks, so there's a range of 10 to 30 centimeters( really for the real giants).The length is adjustable along the edge, you can even one square( which in this case is already a rectangle - this is also allowed).

To make the bevel it is necessary to perform the same operation with a set of 15 knots, the edge is made of air loops with the direction in the desired direction. That is, you need to throw a working thread on the spoke. The first row will be without decrements, and the central 3 loops join together. And to make a bunch, that is, a patchwork addition, it is best to type the loops of the second row from the second square diagonally. That is, from the corner along the edge will be withdrawn one loop and tightened in a straight line.

Bright and unusual socks, knitted patchwork will become a favorite subject of the wardrobe not only children but also adults Bright and unusual socks connected by the patchwork method will become a favorite subject of the wardrobe not only for children but also for adults

It remains only:

  • to impose as many squares as necessary;
  • add 4 or 2 bends( depends on the shape of the sock that you plan to set);
  • The direction of the squares is usually done from left to right( but for the left-hander this rule can be changed).

The remaining edges of the patchwork for the connection will be disbanded. Here, too, you can use the usual air hinges. If necessary, the edge can simply be bent into the inner part. But so you can knit unless the pullover( on the sleeve line) or some sweater. And for socks does not fit - it will be inconvenient and press in tight shoes.

The knitted patchwork is just remarkable in that the bending line can be of any length and with a combination of different yarns( but do not go for a large order).For example, a jacket with this method can be knitted in general from one part.

We knit socks in patchwork style( video)

It is necessary to sew an extra square except on mittens. And having adapted to work with rectangular forms, you can proceed to more complex patterns.

Crochet patchwork spokes( photo)