Panel from the wallpaper on the wall photo: with my own hands, how to make a bedroom, frescoes from liquid wallpaper, decorative

The remains of old wallpaper do not necessarily throw out - they can make an original panel You do not have to throw away the rest of the old wallpaper - you can make an original panel from them Numerous remains of multi-colored and even different textural building materials can easily be used to create a wallpaper from the wallpaper on the wall, photo of which will then be pleasantly surprised by relatives and friends. To work fit pieces of any size. The main thing is to correctly combine them. It is not necessary to observe symmetry. It is enough to correlate them harmoniously.

    • Panel on the wall of the wallpaper: where to start
    • We make a wallpaper on the wall with our own hands: step by step instruction
    • Photo wallpaper panel in the interior
    • Bright decor: wallpaper from the remains of wallpaper forChildren's room
    • Decorative wall-paper on the wall in the interior
    • Beautiful ideas for the interior of the wallpaper remains( video)
    • Examples of wallpaper panels on the wall( photo)

Panel on the wall of wallpaper: where to start

Before starting workParts Required to bring the wall into a fitting appearance. It's about leveling the cover, replacing the worn out sections of the wallpaper. Do not install a panel if there are signs of dampness on the wall. A similar ban applies if the wall has potholes or chips. Even the smallest unevenness will have a negative effect on the perception of the composition. Once the technical side of the question is completed, a transition to the choice of the method of decorating the surface is carried out.

Designers recommend starting from the geometry of the room and the predominant color scheme.

Choosing wallpaper for the panel, you need to consider how they will be combined with the rest of the interior When choosing wallpaper for a panel, you should consider how they will be combined with the rest of the interior

Depending on the specified factors, one of the following technologies is used:

  • Patchwork - impliesThe formation of a holistic image with your own hands with the help of small pieces. Use of additional decorative elements is allowed. Such compositions are often of an abstract nature.
  • Painting from holistic wallpaper - for its creation fit bamboo or vinyl wallpaper. Choose a large piece in its size, where it has a well-read drawing. It is desirable that it be bright, with the inclusion of contractual elements. Over it is superimposed a pre-purchased frame. The wallpaper is cut out strictly according to the shape of the frame. The result is a mini-picture.
  • The combined technology will appeal to those who are not afraid of experiments. Here, both a holistic image and multiple remains are used.

We make panels from wallpaper on the wall with our own hands: instruction step by step

Direct production of the composition takes place using one of two technologies. In the first case it is a question of pasting the inside surface of furniture in a room. To do this, you need fragments of wallpaper with a small pattern or a classic pattern. The main thing is the uniformity of the used rags. For fans of country style, wallpaper with a vintage pattern is suitable. In the second case, it is meant to apply a drawing on the external surface of furniture and walls.

For the panels are best fit inserts from the wallpaper with an expressive and vivid drawing For panels, inserts from wallpapers with an expressive and vivid pattern

are the best for a panel. For successful realization of the conceived it is necessary to consider the following:

  1. It is important to choose an informative drawing with a well-read perspective. For example, images with floating birds, sea spaces or alpine meadows.
  2. For a drawing room in a classical style old frescos or engravings are selected.
  3. The wall image is cut according to the dimensions of the frame to which it is mounted. For a bedroom something suitable for peace, for example, a picture of the sea or park, is suitable.

Photo-wallpapers of the panel in the interior

Selected photo is applied to the non-woven base. Regardless of the scale of the composition, wallpapers do not lose their original color saturation. This is achieved through an upper layer made of vinyl powder. An unusual panel looks good in the bedroom or in the living room.

Flizelin is a durable and durable material that can withstand long-term maintenance even with significant seasonal elevations.

Photo wall is the best for creating bright and unusual panels Photo wallpaper is the best suited to create a bright and unusual mural

Before installing the panels of photo-wallpaper must be met certain requirements:

  1. pattern is selected depending on the size and degree of brightness of the room. For example, animal motifs are always popular - a tiger or a lion.
  2. In the living room it is recommended to choose something floral in pastel colors, for example, orchids or chamomiles.
  3. If desired, wall-paper adorned with small compositions of the remains of fabric.

Bright decor: panels of wallpaper residue

for a child's room Children always require increased attention on the part of adults. That is why decorating a child takes the most time. Depending on the baby's preferences, bright or more restrained forms are chosen. For example, you can make figurines of animals, birds or any animation characters. Use in the interior of the baby's room panels are beneficial in all senses.

If a child is fond of drawing on the walls, then his art will help to remove a small in its size composition.

You can be sure: children will necessarily like the idea of ​​a wallpaper, the main thing is to consult a child when choosing a picture You can be sure: kids will love the idea of ​​panels of wallpaper, the main thing - to consult with the child in the selection pattern

Tips for Choosing:

  • The choice is best done in favor of washable wallpaper, orWill have to spend more time removing traces of children's pranks;
  • The use of liquid wallpaper is not recommended, due to the presence in their composition of compounds provoking an allergic reaction in children;
  • The choice of drawing is done together with the toddler;
  • The panel is placed in such a way that a curious child can not reach it;
  • It is forbidden to use easily detachable small decorative elements.

Decorative wallpaper, mural on a wall in the interior

Everything must be in harmony with each other. Adhere to this rule is necessary to achieve an eye-catching result. Before you start, you need to pay attention to the degree of illumination of the room, the prevailing color range, texture and accessories present in the room. Otherwise, the decorative image will "steal" several centimeters from the room.

  • The small room visually expands the composition with the perspective of scraps differing in bedding and light colorsShades;
  • The interior in the classical style implies the use of burgundy shades, combinations of golden and beige;
  • In a large room, you need to choose the right place to install the composition so that it does not get lost;
  • In the nursery preference is given to calm colors that will not distract or disturb the baby.
  • Beautiful ideas for the interior of the remnants of wallpaper( video)

    Creative panels of the smaller in size the remnants of wallpaper - a simple and affordable way to transform each of the surrounding area. The main thing is to achieve the maximum compatibility of the elements used. In this case it will be possible to emphasize the strengths of the room. If desired, this composition will expand the visual boundaries of the room.

    Examples panels of wallpaper on the wall( photo)