Aluminum radiators: heating batteries, technical characteristics, device in section life time

Aluminum radiators perfectly fit into any interior, regardless of its style Aluminum radiators perfectly fit in any interior, regardless of its style Old heavy batteries are replaced by lightweight and heat-consuming aluminum products. Often the size of the battery radiator does not fit the area of ​​the room. If the radiator is small - the room does not warm up, if too large, then the room will be very hot. How to choose a radiator from aluminum into the house, then in the article.

    • Features of aluminum radiators for heating
    • Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum batteries
    • Qualitative aluminum radiators for heating: technical data
    • Heating device and care for it
    • Modern aluminum radiators( video)

Features of aluminum radiators

Radiators have come to life from the Roman Empire. They were called hypocausts. They looked like special channels in the walls, through which passed a warm smoke from the stove. Later, various types of batteries were used from various materials. But the aluminum revolution came into the world after 1960. This type of radiator was invented by the Italian Group. It is thanks to its ability to give heat and not take it from the outside environment, aluminum radiators have gained fame. But, under high pressure, this type of radiator becomes unusable. The heat carrier is subjected to very high temperatures and pressures, so aluminum radiators are used in a low pressure system.

Aluminum radiators have a long service life and good performance Aluminum radiators have a long service life and good performance

It's completely wrong to choose a radiator exclusively from the design point of view.

If the huge house is heated, then you can still forgive the design conditions. But, when you need to heat a city apartment, you should approach this business responsibly and take into account all the minuses, pluses, limitations and assumptions. Types of radiator materials for heating homes are very diverse: aluminum, bimetal, steel, cast iron, etc. Only aluminum radiators will be considered, because aluminum batteries are very elegant in appearance and easy to install. Batteries made of aluminum are very popular in the market of heating products. Approximately half of the heat is given by the battery during radiation, the remaining - during convection. This is what makes them the most effective in their business.

Features of the heating system in aluminum:

  1. Heat dissipation from the radiator increases the perfectly adapted surface. The designer made very thin ribs, placed them inside the radiator, and thereby increased the heating area. These edges can be seen in a section. With high heat output, there is the possibility of reducing inertia, which leads to less energy and water consumption for heating, and hence to greater cost savings.
  2. Excellent temperature control, thanks to a suitable volume of water in the sections. Special thermal heads perfectly regulate this feature.
  3. The inertia from heat manifests itself 5 minutes after the change in the temperature regime. This significantly saves heat resources.

The classic look of the battery allows it to look elegant and modern in any kind of design with an interior. The paint, which is covered with a battery, is not erased. It is very stable before heat and does not swell. If necessary, you can supplement the radiator with a heat regulator. Due to the design of the battery itself, a large volume of air flow is used. This warms up the room quickly enough and in a short time.

When using aluminum radiators, it must be remembered that it does not work in conjunction with other materials, and very strict rules are imposed on the coolant system. This means that aluminum is not good enough for hard water. Similarly, it does not tolerate solid particles. If the water for pipes has not undergone very strict preparation for supplying heating systems to the living quarters and CHP plants, installing aluminum batteries is not recommended.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum batteries

Batteries can be 2 types of production: cast and extrusion. Cast aluminum radiators are distinguished by the fact that all sections are perceived separately, as individual parts. To each section, the bottom is attached separately. Extrusion helps to produce radiators by punching. After that, profiles with a certain shape are obtained. All this form after cooling is cut to the desired length, and the bottom is welded to it. Radiators, made by injection molding, are of the highest quality, because each part is carried out separately, but they are more expensive than those made by extrusion.

Choose aluminum batteries, based on the design and size of the room The choice of aluminum batteries is necessary based on the design and size of the room

Advantages of the radiators from aluminum:

  • Price;
  • Good thermal conductivity;
  • Design;
  • Light weight;
  • High pressure.

The disadvantages of aluminum radiators are that corrosion is possible, the air of collectors has to be removed, there are fragile elements. Aluminum radiators are of two types: primary and secondary.

Primary - more reliable and expensive, secondary is cheaper, but this does not make it less reliable.

Aluminum radiators are in great demand in various conditions of use for private houses and apartments. They look very elegant. At a price inferior to many materials. The quality of work allows them to be one of the best options in the heating system.

Qualitative aluminum radiators for heating: technical data

Aluminum radiators are made using aluminum radiators. To make it as durable as possible, add silicon additives, and by special methods described earlier, produce radiators, either by section or full length.

The price of aluminum radiators depends on their size The price for aluminum radiators depends on their size

Technical parameters for selection:

  • The most important characteristic is the distance between the axes, to find heating radiators with a distance of 30, 50 or even 350 cm of difficulty notis;
  • Overall dimensions, are available on request;
  • The volume of the battery itself;
  • Maximum heating temperature;
  • Weight of radiator;
  • Pressure;
  • Service life.

Before buying a radiator, the size of the space under the window is measured. It is necessary to accurately imagine the overall dimensions and weight characteristics. The battery should not be close to the window sill, but also be very small, too. The design of the battery allows you to heat the entire room, but if its size is small, it will take longer, which means that the room will be cold.

The device of the heating battery and its care

The device of battery in aluminum is simple - sections, a bottom and a heating element. Thanks to the material, the heat from these radiators is the most. Batteries withstand large temperature changes. The device of the heating system is used, both in the country and in the apartment. But, what detergent to use for such a battery. How to clean it and take care of it?

This type of battery does not have any problems in maintenance and operation. Due to intensive flows, dust does not settle in the interior of the radiator. If properly installed, corrosion can be bypassed.

You should take care of the battery regularly so that dust and debris do not accumulate on it Please take care of the battery regularly so that dust and debris do not accumulate on it.

Overview of operating and cleaning instructions for aluminum radiators:

  1. Do not use with copper. With high electrical conductivity of water, corrosion may occur. This happens when the radiator from aluminum is connected to a copper riser.
  2. Repair is only required if the installation is incorrect. For example, a nipple can be twisted several times deeper - this deforms the thread and leads to leakage.
  3. Do not use aluminum radiators in central heating. The heating system has a pressure of 10 atm, and an aluminum radiator has a maximum of 9 atm - this can lead to deformation and leakage.

Dust and other contaminants must be wiped off with a damp cloth without the use of chemicals. When cleaning it is better to walk a rag, not trying to clean the dust from the gaps between the walls of the radiator. This can lead to a burn if the battery is hot. It is better to blow these places with a vacuum cleaner, and then remove the dust with a rag. The operation of such a radiator is not possible with the boiler. This will lead to contact with copper.

Rinse the batteries with water about once a year.

Modern aluminum radiators( video)

Installation of this type of heating consists in the correct selection of dimensions, with the exception of contact with undesirable materials. For the price of this type of radiator is cheaper than cast iron, but in terms of design and quality is not inferior. Such a battery can be hidden behind a wooden rack and not be afraid that under the influence of heat it will dry up. The temperature can be adjusted. Mounting the radiator is very easy. Its light weight allows you to choose the location even on a small wall. This type of battery will bring warmth and comfort to the house and will not cause burns if used properly.