Strawberry in the greenhouse all year round as a business: growing, plan, harvest video, profitability, for sale

Strawberries are popular all year round with many companies Strawberries are popular all year round with Strawberry has become a favorite of many as a tasty and healthy fruit. That is why growing this berry can become a profitable business. But the organization of such a case requires careful preparation.

  • Developing a business plan for growing strawberries in a greenhouse
  • Profitability of growing strawberries in a greenhouse
  • Agrotechnics of growing strawberries in a greenhouse all year round as a business
  • Methods, How to grow strawberries in a greenhouse for sale
  • Approximate yield of strawberries in a greenhouse with 1 m2
  • Options for the marketing of strawberries in a greenhouse with a high yield
  • Strawberries in thePlate as a business( video)
  • How high is the profitability of growing strawberries in the greenhouse

    When growing berries in open ground conditions, the crop can be obtained after a month. At the same time, 30% of the strawberries are killed. The cost of land in this case is also increasing. Greenhouse cultivation allows you to harvest all year round.

    Plants of growing strawberries in the greenhouse:

    1. The profitability of business is 70-100%;
    2. All costs pay off in just one season of active sales;
    3. Strawberries are protected from unfavorable environmental conditions, which minimizes the risk of crop loss.

    But there are also drawbacks in the greenhouse method of growing berries for sale. First of all, it is worth noting the difficulties in the implementation of strawberries in the summer, as the number of competitors rises sharply. You need to have a large initial capital to properly equip the greenhouse for berries. In addition, the hothouse strawberry taste is much inferior to the berries that grew in the open ground.

    Growing strawberries in a greenhouse allows you to harvest all year round Growing strawberries in a greenhouse allows you to harvest year round

    Strawberries are considered a seasonal plant. She appears on the shelves at the end of spring - early summer. In order to harvest in the winter, it is necessary to properly equip the greenhouse.

    Among all berries, strawberry has the highest yield.

    Strawberries are quite popular berry. She liked many for her taste and for useful properties. But to build a business on strawberries, you need to have some knowledge about how to care for berries.

    Drawing up a business plan for growing strawberries in a greenhouse

    Any business involves drawing up a detailed business plan. It is necessary to consider in detail the technology of cultivation, all incomes and expenses. It should be noted that this business requires significant investment.

    Possible expenses for growing strawberries for sale:

    • Lease or purchase of a land plot;
    • Construction of a greenhouse( building materials, labor);
    • Purchase of equipment for greenhouse cultivation;
    • Purchase of planting stock, varieties and seed protection agents;
    • Transportation expenses;
    • Business Registration;
    • Salary to the staff.

    Drawing up a business plan is an important moment before starting the construction of a personal case Drawing up a business plan is an important point before starting to build a personal file

    These costs can be reduced. This is possible if you use combined methods of heating the greenhouse. You can also grow seedlings from your own hands, and not buy ready. All maintenance work on the greenhouse can be undertaken. An excellent option is to organize a home business.

    The construction of greenhouses, heating, plant care and registration of the case will cost, in the end, about 130,000 rubles. The area of ​​the greenhouse is 100 sq m.

    In the cold season, the cost of strawberries will increase significantly. The number of competitors is decreasing, and the demand remains large. But at the same time it is necessary to take into account the costs during this period for heating.

    The business plan also includes established trading links. We need to find in advance the customers to whom the goods will be delivered. Depends on this and transportation costs.

    Profitability of breeding strawberries in the greenhouse

    Every year the demand for strawberries increases by 40%.Therefore, the profitability of such a business can reach 100%.In the summer, this indicator is slightly lower, because there is a rather high competition.

    The profitability of a business depends on the yield of strawberries. It is important not only to choose the right sort, but also to equip the microclimate parameters that are optimal for berries. You need to know the features of strawberries and how to properly care for it. This is the only way to achieve high yields.

    Profitability of business depends on the yield of strawberries Business profitability depends on strawberry yield

    The return on business is on average 6 months. In the first 3 months, the initial investment returns. It is necessary to add 3 more months for the growth of berries. And then the first net profit will be received.

    When choosing the optimum variety for a greenhouse, you need to pay attention to the repair of strawberries. It is specifically designed for greenhouse cultivation, since it does not require pollination. Also, the berries should not be too soft, otherwise they will deteriorate before they arrive at the place of sale.

    Agrotechnika growing strawberries in a greenhouse all year round as a business

    The first place in a prosperous business is the construction of the right greenhouse. For a year-round business this should be a solid construction with heating. Also it is necessary to take into account watering, lighting, fertilizers and other aspects of care of berries.

    Greenhouse options:

    1. Use of glass cover. Glass has many advantages. This is a fairly sturdy construction that perfectly passes the natural light. But at the same time such an installation is quite laborious. And in the summer, glass can burn plants and have to perform shading.
    2. Polyethylene coating is a simple and cheap option. But the film is not suitable for organizing business all year round. It does not retain heat and is not strong at all.
    3. Polycarbonate greenhouse. This is considered the best option. Flexible and durable polycarbonate ensures compliance with all parameters of the microclimate within the greenhouse. In such a greenhouse it is easy to arrange heating. In addition, the coating does not pass the ultraviolet.

    To grow strawberries all year round, you need to properly equip the greenhouse To grow strawberries all year round, it is necessary to properly equip the greenhouse

    Special attention is also required for soil cultivation of strawberries. The usual land from a garden or a garden will not work. This should be the most nutritious substrate.

    Business in the cultivation of strawberries should include heating, watering and soil preparation the same as in normal cultivation. Only the container for seedlings needs to be changed. It is advisable to grow seedlings according to the Dutch system or in suspended tanks.

    The irrigation organization includes a drip method. You can organize it yourself using plastic bottles. You can also buy a hose and arrange a dropper.

    Ways how to grow strawberries in a greenhouse for sale

    For the year-round cultivation of strawberries in a greenhouse, 3 methods are used. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as features of the organization. To select the best option, you need to familiarize yourself with each technique.

    Methods of growing strawberries:

    • Hydroponics;
    • Vertical growing method;
    • Dutch technology.

    Hydroponics is one of the most popular ways of growing berries. It means laying seedlings on a thin layer of organic mixture, which is laid on the mesh and placed in a container with nutrients. So strawberry receives all the nutrients from the solution, and not from the soil.

    There are several ways to grow strawberries There are several ways to grow strawberries

    Hydroponic advantages:

    1. Berries grow faster by obtaining a lot of nutrient minerals;
    2. Daily watering is not required;
    3. There is no probability of infection with pests that live in the ground;
    4. You do not need to buy land and perform all operations with its top dressing;
    5. Simplified transplanting;
    6. Strawberries are as safe as possible, as they are not affected by chemicals.

    The method is popular not only for industrial work, but also for personal needs. Hydroponics can be purchased at special stores. If you want to build a structure you can do it yourself.

    The vertical way of growing strawberries involves using a pipe. These are vertical pipes with "pockets" for seedlings. The system organizes drip irrigation. With this method of cultivation, you can save on the area, since the whole place is used with maximum efficiency. Also, such a system is quite convenient for planting and caring for strawberries.

    For 2-2,5 months of growing strawberries from a single trumpet, you can get about 12 kg of strawberries. The revenue depends on the total area of ​​the greenhouse and the number of the pipe.

    Dutch technology is a variation of the vertical method. Strawberries are bred in plastic bags. Planting is carried out constantly in 2-3 months. Thanks to this, you can regularly harvest berries.

    Approximate yield of strawberries in a greenhouse with 1 m2

    Profitability of a business is determined by crop yield. To calculate the yield of strawberries from 1 m2, you need to have some initial data: the density of planting, the age of plants, soil nutrient and other parameters that affect the ripening of berries. Early strawberries can give 200-300 g of berries from one bush. For good yields, you need to select the right varieties.

    For hothouse cultivation of strawberries, it is necessary to choose the right grade For strawberry growing of strawberries, it is necessary to select the correct grade

    . Features of strawberry variety selection:

    • Number of flowering per year;
    • Regularity of the ovaries;
    • Size of berries and their rich red tint;
    • Pleasant taste and smell of fruits.

    For greenhouse cultivation, good yields are given by varieties "Maria", "Sonata", "Tristar".Especially effective when choosing the Dutch technology of cultivation. Also for the hotbeds is suitable "Bolero", "Honey", "Frenens".Among the repair types, the best are "Moscow delicacy", "Albion", "Temptation".

    Options for the marketing of strawberries in a greenhouse with a high yield

    Numerous reviews on the Internet indicate that it is necessary to establish trade ties before the cultivation begins. It is important to calculate the approximate yield of strawberries in order to know how many products will be sold. This directly affects the variety of berries.

    Berry options:

    • Self-selling;
    • Delivery to retailers;
    • Sales for recycling.

    Self-selling has many difficulties. They are connected with the very organization of sales, the rent of a point, the purchase of the necessary equipment. In addition, you will either have to stand behind the counter yourself, or hire employees.

    Before growing strawberries, you need to establish trade links Before you can grow strawberries, you need to establish trade links

    After obtaining the necessary licenses and quality certificates, you can supply berries to outlets. It can be shops, supermarkets, private entrepreneurs. This option is considered the most optimal.

    With enterprises or outlets, it is necessary to enter into a contract that will give the manufacturer a guarantee of acceptance of the goods.

    The supply of strawberries, strawberries or other berries for processing is much worse than the sale of fresh produce. But there is a significant plus - large volumes. If an established large-scale production, then this option is considered ideal.

    Strawberry in the greenhouse as a business( video)

    Breeding strawberries for sale has many advantages. It is worth noting that this is a highly profitable business. The main thing is to choose the method of breeding and have knowledge of caring for strawberries.