Greenhouses Innovator: Greenhouse Maxi 2 and 5, reviews, mini from the manufacturer, premium 3 reinforced from polycarbonate

Greenhouses Innovator recently began to gain increasing popularity Innovator greenhouses have recently become more popular All those who have once worked fully in the garden area, they know how difficult and difficult it is for gardeners to give their rich harvests of vegetables, berries and fruits. To do this, you need to apply strength and love, every day to water, hoe, clean harmful insects, shelter from rain and hail, choose a suitable place for planting, because some cultures feel good in the open sun, substituting for his scorching rays, and others- like a cool shadow and will not grow for anything if you leave them under the sun. And do not forget that sometimes people leave for a summer vacation, and the question arises, who will water their planting?To get rid of such problems, various greenhouses that allow a person to protect their planting from natural and weather anomalies have recently become popular.

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Description Greenhouse Innovator

Models of greenhouses there is a huge variety. Some of them are aimed at covering plants in the summer, others in order to provide the plant with the necessary watering, humidity and temperature throughout the season, and some are used to grow vegetable crops and not only throughout the year. Let us consider in detail such hotbeds as Novator.

A greenhouse is an excellent option for those who can not afford a large greenhouse design for some reason, for example, there simply is not enough space. The greenhouse is compact and easy to install and maintain, and you can put in it and favorite cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and even strawberries.

As with greenhouses, there are many greenhouses. We will consider Novator's hotbeds.

Novator Innovators can have various designs

They can be:

  • Mini;
  • Maxi;
  • Mixed type.

As is clear from the types, the difference lies in the size of the greenhouse design. What is a mini-greenhouse Novator?It has a small height reaching 79-81 cm. Most often, it is used for growing seedlings, which is not necessary in high-sheltered buildings, and also low-growing vegetables or berries such as strawberries and strawberries can be grown in such a greenhouse. For the reason that the mini-greenhouse has a small height, the air inside it quickly warms up and the plant has enough heat for good growth.

The model itself is light enough that you can transport it from one place to another in the car, and also mix it on the garden plot itself.

The frame can be made from a metal profile or from unpainted galvanized pipes. The walls and ceiling are polycarbonate. To any hotbed complete with instructions and all the necessary small parts, such as screws, pegs, accessories. You can assemble and install the greenhouse yourself.

Parameters of the greenhouse Novator Maxi

One of the advantages of Novator's greenhouse is the special double-sided roof. Such an opening roof is convenient for plant care. And the shape of the sphere in which the greenhouse is made allows to dissipate the sun's rays inside.

Maxi's greenhouse has pretty decent dimensions:

  • Height - 120 cm;
  • Length - 210 cm;
  • Width - 110 cm.

With such dimensions in the greenhouse can be planted almost any vegetable crops. Here it will be possible to place both cucumbers, and peppers, and tomatoes, and aubergines. Like Mini Mini, this model is easy to assemble and install, and can easily be moved from one site to another, or within a single garden plot.

In the pioneer Novator Maxi you can grow almost any vegetable crops In the greenhouse of Novator Maxi, practically any vegetable culture can be grown

The design has high strength, which allows it to reliably protect plants from strong gusts of wind, from heavy rains and even a small hail.

The frame is made of a material resistant to temperature changes and negative environmental effects. This is good for plants and their growth. The material is covered with a frame like polycarbonate sheets. Agrotex can also be used.

Models of the greenhouse Innovator 2

Greenhouses of the Novator series have found the love and recognition of many gardeners and truck farmers due to their characteristics and the fact that the domestic manufacturer who better than foreign firms knows what unexpected natural phenomena can develop during the planting season, Growing and harvesting, starting from heavy rains or droughts and ending with hail, frost, and sometimes snow in the early autumn.

After the first version of the Novator greenhouse, the following models were developed:

  • Innovator 2( reinforced);
  • Innovator Premium;
  • Innovator 3 and other models.

Let's consider in more detail Model 2 and Premium. In its form, as well as the Novator greenhouses, the greenhouse resembles a hemisphere, whose frame is made of profile pipes. In this case, Navigator 2 is a reinforced greenhouse. The reinforcement of the frame is due to the double arc of the roof. Initially, this model was developed for the zones of our country with harsh climatic conditions.

Models of the greenhouse Innovator are loved by gardeners and are very user-friendly

As can be judged by the reviews of gardeners, the Novator 2 greenhouse can be used all year round, even with high Siberian frosts accompanied by heavy snowfall.

The Innovator Premium is a more advanced model with a high level of reliability in operation. This could be achieved by reducing the interval between the arcs of the frame. For the production of greenhouses, profile pipes are also used. All metal elements of the greenhouse are treated with chemically resistant paint, which prevents corrosion, and thus prolongs the life of the Innovator Premium.

Dimensions of the greenhouse Innovator 5

Buyers' comments say that the Novator 5 is popular among gardeners for many reasons, from characteristics to convenient dimensions. Also, this coating perfectly protects the metal of the skeleton pipes from the action of aggressive chemical agents falling on the frame during the spraying of plants or during the off-season processing of the hothouse structure itself.

The width of the greenhouse is 250 cm;
  • Height about 233 cm;
  • The length of the hothouse structure can vary: 400 cm, 600 cm, 800 cm, 1000 cm.
  • The frame is characterized by a step between arcs equal to 200 cm. The frame of the greenhouse is also made of metal profile pipes, which allows the base and the frame to beRather strong, and special powder coating protects from the negative influence of the environment, which can cause corrosion of the metal. Greenhouse Novator 5 is a construction with a gable roof, which can be removed. In addition, that the roof can be completely removed over the entire length of the greenhouse, it can also be extended to the desired length and fixed in this position.

    Overview of the greenhouse Innovator( video)

    The greenhouse can be installed without any problems, using the attached instructions. All the necessary fixtures, bolts, screws, various fittings are already included with the greenhouse.