Which cellular polycarbonate is better for a greenhouse: how to choose a greenhouse, reviews and manufacturers, the size of the frame

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Select a cellular polycarbonate for the greenhouse must be very carefully It's very important to choose honeycomb polycarbonate for the greenhouse Everyone who is engaged in planting vegetable and berry crops on their household and vegetable plots knows how important it is that the planting, especially if they are still in the seedling stage, should be properly coveredFrom various natural manifestations and temperature differences, which is typical for our country. The best solution for the conservation of seedlings and young plants are the greenhouses, but here you also need to know how to choose the right design. Recently, as practice shows, gardeners are moving away from film structures, and greenhouses and greenhouses are increasingly used, in which cellular polycarbonate is used to cover the structure. And yet, polycarbonate can be different, and if you decide to build a greenhouse or a greenhouse, it is better to get acquainted with this roofing material.

    • Advantages of greenhouses from cellular polycarbonate
    • Best manufacturers of cellular polycarbonate for a greenhouse
    • How to choose a cellular polycarbonate for a greenhouse: advice from
    • experts Independent reviews of greenhouses made of cellular polycarbonate
    • Overview: which cellular polycarbonateBetter for a greenhouse( video)

Advantages of greenhouses made of cellular polycarbonate

First of all, it is necessary to find out why some gardeners with all handsand then to apply the polycarbonate greenhouses in their fields, while others are strictly against it?In order to understand this issue, consider the pros and cons of polycarbonate material used in such greenhouses.

Pros of polycarbonate greenhouses:

  1. Thanks to its honeycomb material, polycarbonate greenhouses are able to retain the heat necessary for plants for a long time. Due to this they can be used even for winter plantings.
  2. Inside the greenhouse does not pass the ultraviolet radiation, it is also an indisputable plus for plants.
  3. Due to the special structure of the material, the greenhouse is able to withstand high temperatures with open fire, which means that even with unsuccessful incineration of garbage or otherwise, the structure will remain intact along with its valuable vegetable load.
  4. The greenhouse can be of any shape, because polycarbonate sheets have great flexibility.
  5. Polycarbonate greenhouses perfectly protect plants inside from any natural anomalies, whether it is heavy rain, heat or hail. All this is due to the fact that the roofing material of such greenhouses and greenhouses is capable of withstanding impacts and does not crack, and does not change its appearance.
  6. Installation of greenhouse construction can be done by yourself without the help of masters, and you can also make greenhouses from scratch.
  7. Greenhouses make gardeners happy for a long time, up to 14-16 years.
  8. Relatively low cost of material and greenhouse in general.

Greenhouses made of cellular polycarbonate have a number of advantages Greenhouse made of cellular polycarbonate have a number of advantages

With all the diversity of pluses, it is worth noting that there are here and their cons that discourage some gardeners. The surface is easily scratched, so do not clean the greenhouse with abrasive substances and metal sponges.

Scratched material is less suitable for sunlight.

Due to excessively high or extremely low temperatures from the outside, the structure can vary in size and deform. And yet, as practice shows, the pluses increasingly cross out the disadvantages that can be avoided or at least anticipated and taken into account in construction and cleaning. Now we will consider in more detail the roofing material itself.

The best producers of honeycomb polycarbonate for the

Now many different examples of polycarbonate honeycomb can be found on the market of building materials, so that everyone can choose for themselves a variant that meets all the requirements, including material ones.

To date, the market is widely represented greenhouses of cellular polycarbonate from different manufacturers To date, the market is widely represented in greenhouses made of cellular polycarbonate from different manufacturers

At the current stage, we can distinguish the following manufacturers of polycarbonate material:

  1. Safplast innovative presented to people their products under the brand Novattro.
  2. Bayer Material Science( covestro) is a German company.
  3. Polygal is a Russian manufacturer of polycarbonate honeycomb sheets.
  4. Polynex produce a material with high resistance to mechanical damage and shocks. Among the popular products, transparent polycarbonate for greenhouses stands out.
  5. Kronos - the manufacturer reports that sheets of polycarbonate are resistant to impacts of stones and even a hammer, which means that during construction and roofing, you can not worry about the safety of the material during installation work.

In addition, depending on the manufacturer, there will be several changes in the characteristics of the products and their properties. All these manufacturers and their products are widely represented in the domestic roofing materials market, which means that their products have been tested by our weather conditions, abnormal heat and cold, and also by the test of time.

How to choose honeycomb polycarbonate for a greenhouse:

experts' advice When a grower orders an already prepared polycarbonate greenhouse or a greenhouse, he does not have a question as to how to choose the right coating dimensions so that it does not have to be sawed, glued and adjusted to the roof under the frame.

Sale of finished industrial greenhouses and greenhouses implies the availability of already fitted sheets of material, correlated with the dimensions of the frame and with what form the design itself has.

Also, in the complete set to the finished greenhouse there is an instruction, following which it is possible to make the installation correctly, and also it will give advice on how to properly install it on the surface of the land. In addition, manufacturing companies that work in the greenhouse and greenhouse market for a long time always provide their customers with a quality product.

When choosing cellular polycarbonate, pay attention to its technical characteristics When choosing a cellular polycarbonate, pay attention to its technical characteristics

For this it is worthwhile to listen to the following tips of specialists:

  1. Always look at the marking. It contains the information necessary for review: width, thickness, length of the sheet, who the manufacturer is, whether there is a protective layer. The dimensions of the sheets are necessary for an accurate calculation of the area that can be covered by them.
  2. Appearance. The material should be transparent, without opacities. Each sheet must be packed with an individual film with the manufacturer's logo. Also the packing of sheets should not contain any cuts, scratches and dents, all this may indicate that the polycarbonate sheets will also be damaged - this will affect how the material behaves when the sheets are placed on the frame.
  3. If in doubt, ask the seller for a product quality certificate.

It will be more difficult if you are going to make a greenhouse with your own hands, in this case, you must make the right choice of the right material, both for the frame and for covering the greenhouse. Remember that the quality of the material will depend on the assembly of the greenhouse, what kind of quality it will be, and how long it will be able to please the gardener on the site, helping him grow rich crops of vegetables and berries.

Independent feedback about greenhouses made of honeycomb polycarbonate

There are a lot of different resources and forums where gardeners and truck farmers communicate on topical topics, including about greenhouses. There you can find out what kind of reviews experienced gardeners give to different manufacturers and to all kinds of models of greenhouses and greenhouses. At the same time, one should not disregard the reviews, they can be useful for beginners.

Greenhouses made of cellular polycarbonate are very popular among farmers Hothouses made of polycarbonate are very popular among gardeners

Products that have already been tested and do not cause doubts are entering the market, as many manufacturers do not hide their production, and buyers have the opportunity to learn, usingWhat techniques does this or that type of honeycomb sheet do.

Before deciding which manufacturer is better, whose products are superior to the products of other manufacturers, you should decide how you will use polycarbonate: for what needs, in what territory, in what volumes, what will the honeycomb sheets be attached to the frame of the future greenhouse, and also, For what amount you count.

Overview: which cellular polycarbonate is better for a greenhouse( video)

Reviews can help you choose a suitable greenhouse for the climate zone, learn about the pros and cons of modern models, determine for yourself how best to clean this or that model, how to more effectively strengthen the sheets of cellularPolycarbonate to the metal frame.

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