Grades of radishes for greenhouses: the best seeds, cultivation and testimonials, which should be planted in the spring

Growing radishes in the greenhouse is quite simple Growing radish in a greenhouse is quite simple Radish does not require special attention when growing. It is cold-resistant, quickly sung and has a pleasant tangy taste. That is why many vegetable growers plant radish alone. But the year-round fetal growth can be organized only by knowing what kinds of radishes are suitable for the greenhouse microclimate.

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    • Early and early ripening grades for greenhouses: reviews of vegetable growers
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Suitable cultivars for growing in the greenhouse

For year-round hothouse cultivation, it is necessary to choose early and early ripening varieties. Choose the best option to help numerical reviews on the Internet and personal experience. First, you should familiarize yourself with a wide range of choices.

Classification of radish according to maturation terms:

  1. Early maturing options allow harvesting no later than 20 days;
  2. Early varieties ripen a month;
  3. Medium-ripened radish needs at least 40 days to ripen;
  4. Late cultivars bear fruit after 40 days.

If you make the correct calculations, you can get the crops year-round. The best yields are available in "Deka", "Zhara", "Warta", "Würzburg 59", "Quarta" and others. Also worth noting "Mark", "Icy icicle", "Rex F1", "Row", "Siberian 1", as well as "Greenhouse mushroom".

"Deca" refers to early ripening varieties. The maximum ripening time is 30 days. In this case, radish is great for growing in greenhouses, since it does not require bright light.

Early radish grades ripen in a month Early radish varieties ripen in a month

Variety "Heat" does not tolerate a warm climate. And "Warta" can boast of short maturation. Also, this variety is quite resistant to the formation of arrows and loss of tone.

"Greenhouse Mushroom" and "Greenhouse" created specifically for greenhouse growing.

To medium-sized varieties you should include "Würzburg 59", "Icy icicle", "Rex F1", "Siberian 1"."Icy icicle" looks like a long, light root crop."Rex F1" is used for spring planting.

Early and early ripening radishes for greenhouses: reviews of vegetable growers

Many gardeners leave feedback on the Internet about early and early ripening radish varieties. It is their planting that is considered optimal for growing plants in the greenhouse all year round. Before choosing the best option, you should study the proposed range.

Popular early varieties:

  1. "18 days".This is the time period for harvesting. The radish looks like a fruit of elongated shape. The taste of the variety is soft and gentle. Radish juicy, do not shoot and quickly poured.
  2. "Globe".After 18 days, you can harvest. In appearance, this is an ideal option for sales with the right form. The taste of the fruit is soft, with a crispy texture.
  3. "The ultra-red".20 days is enough for maturing. Radish has a rich red color. The fruit itself is impressive in size. The taste is pleasant, rather mild than sharp. It is used not only the root, but also the leaves.
  4. "Children's F1".Has a surprisingly short maturity - 16 days. Suitable for baby food due to delicate taste.
  5. "Firstborn".After 18 days you can already enjoy a delicious radish. Gives high yields. Radish is large, juicy and with a pleasant sweetish taste.

Radish is quite unpretentious in care. He grows well in the garden without unnecessary worries. But greenhouse cultivation requires special attention to the root crop.

Radish - culture, unpretentious in care Radish - a culture that is unpretentious in care.

The most popular early varieties for greenhouse cultivation: Saksa, Krasa, Alex, Teplichny Gribovsky, Ksenia. The first fruits can be harvested after 30 days. But each option has its own characteristics and requirements for growing.

"Saksa" has small fruit-sized. The plant's plant is also short. But the yield of radish is quite high, and the resistance to fire is considered a significant plus.

Arming is the appearance of vegetable stems( arrows) in vegetables.

"Beauty" is an ideal option for greenhouses. Relate to high-yielding varieties. Has a pleasant enough taste.

"Alex" has many advantages in greenhouse cultivation: it does not shoot, ripens quickly and has a pleasant taste. To that, its growth does not depend on the length of the light day. This allows you to grow a variety in the greenhouse all year round.

The best radishes for the greenhouse

The choice of greenhouse radish has a number of nuances. In the open ground this issue is given little attention. But with greenhouse cultivation, you need to approach this with particular zeal.

The best option for greenhouses is a variety that does not require a lot of light to grow. Also, it must be resistant to high humidity.

For radish in the greenhouse, artificial lighting should be organized. The light should be bright. Also, special attention requires ground. It should be recharged with humus.

The best sorts for greenhouse cultivation:

  • "Saksa";
  • "Globe";
  • "Beauty";
  • "Alex";
  • "Greenhouse Fungus";
  • "Mokhovsky";
  • "Xenia".

Select the grade of radish for planting in the greenhouse must be very carefully Select the radish variety for planting in the greenhouse very carefully

Many of these have already been mentioned and described above. A few words should be said about the variety "Globe".It should be experienced by every summer resident. Seeds are of excellent shape. The fruit looks attractive enough for the buyer. Pleasure and taste of the product. Radish ripens quickly enough - after 18 days.

"Greenhouse Fungus" was created specifically for the greenhouse environment. He is able to give a good harvest in a short time. Fruits are characterized by a rich red tint.

"Mokhovsky" has fruits of white color with the same light and crisp flesh. Radish is large - up to 25 gr. For a long time it keeps freshness and attractiveness for customers.

"Xenia" is well suited for greenhouses, since the variety is resistant to stalking. Characterized by high yield. In form it is a long, red-colored root with a white tail.

Selection of radish seeds for greenhouses

Among all the variety, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. But with the right alternation of different varieties, you can harvest all year round. If you plant the seeds in the spring, then you should consider their cold resistance.

Radish seeds come in several varieties Radish seeds come in several varieties Seeds of radish come in several forms

Seed species:

  1. Hybrids - seeds are specially treated against pests, can be safely planted in the soil;
  2. Varietal options - require additional processing, you can buy or grow with your own hands;
  3. Inlaid - have protection that stimulates the growth of vegetables;
  4. Drazirovannye - covered with a special peat substance, which protects and nourishes the fruit.

Each version has its own characteristics. Varietal species require additional processing, while others are ready for planting. Optimum determines the vegetable grower himself.

How to choose good radish grades for a greenhouse( video)

Choosing the right variety is an important part of getting a good harvest. Not all options are ready for greenhouse cultivation. The main thing is that the radish can withstand high humidity and dim lighting.