Greenhouses of polycarbonate 2x4: width of meter and length of 8 meters, greenhouse Vintage by own hands, Tetra straight-walled

Polycarbonate greenhouses 2x4 m are excellent for small country plots Greenhouses Polycarbonate 2x4 meters are ideal for small suburban areas Many vacationers dream to install on your site a greenhouse for growing early cucumbers, tomatoes or radishes. Often the area does not allow placing large greenhouses, so the best option is a four-meter greenhouse of polycarbonate with a galvanized frame. They are durable and easy to install and maintain.

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    • The convenient greenhouse width 4x2
    • Toeplitz 4 to 6: as needed material for manufacturing
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Greenhouses 4 meters width: how to arrange the beds

length greenhouses, 4 meters wide, can vary from 2 to 50 and m depends on the area All suburban area..Summer residents try to maximally profitably place beds in the greenhouse to plant a crop and have access to all planted plants. When planning beds, it is also important to take into account your possibilities - full people and elderly people can barely bend over a broad bed.

In this case, it is better to make the beds narrower or add an extra path.

To make beds in a greenhouse 4 meters wide can be done with wooden boards Make beds in the greenhouse in 4 meter width by using wooden planks

Based on the fact that it is planned cultivated in the beds in the greenhouse, there are several ways location beds and paths therebetween. The beds in the greenhouse are best placed vertically.

Laying methods:

  1. Two beds with a path in the middle. The width of the bed is 1.5 m, the path is 1 m. A significant disadvantage of this arrangement is that it is problematic to get to some planted crops.
  2. Two maximally wide beds, located along the entire length of the greenhouse. A narrow path of 50 cm and small transverse paths in the middle of the bed - in order to provide the most convenient access to plants.
  3. Three identical ridges 1 m in width, between tracks of 0.5 m. Despite the narrow track to the beds would be convenient for irrigation and harvesting.
  4. Across the perimeter of the greenhouse to place narrow beds of 0,5-0,7 meters, the average bed - 1,5 meters, the paths between them at 0,7 m. The planting area does not decrease, but a broad average bed requires special attention to processing.

The beds can be equipped with special garters, if it is planned to grow high crops - cucumbers or grapes. It is also possible to arrange the beds in several floors, provided that the plants in the lower shelves are not very tall.

Gable greenhouses 4 m wide from polycarbonate

Polycarbonate can be made not only arched greenhouses. It is much more difficult to install straight-walled greenhouses than semicircular ones, because it is necessary to cut the material and know the exact dimensions of the structure.

Polycarbonate sheets with a size of 2x6 can be purchased for greenhouses - they are more convenient for customizing to the size of a greenhouse. A straight-wall construction will take more material than an arched one.

It is desirable to build greenhouses of such dimensions that there is no waste from the polycarbonate sheet.

To reduce the cost of manufacturing a greenhouse, you can install a foundation of wood, however, it is short-lived and fragile.

The shape of the roof of a two-tiered greenhouse stipulates that it does not accumulate a thick layer of snow form a gable roof greenhouses determines that it does not accumulate in a thick layer of snow

For manufacturing the carcass future greenhouse can use galvanized pipe section of 2 cm and a thickness of 2 mm of metal. Correctly assembled frame of the greenhouse - a pledge of its long operation.

Due to the fact that the greenhouse has a ramp, snow will not accumulate at the top of the structure, and straight walls allow the most profitable use of the space inside the greenhouse.

The width of the greenhouse 4 meters allows you to build a greenhouse up to 25 meters in length and place inside 3 narrow beds. Harvest cultivated in a greenhouse of 100 square meters. M, enough to provide themselves with vegetables and even earn a certain amount of money, selling the fruits of their labors.

Than convenient greenhouse width 4x2

Many summer residents on their sites prefer to build small hothouses for growing different kinds of vegetables. Since in a large greenhouse it is not advisable to combine cucumbers and tomatoes, strawberries and flowers, gardeners equip their plots with several small greenhouses.

Polycarbonate greenhouse of 2x4 size is very comfortable, despite its small size. For its production will go 2 sheets of material - one to cover the structure and one for the ends of the greenhouse. Mini-greenhouses can be made portable, which greatly simplifies the care for them.

Among the advantages of a greenhouse with a width of 4х2 m is compactness, excellent aesthetic and operational properties Among the advantages of a 4x2 m wide greenhouse is the compactness, excellent aesthetic and operational properties.

The price of a ready-made greenhouse depends not only on the amount of polycarbonate used, it is also important to choose a good material for the frame.

The greenhouse on the basis of metal-plastic pipes is inexpensive, but short-lived. The frame can be damaged in strong winds or after the first snowfall.

Even for a small 4x2 greenhouse it is better to choose a metal profile for the frame. Also you need to remember about heaters, the presence of which is a very important aspect in the manufacture of greenhouses. Bad sealing can cause drafts and a violation of the temperature regime inside the greenhouse.

Greenhouse 4 to 6: how much material is needed for the manufacture of

When calculating the consumption of polycarbonate, account must be taken of the width, length of the structure, and it is also important not to forget about the end faces of the greenhouse. Based on the measurements, you can plan the required number of sheets of material. The width of the greenhouse should not exceed 6 meters. Otherwise, it will be necessary to join the polycarbonate at the top or build a two-stage greenhouse.

The standard sheet of cellular polycarbonate, which is used to cover greenhouses, measures 2 x 6 meters.

Accordingly, for a greenhouse with a width of 4 m and a length of 6 m, 3 sheets of polycarbonate + 1 sheet for the end parts will be needed.

Before the production of a greenhouse, it is worthwhile to carry out its drawing on paper, indicating the dimensions of all its elements Before manufacturing a greenhouse, it is worthwhile to execute its drawing on paper, indicating the dimensions of all its elements.

Advantages of polycarbonate:

  • Rigid frame made of galvanized metal;
  • Doors and windows for ventilating the room;
  • Ease of installation and transport;
  • Protective layer against ultraviolet radiation;
  • A combination of price and quality;
  • Provides optimum temperature and humidity.

Ready-made 4-meter polycarbonate greenhouses "Tetra", which can be purchased in the store, are used not only for growing vegetables, but also as shelter for small outdoor pools or as a carport.

Features of the greenhouse of polycarbonate 2x4( video)

Having the slightest skills in working with drawings and assembling similar structures, you can assemble the greenhouse yourself. Typically, the size of the greenhouses standard and sellers in the stores can help to calculate the necessary amount of material and fasteners for self-installation.