Planting tomatoes in a greenhouse requires a competent approach: how to plant properly, plant tomatoes and plant

Planting tomatoes in a greenhouse requires a competent approach Planting tomatoes in the greenhouse requires a competent approach cultivation of tomatoes in the greenhouse - a complex process, which includes a complex of agricultural activities. Tomatoes are a fastidious culture. To get a big crop of vegetables, the vegetable gardener has to constantly monitor the microclimate in the greenhouse, take care of the bushes of plants. In addition, the future harvest can affect and the planting of tomatoes in the greenhouse. How to properly plant tomatoes and care for seedlings in the greenhouse - read below.

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planting tomatoes in a greenhouse: circuit

Providing a greenhouse comfortable conditions for the growth of tomato, involves observance of certain planting scheme. The planting technology is selected depending on the type of tomato, the size of the greenhouse. Proper organization of seedlings in beds will provide sufficient lighting, ventilation and food for tomato bushes.

Planting of tomatoes Tomato planting scheme

Today, there are the following ways of planting tomatoes:

  1. Traditional. In such a scheme tomatoes in a greenhouse, rows at a distance of 0.5 m.
  2. two-line tape. In the case of this approach, plants are staggered in rows in rows of two rows( the distance between the rows should be 0.5 m or more).
  3. Combined. This planting is used to cultivate different varieties of tomatoes in one greenhouse. With it, stunted tomatoes are located along the walls of the greenhouse, and tall ones - at the aisle. In this case, low bushes are planted with a distance of 300-400 mm, and high - 500-600.Caring for plants with this scheme is much more convenient.

tomato planting density in greenhouses 3x6 depends on the height of the bush plants forming root system. Low-growing and stamping tomatoes that do not have a strongly developed root system can be planted in 30-40 shrubs, tall plants - at 10-15.

How to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse

Tomatoes require competent care in a greenhouse. This concerns not only the creation of the most favorable temperature regime, the correct watering and fertilizing, but also the way of planting bushes: placing plants too close to each other will interfere with their development and will not allow the bushes to reproduce a large and high-quality harvest. To get a lot of ripe, tasty fruit of a presentation, plants should be planted correctly.

Seedlings tomatoes should not be planted very tightly to each other Seedlings do not need to be planted very tightly together

Planting tomatoes in a greenhouse has the following features:

  1. You can not put tomatoes in the same greenhouse together with cucumbers: cucumbers require a higher temperature and humidity level than tomatoes.
  2. Tomatoes are not recommended to be planted next to potatoes. The soil after Solanaceae is considered unsuitable for planting tomatoes for four years.
  3. Before transplanting seedlings in a greenhouse, prepared wells are advised to fertilize with two spoons of superphosphate( one spoon if superphosphate is double).
  4. Transplanting seedlings in a greenhouse without heating should occur at the age of 50 days. In this case, the height of shoots should be within 300 mm, and on each plant should be 7-8 sheets.
  5. The density of planting tomatoes depends on the plant variety, the size of the greenhouse. In a greenhouse 6x3 meters, you can plant about 200 dwarf plants, no more than 40 medium-sized, about 30 tall and only 12-14 sprawling tomatoes with a developed root system on one ruler.
  6. Suspended planting is possible only for tall tomatoes and in necessarily order should be accompanied by planting of plants. In addition, the bushes will be pulled up, so you should organize a system of supports in the greenhouse or hang trellises.
  7. Low-grown tomatoes are advised to plant in an amount of 5-6 shrubs per square meter.
  8. Tomatoes should be planted in the second half of the day or on a non-sunny and not hot day in the pre-moistened, warmed soil.

You can preheat the soil to the optimum temperature( 12-15 ° C) by covering it with black polyethylene beforehand or by pouring hot potassium permanganate solution into the wells.

Can tomatoes be planted in a greenhouse in winter

Autumn and winter-spring crops are grown in heated winter greenhouses with additional lighting. Seedlings are planted in sowing boxes in early November-mid December( depending on the region).To provide additional light, the greenhouse is equipped with special phytolamps of power. These plants are additionally refreshed 12-16 hours a day. After the formation of the first real leaves, the seedlings are dived into pots with fertilized soil.

For seeding in a winter greenhouse, seeds for seedlings are soaked in a solution of micro- and macrofertilizers and grown at a temperature of 23-25 ​​° C.

Tomatoes can be planted in a greenhouse in winter, but it is necessary to adhere to certain conditions Tomatoes can be planted in a greenhouse in winter, but it is necessary to adhere to certain conditions Tomatoes can be planted in a greenhouse in winter, but it is necessary to adhere to certain conditions

Before planting in the winter garden, the plants are selected, leaving only strong and healthy ones. Seedlings are planted on 50-60 days for 20-25 plants per square meter.

Plants for transplantation in the greenhouse should have 6-9 leaves, a formed first flower brush, a strong root system. The stem of the shoots should reach a height of 200-300 mm.

As the bushes grow, the stems of tall plants wrap around the trellis. Experienced gardeners are advised to perform the formation of bushes s-shaped plastic crochet.

How to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse

For a tomato plantation, usually, greenhouses with a width of one meter are chosen. In this case, the height of the shelter should be at least 50 cm higher than the maximum height of the plant, indicated in the description for the variety.

Most often, tomatoes are planted in greenhouses with a width of one meter Most often tomatoes are planted in greenhouses with a width of one meter.

For the greenhouses, stump and dwarf varieties of tomatoes are best suited.

Seedlings are transplanted into a greenhouse at an equidistant distance of at least 40 cm. The height of the beds in the greenhouse is 300-350 mm, width - 400-450.After the shoots get stronger and begin to form bushes, the plants are deepened into the soil( sprinkle the bushes with the necessary amount of soil).This is done to ensure that the plant does not fall under its own weight.

Tomatoes: planting and care in the greenhouse

The quantity and quality of the future fruit depends on the proper care of the plants in the greenhouse. In order for plants to feel comfortable, you need to take care of the constant temperature regime in the greenhouse, airing and watering the bushes.

For optimal growth and fruiting of tomatoes, the optimum temperature is + 16-25 degrees and humidity in the region of 60-70%.

Watering of tomatoes should be carried out when the seedlings took root( on average, on the 10th day).In this case, the water for irrigation should be at room temperature( plus or minus 22 degrees).The frequency of irrigation depends on the stage of growth of tomatoes: before flowering tomatoes are irrigated every four days with the calculation of one gallon of water per square meter. During flowering, the volume of water for irrigation is doubled.

Proper care for tomatoes - the guarantee of a high yield Proper care for tomatoes - a pledge of a high yield

The type of formation of a bush and the need for a garter depend on the type of tomato. Usually, the need for all care for bushes can be read in the agrotechnical recommendations for the variety.

Top dressing of tomatoes takes place after seedlings are stuck. Experienced gardeners are advised to use organic fertilizers. To accelerate the fruit ripening period, it is possible with the help of pasynkovaniya and pinching of tall plants, stamping low-growing tomatoes. Such procedures will help tomatoes to direct all minerals and vitamins from the soil to growth and development of fruits. This is especially important for unheated greenhouses in the cold regions of Russia.

How to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse( video)

A careful approach to planting tomatoes and proper care of plants in a greenhouse is a pledge of a high yield of ripe, juicy and attractive vegetables. How much and how to plant tomatoes depends on what kind of variety picked a truck farmer, the size of the greenhouse. Using the above tips, you can achieve the best results in the cultivation of tomatoes!