Greenhouse with his own hands of PVC pipes: a greenhouse for drawings, video and photo, profile and polycarbonate, from a film to make a frame

This design is great for small areas, it is possible to make it yourself This design is excellent for small areas, you can make it yourself Convenient and light greenhouse with your own hands of PVC pipes can be erected within 2-3 days, without the need for expensive materials. For a simple assembly, you will only need a standard set of tools, the correct calculations and the exact scheme by which the design will be installed. For small household plots, the choice of plastic profiles for a greenhouse is the optimal solution.

    • Advantages of the greenhouse made of PVC pipes by yourself
    • Which coating to use for the greenhouse of PVC pipes
    • Types of greenhouses from PVC pipes with your own hands: drawings
    • Building a greenhouse made of PVC by yourself
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    • Examples of greenhouses made of PVC pipes with their own hands( photo)

Advantages of a greenhouse made of PVC pipes by oneself

Such properties of PVC pipes as strength,moplastichnost, the ability to withstand heavy loads, as well as stability under thermal and chemical resistance, making them popular material.

PVC does not emit toxic substances. They are easy to wash, so they will not accumulate mold and fungus, which can infect plants PVC does not emit toxic substances. They are easy to clean, so they will not accumulate mold and fungus that can infect plants

They do not weigh much, so the frame of the greenhouse can be moved around the site, and any coating can be chosen from film to polycarbonate sheet.

Choosing PVC pipes for building a greenhouse, the site owner has the following advantages:

  • Ease of construction, which is important for transport and transportation without dismantling;
  • Polyvinyl chloride is not afraid of high temperatures and is fireproof;
  • Plasticity of PVC profile - it can be given any shape, bent and cut into the required segments;
  • Stability of the frame to increased humidity, in contrast to the metal that rusts, and a tree that can rot.

The material tolerates high and low temperatures, and their differences, which increases its wear resistance under environmental conditions. As a result, plastic pipes can be used for 45-50 years in a row.

Which coating to use for a greenhouse made of PVC pipes

When making a frame of a greenhouse made of plastic profiles, it is possible to make shelves inside the room from the same material.

To join pipe sections, special cross corners are used, which can be purchased at any sanitary ware shop Special cross corners are used to connect pipe segments, which can be purchased at any

    ; Polyester film;
  • Bubble construction film;
  • Polycarbonate sheet or honeycomb polycarbonate;
  • Three-layer reinforced film;
  • Synthetic fabric.

Polycarbonate is fixed to the core using special thermowells and self-tapping screws, and the film can be fixed by means of latches made of the same PVC.Section section, cut lengthwise, should be unbent, and its diameter slightly exceeds the dimensions of the pipes of the frame.

Types of greenhouses from PVC pipes with their own hands: drawings

A ready-made greenhouse manufactured in production is not expensive, so not every owner of the site can afford it.

For small areas, a lightweight but robust PVC construction For small areas, a lightweight but robust PVC structure

is a great fit. Knowing certain rules and following the instructions, you can build a greenhouse yourself.

Frameworks of greenhouse constructions from plastic pipes have different shapes, and depending on it, all kinds of heating, moisturizing systems and other equipment.

Main types:

  • Greenhouse for wall;
  • Arched type when the frame has a semicircular shape;
  • Greenhouse in the form of a house with a gable roof;
  • Polygonal complex shape.

Wall type is attached to the wall of a residential building on the south or south-west side. The wall of the house performs a protective function, protecting the greenhouse from the strong and cold wind. In hot days, warming from sunlight, it can play the role of a heat accumulator.

The arched greenhouse allows you to create a volumetric room, it is stable and reliable, and in addition, it has a minimum of articulations.

The structure in the form of a house is resistant to external influences. In this case it is recommended to make an increased angle of inclination of the skates, which will improve the snow gathering.

The type of polygonal construction is similar to arched - for self-erecting it is complicated because of the many connectors.

For any type of greenhouse made of PVC, you will need to make drawings. When designing a structure, one must not forget that there should be at least 50 cm of free space for air exchange over the seedling. For arched buildings, it is important to check the optimal arc length. To do this, you can use the table of standard values.

Construction of a greenhouse made of PVC with their own hands

For a summer residence you can build a small hothouse structure of plastic profiles and polycarbonate.

Such a frame is assembled quite quickly and simply. The coating can be easily made from the most common polyethylene film or polycarbonate sheets This skeleton is assembled fairly quickly and easily. The coating is easy to make from the most common polyethylene film or polycarbonate sheets

The main construction stages are:

  • Foundation construction;
  • Mounting the frame;
  • Coating of carcass with polycarbonate.

If you do not want to make a concrete or brick foundation, you can limit yourself to wooden flooring. For this, impregnated with a protective composition boards are installed on an aligned platform, measured and fastened with screws. At the corners are installed pieces of reinforcement. The area under the frame is marked every 90 cm and reinforcing bars are driven into these places outside.

Two pipes up to 3 meters long are connected with a cross and welded. This is the inner part of the greenhouse. To create external elements, instead of a crosspiece, use straight unilateral tees. The ends of the pipes are inserted into the reinforcement pins, while they are bent to form a semicircular frame.

For the formation of the window opening from the end, reinforcing bars are already driven in. To make the markup, a vertical line is drawn up to the intersection of the arched pipe.

After that, it remains to measure the segment from the top to the bottom point of the pipe and cut off the piece of the desired size. A connecting tee is welded to it, an arc is cut through, and a tee is placed in the formed hole. The pipe is fixed with a yoke. After the creation of ventilation windows, the door is welded with polyvinylchloride corners, and it is possible to proceed to polycarbonate coating.

Pvc hothouse with own hands( video)

When wood materials are used as a foundation, the structure can not be used for a long time. Sometimes this is done to further transfer the structure to another location. The owner can always use more solid types of foundation and erect them independently. In this work there is nothing complicated. In this case, plastic pipes remain the most profitable and durable material for erecting any kind of greenhouses.

Examples greenhouses of PVC pipe with their hands( photo)