Tomatoes in a polycarbonate greenhouse: growing and nursing, how to plant when planting, how to grow and disembark the terms

Grow tomatoes in the greenhouse quite troublesome grown tomatoes in the greenhouse is quite troublesome In our latitudes grow tomatoes so that they gave a large and healthy crop, only indoors. To do this, many gardeners are using polycarbonate greenhouses. It should be noted that tomatoes should be grown in such greenhouses according to certain rules, otherwise plants can simply die. Tomatoes in a polycarbonate greenhouse feel good if the correct temperature regime and stable air humidity are installed in the greenhouse.

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Proper grownof tomatoes in a greenhouse polycarbonate

cultivation of tomatoes in a greenhouse technologically different from the same cultivation of plants in the open field. To grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, it is necessary to create such conditions that will fit a certain variety of plants. Tomatoes are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, so they should be grown in a regime of constancy: they should not be supercooled or overheated.

Planting tomatoes in a closed ground should occur in a certain period: if the plants are not ready for a transplant, they will simply die.

The timing of maturation of seedlings depends on the type of tomatoes. When choosing a variety of tomatoes for growing in a closed ground, it is important to pay attention to their characteristics. Professionals are advised to purchase hybrid varieties, as they are more resistant to changes in the environment, and therefore less susceptible to attacks of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.

Experts recommend choosing hybrid varieties of tomatoes for cultivation Specialists recommend choosing hybrid varieties of tomatoes for growing

Tips for choosing a tomato variety:

  • Choose hybrid varieties. Such tomatoes are less sick and give a rich harvest. For example, the "Signor Tomato" hybrid uses good reviews.
  • Choose plants with unlimited growth. Such plants begin to bear fruit early and give a rich harvest, with the correct formation of two stems.
  • Varieties must be resistant to late blight. It is important that they manage to keep up until the end of August, until the frost begins.

To Tomatoes gave a good crop, you need to take care not only about the right care for older plants, but also pay attention to the sowing of seeds and seedling formation. Before planting seedlings you need to prepare the greenhouse and soil - this is an important condition, without which the cultivation of tomatoes is doomed to failure. Those who are engaged in growing not the first year, know that seedlings need to be grown under the right conditions, and planted - at the right time.

When planting tomatoes in the greenhouse polycarbonate

transplanting time depends on many factors: the varieties of tomatoes, the soil ready, etc. Planting seedlings can only be in properly prepared soil: it must be properly fertilized, moistened and heated. Properly prepared soil will allow the plant to grow and develop, which will ultimately affect the yield of bushes.

The technology of soil preparation for planting seedlings is very simple: it is necessary to raise the top layer of soil, clean it with a special solution based on vitriol from copper or iron.

Soil must be saturated with a sufficient amount of trace elements, only then the tomatoes can actively grow and bear fruit. Optimum for the growth of tomatoes is suitable loamy or peaty soil, and, of course, chernozem. It is good to fertilize the soil before planting with nitrate and superphosphates.

Before planting tomatoes in a greenhouse, it is necessary to prepare the soil Before planting tomatoes in the greenhouse, it is necessary to pave the way

Tips for planting seedlings:

  • Seeding depends on the type of tomatoes. When choosing seeds, it is important to pay attention to the producers and their reputation. Seeds should be quality, otherwise they may not even ascend.
  • To plant seedlings, it is necessary to properly prepare the soil, and after planting, monitor the wet and temperature conditions in the room.
  • In order for seedlings to grow actively, and the plants remain healthy, they need to provide the correct lighting.

The soil seedlings should be transplanted when the plants reached a height of twenty-five or thirty cm. Why do many follow is this rule?Because too high seedlings can be damaged during transplantation, and too low may simply not be taken up.

Caring for tomatoes in a polycarbonate greenhouse

The scheme of care for tomatoes is very simple. Many are afraid to grow tomatoes, because there are stereotypes that tomatoes can not be grown without hard work. Of course, these plants need systematic care, but it is not difficult to organize it.

To start the course for tomatoes you need from seedlings: it must be properly watered, lighted and tempered.

It is important that care is comprehensive. Do not focus on watering, forgetting about fertilizing plants. For active growth and fruiting, tomatoes need timely watering. For polycarbonate greenhouses, it is possible to install a drip irrigation system. For its effectiveness, experts advise correctly mulch the soil.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse need timely watering tomatoes in the greenhouse need to be timely watering

Care Tips:

  • Perform timely watering;
  • If necessary, patronize;
  • Loosen the soil and weed it;
  • To tie the plants in time;
  • Carry out regular feeding;
  • Provide protection against diseases and pests.

It's quite easy to look after plants in a greenhouse. It is very important to properly equip the greenhouse at the initial stage. Planted tomatoes should be well-fertilized and moistened soil.

Planting tomatoes in a greenhouse polycarbonate

Knowing the characteristics correct boarding tomatoes into the wells, one can be sure that will yield a large and high quality. Before the direct planting of seedlings. It is necessary to prepare wells. The optimum depth of holes - twenty-five cm

intervals between the holes should not exceed 80 cm, and the plants must be located at a distance of forty cm from each other..

The beds should be well fertilized, then the plants will be provided with adequate nutrition. It is important to properly work the soil before planting seedlings to prevent infection of plants with dangerous diseases that can damage the root system of the plant and spread to the stems. Before planting, it is important to make sure that the soil and air temperature are optimal for planting seedlings.

Before planting the tomato beds you need to fertilize well Before planting tomato beds should be well fertilize

Tips for transplanting:

  • greenhouse Add to notepad box with seedlings and watered it.
  • Collect a damp earth in the hand, plant the plant in a hole and cover the roots with moistened soil.
  • Fill the wet soil with a dry, level and compact it.
  • Tie the seedlings with pre-prepared tools.

It is quite easy to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse if you provide them with the correct and systematic care. You can plant seedlings only when there are no frosts at night. If all the conditions are met correctly, then you can harvest at the end of the summer or early autumn.

landing Scheme tomato in the greenhouse polycarbonate

Different gardeners follows certain patterns planting tomatoes in greenhouses. Some believe that it is the planting scheme that determines the active and healthy growth of plants. Of course, the correct location of the tomato in the hole and relative to other plants, affects its growth, development and fruiting.

The most common are two types of planting tomatoes: traditional and a double bed pattern.

It is very important to maintain the correct distance between plants, because tomato bushes eventually become spreading and can interfere with each other. It is important that plants have access to light and air. In addition, on how the plants are relative to each other, the probability of their disease and the spread of bacteria to all tomatoes depends.

Planting patterns of a tomato in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate landing Scheme tomato in the greenhouse polycarbonate

Scheme "Dual beds»:

  • Prepare strip length of 50 cm
  • Tomato planted in two rows following the chessboard pattern..
  • The distance between the rows must be at least 80 cm.

This planting scheme is not only effective and convenient, but also aesthetic. The beds look neat, and the plants get enough light. There are many schemes that you can follow. You can experiment in growing tomatoes, but it's better to read reviews about the types of schemes, their advantages and disadvantages before planting.

Planting tomatoes in the greenhouse polycarbonate( video)

Planting tomatoes in the greenhouse - crucial stage. It is important that the whole process from seed selection to harvesting is performed correctly. Many believe that it is difficult to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. But if you follow the simple advice and recommendations of experienced gardeners, you can make sure that the circuit is very simple. Plants need systematic watering, fertilization and hardening. It is also important to protect them from all sorts of diseases. And if in the open ground in the landing uchuvstvuet agriculture, the planting indoors gardeners make their own, which makes the process more accountable.

cultivation of tomatoes in a greenhouse polycarbonate( photo examples)