Energy-saving systems: pipes for heating boilers and batteries, energy-efficient appliances, modern pumps

Popular and popular today is an energy-efficient heating system for a private house Popular and in demand today is an energy-efficient heating system for a private house It's no secret that maintenance of heating systems in the maintenance of private houses takes one of the leading places. This is especially true of electrical equipment, but alternative heating appliances empties the wallet well. But the desire for savings - this is the way not only homeowners, but also those who represent their services in heating. True, not everyone is honest with the buyer, and it's easy to get caught in marketing traps. Therefore, in this issue, it is worth investigating in more detail.

    • principles of energy efficient heating systems
    • Modern energy-efficient heating appliances
    • Energy-efficient and energy-saving battery
    • Infrared heating: energy-efficient heating without pipes and boilers
    • energy-saving system( video)
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Principles of energy-efficient heating systems

The basis of energy saving is fuel economy, maintenance costs of systems and maintenance of allTechnical infrastructure. Therefore, technologists come up with different ways to save, simplify, make the organization of heating in the house more comfortable. For example, double-combustion chambers are being built for boilers, or materials with increased heat output are typical for conventional radiator installations.

Heating systems, both with and without pipes, are of good quality Heating systems with and without pipes are of good quality

But even more popular are heating systems without pipes and boilers. The basis of this heating is panel heat transfer. Modern systems will be such, moreover, these devices will be improved, followed by the future. Here the principle of rational accumulation of generated energy operates. That is, not only the consumed energy resource is reduced, but also the structural element base.

It turns out that in the house set a set of plates-emitters, quite compact. They save space, but still produce the required amount of heat, as the system with pipes. In this regard, the system of plates is more energy efficient.

Modern energy-efficient heating devices

If the word "heating" you can not help but be associated with such concepts as pumps and boilers, then it is worth paying attention to induction energy boilers. These electric heaters can be considered a novelty. In fact, the principle of this device is simple: it is a water heater using the law of electromagnetic induction. Following this law, the immovable steel rod will heat up. It is placed inside the coil with a current.

The advantage of energy efficient heaters is that they are practical and safe The advantage of energy efficient heating devices is that they are practical and safe

What is the advantage of such a boiler:

  • The heat transfer medium that passes through it does not come into contact with important elements, only with the stem;
  • This boiler is able to last many years without special maintenance, except that periodic washing it does not hurt.

In addition, such a boiler has small dimensions and weight, too. And this is important, if the heat generator will be located in the furnace. It is worth noting and rapid heating of the coolant.

Energy-efficient and energy-saving batteries

Radiators are also a popular product that people like to sell to companies using energy-saving systems. But for ordinary batteries, they are not exactly alike. These models consist of vacuum sections that are filled with a lithium-bromide liquid. In this filler, a vaporization occurs in the condition of a temperature of 35 degrees. This ensures the heating of the upper parts of these sections, and this already leads to heat distribution throughout the room. The water consumption of these energy saving radiators is small, no more than 500 ml is needed for one unit. That is, when compared with conventional batteries, the difference is significant.

Popular are energy-saving radiators

is also popular as energy saving radiators. Infrared heating: energy-saving heating without pipes and boilers

The main thing that is in the devices of infrared heating is the conversion of electricity into thermal energy. And this heat energy is given in the form of infrared radiation. This radiation allows the device to heat all surfaces that are in the zone of its action. And already from them the room warms up.

The most important thing is that on the human body infrared radiation acts positively( in contrast to convective radiation).

There are 2 types of infrared systems on the market today:

  • Outdoor film systems;
  • Ceiling long-wave heaters.

Practical and convenient for private homes is infrared heating Practical and convenient for private houses is the infrared heating

Energy-saving electric heating systems will give the room as much heat as the energy expended from the network. But they do it in a peculiar way, by radiation. It turns out that a person feels the heat flow only when he is under the heater.

In order for indoor air temperature to rise, this heater needs more time. And this is understandable: the transfer of heat does not go to the air, but to its intermediaries, that is, walls, floors and other surfaces. But after all such "intermediaries" use and floor systems. They are represented by two layers of strong film with a heating carbon element between them, the bottom layer is covered with silver paste( this is necessary to reflect heat).

This film is usually laid between the lags or on the screed. This coating is also an intermediary. For example, the system first heats the laminate, and already from it heat is transferred to the air. The advantage of such a heating system is that the heating is uniform, but the equipment does not practically occupy the useful area of ​​the room. And the installation of such equipment is simple.

Where energy-saving systems are used( video)

In summary, it can be said that no significant economic bonuses are offered. Yes, there are systems that save energy, a place to install, are safer. If boilers of a more perfect kind, quartz and infra-red installations, but also this equipment of considerable money costs.

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