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Guide plumbing can be bought in a bookstore or ordered online Plumbing reference book can be bought in the bookstore or ordered online For plumbers today you can find many books: textbooks, reference books, encyclopedias, professional literature and simple literature for dummies. The choice is great. It remains to buy a book and develop in its business.

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UsefulBooks on plumbing

Not everyone can competently understand plumbing. Many have basic skills, but professionals become units. To increase your literacy and mastery, you must read the profile books.

A good specialist will read not one, but tens and hundreds of books, before becoming a professional. For this, it is necessary to study both popular and not very popular literature. Here is a list of books for those who want to understand plumbing.

Thanks to the books on plumbing, you can study the theoretical part of any process Thanks to the plumbing books, you can learn the theoretical part of any process.

Plumbing books:

  1. Your home plumber. The book is an assistant;
  2. Fitter Plumber - author Yu. N. Sargin;
  3. Drainage and wastewater treatment - Adept;Plumbing in the house.
  4. .Installation, repair, operation - publishing house Ripol classic;
  5. Plumbing works with their own hands. The lessons of home mastery - publishing house Peter.

The book "Your home plumber. The book-helper "has two sides. This is a book-turn. It describes both plumbing works and related household work. The book under the authorship of Sargin describes materials, instruments for measuring indicators, tools used, and information on repairing pipes. Describes the work of locksmith.

For professional development, you can read a regular textbook.

The book "Sanitary engineering in the house" tells about the principles of the pipeline and sanitary equipment. She gives an idea of ​​the plumbing work. The fifth book goes with the disc. It makes a bias on independent work. Methods for solving problems with pipes are described.

Books are a great tool for raising your knowledge. In the plumbing books you will find useful tools, examples of works and tips that can be used in your home. The old books of the 1990s detail the problems of the pipeline. New books make a bias on an independent solution to the problem. Buy those books that you prefer. But it's better to read all sorts to improve your skills.

What is the plumbing encyclopedia

Unlike ordinary books, there are also separate encyclopedias of plumbing. They describe the whole range of activities of plumbing. A wide area of ​​knowledge is covered. It will be useful for every person who is engaged in plumbing.

One of the most popular encyclopedias of late is the "Great Encyclopedia of Sanitary Ware" under the authorship of Galkin A.E.And Galkin P.A.From the year 2012.

This is an excellent guide for dummies to understand the whole scope of activities and nuances.

Encyclopedia plumbing contains all the necessary information for working with plumbing The encyclopedia of plumbing contains all the necessary information for working with plumbing equipment

It contains answers to the main plumbing issues that arise during the installation and operation of the pipeline. The book describes the tools, materials and useful techniques that you can apply right now.

For more information on the area, in the book you will find information about:

  • Safety engineering;
  • Legislative regulation of plumbing;
  • Water supply system;
  • Pipe laying on the street;
  • Installation of meters for the calculation of water consumption;
  • Water filtration;
  • Sewer construction;
  • Planning of toilets;
  • Assembly and dismantling of sanitary equipment;
  • Current repair of pipes;
  • Heating system.

The book is a practical guide with the availability of parts and explanations. Excellent for both beginners and experienced plumbers. It is a self-instruction manual for all cases of plumbing.

Encyclopedia of plumbing should stand on the shelf for each employee who is engaged in its activities in the field of plumbing. This is an excellent literature for studying all the subtleties of work with a description of "from and to."In the encyclopedia, you will learn how to change, repair, install a new pipe, replace the old one, perform repairs, mount meters and much more.

Which reference book of plumbing plumber is the best

When on the market you can find many directories on plumbing work, it is difficult to decide the choice. To do this, it is worth knowing before buying which directory is still better.

Experienced plumbers say that today the best books on plumbing work are old Soviet books. They detail the cases and nuances of the plumbing work. One of these is the "Handbook of the master of plumbing. Moscow city. Stroyizdat.1981 ".

Before buying a directory of plumbing, you should study its contents Before buying a plumbing manual, it is worth exploring its contents

The book provides information on:

  • Materials in the pipeline;
  • About the connecting parts;
  • Pipes;
  • Flanges;
  • Describes the types of pipes;
  • Washbasins;
  • Bidet and toilet bowls;
  • Machine tools and their mechanisms;
  • About the preparation for work.

Another reference is the "Handbook of a fitter-plumber" under the authorship of PDKhoruzhiy, A.A.Tkachuk, M.M.Pikh.

The book tells about work, as a locksmith, and plumbing. About the subtleties of their work. Full information about their work is given. Concepts are provided, unknown terms are deciphered.

Which book you would not choose, in any case, it will increase your level of professionalism. The best book is a relative term. Different books are suitable for each reader. Therefore, you need to read more books about your profession. This will help you become a better specialist.

Books on the basics of sanitary ware

Even the most experienced plumbers need help and tips. Even experienced workers with time can forget the basics of sanitary ware. Therefore, the book on the basics of sanitary ware should always be at hand.

The following books can be found on the Internet. They are freely available. It is enough to drive into the search engine the title of the book, and then just download the book by reference.

Books on the basics of sanitary ware are great for beginners Books on the basics of sanitary ware are great for beginners

3 books on the basics of plumbing:

  1. Plumbing. How everything is arranged and how to fix everything. Directory;
  2. Plumbing repair. Secrets of skill;Plumbing in the house.
  3. .Installation repair, operation.

Always improve your skills by reading books and the basics of your work.

Each book describes its nuances of work. Therefore, it is advisable to read all 3 of the above books. It will only be better for your work. And if you are looking for books not for work, but for self-study, then they just will suit you. Books are written in simple language for an ordinary person, not much associated with the plumbing profession.

Overview of plumbing guides( video)

Books improve skills and professional qualities. Which book you would not choose, it will affect you and your work only for the better. You will do the work faster and better. Books of plumbing allow you to learn a lot of new things even for those who have been working in the plumbing profession for more than 30 years.