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The pump station can differ in power and design pumping station may differ in power and construction water supply system is considered just a necessity, both for private homes and for apartments. Naturally, accommodation will be much more comfortable if there is always water in the faucet, without interruption, no matter how the pressure station works. In some residential areas carried water home, but the problem is that the water pump delivers not optimal head and household appliances such as a washing machine or dishwasher simply can not carry out their work. It is in these two cases that many prefer to install special equipment, such as their own water pump station.

    • Water Station: Connection rules
    • Installation of pump station in the apartment
    • What is a pumping station for the private home
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water station: connection rules

WatersA mini-station or, in other words, a pump for individual use in an apartment, is required to pump up pressure in the pipes up to 4 atm. This is considered ideal pressure, and in some houses it does not exceed even 1.5 atm.

Before connecting a water station, you should carefully read the instructions Before connecting the water station should read carefully the instructions

If you will attend a minimum pressure:

  1. maximum that will work in the house of the equipment that is connected to the water - it's not powerful washingMachine and no more.
  2. Speech about the whirlpool can not even be, because it will not be able to function, as required.
  3. Shower cabins and similar installations are also unable to cope with this pressure.

is important to remember that before you will set personal vodostantsiya, you need to calculate, as too high blood pressure can cause a break in the pipe and damage to appliances. Accordingly, the water pumping station must be adjusted to the specific water pressure at the feed to avoid all unpleasant consequences.

Installation of pump station in

apartment Very often necessary to carry out the installation of pumping equipment to those who live on the higher floors, as during rush hour or in other words in the evenings and weekends, the water from their tap almost ceases to flow.

In this case, the installation of the circulation pump is carried out directly into the central water supply line and allows all residents of the entrance to use water in full.

Most often, in the Ukraine used compact pumping stations installed in the space of the pantry or basement, if the apartment is on the first floor. Due to the large assortment of storage tanks, it is possible to choose designs from 100 - 1000 liters in volume.

If you do not have the experience of installing pumping stations, it is better to seek professional help If you are comfortable with the installation of pumping stations, it is best to seek professional help


  1. pipe for the pump must be pre-marked to correctly install the adapter.
  2. Be sure to close the water.
  3. The pipe should be cut in two places previously identified.
  4. The outer side of each trimmed end should be cut to the thread.
  5. Threaded adapters with female thread should be screwed onto the pipe.
  6. The fittings are then installed in them.
  7. Pump installation is carried out by following the arrows, positioned on the housing unit, by which circulation fluid can be seen.
  8. Then it is necessary to make connection of the electrical board to the pump device by means of a three-core cable.
  9. The pump must have a separate outlet.

The pump is switched on initially to test in order to inspect its serviceability and suitability and also to eliminate leaks. Once everything is checked, the joints should be scrolled with a fumpling and tightened for reliability. To properly connect the water supply stations for the apartment will require compliance with the above recommendations from the master and be sure to take safety precautions.

What is a pumping station for a private house

A good water pumping station for water is a device that allows to optimize the water supply to the house. For delivery, the well or well capacity may be used. In some cases, the water intake is completely from the nearest water body or the central water supply.

The station includes:

  • Pump;
  • Accumulator;
  • Group of control and automation.

Thanks to the pumping station it is easy to provide any house with water Thanks to the pumping station it is easy to provide any house with water

As a rule, the water intake sub-station includes the above elements. The advantage of such equipment is that it increases the pressure in the pipes, due to which it is possible to use household appliances at full capacity.

Criteria for selecting pumping stations for giving

If you calculate how much water consumes 1 private house and review the moment when the technical characteristics of the device are not easy, then with the choice of the case everything is much easier. Basically, the pumps for water intake are made in a body made of steel, cast iron, polypropylene of the highest density. It is the polypropylene casing that is considered to be the most inexpensive, and it also does not rust, and practically does not make noise when working.

In order to choose such equipment for a dacha as a water substation, it is worth paying attention to a number of criteria:

  1. What is the distance from the water intake point to installation of the device.
  2. You have to take into account how high the water rises. In other words, if water is taken from a well or a reservoir, it is worth taking into account the periods when the water level rises in order to avoid waterlogging the equipment.
  3. No less important is the performance of the device, on which depends on how much fluid will be supplied, for example, per hour or minute. To calculate this parameter, it is worth paying attention to the degree of consumption or simply the need for water.
  4. The volume of the accumulator can affect how much water will be in a constant supply, in case electricity is cut off. This moment is not particularly important, as the hydraulic pump is installed in areas where very often there is a power failure, and it is sort of like the drive and energy and water.
  5. The water-lifting station can be selected either by the availability of additional functions or by lack of them. For example, there may be installations, which are provided with thermal protection and cooling, in other words, from a sharp temperature drop, which significantly prolongs the life of the structure.

Choose pumping stations should be based on financial resources and personal preferences Choose pumping stations should be based on the financial capabilities and personal preferences

accumulators are too expensive for the price, and what they are more expensive, so they are more efficient, because the choice depends on personal preference and nothing more. The important thing is that such a device can not be replaced with an installation such as an expansion tank, because, despite the similar configuration, their purpose is completely different.

Types of water supply stations

To select automatic pump stations, the choice must also be made according to what noise they issue. Noise can be removed by various options of noise insulation or placing the equipment in a separate room, but it is better to find a quiet device from the very beginning.

There are only 3 types and this:

  • Vortex;
  • Centrifugal;
  • Reciprocating.

Whirling or noiseless stations are the best for home. The process of water suction is carried out by means of blades mounted on the inner part of the body. The installation works as quietly as possible, however it can not work with great depth.

For various enterprises you need to buy powerful pumping stations for different enterprises need to buy powerful pumping stations

Vortex options there are for residential buildings, but so quiet and seemingly very convenient installation is extremely resistant to sudden changes in temperature.

The centrifugal pumping station is the most suitable and suitable for those who need water, if it is located many meters underground. The operation can be carried out at any temperature, and the installation is carried out in a specially designed pit.

Surface and submersible pump stations

In most cases, a substation, which are sold as a finished product from the plant, are equipped with surface-type pump. They are installed next to the accumulator and control devices. Pump stations can be of surface type and submersible.

Selection is carried out by:

  • Efficiency;
  • Personal preferences;
  • Cost.

The equipment is connected to a pipeline, which is sent to a source of water. The average diameter of the pipe is 32 mm. The equipment has the ability to raise water from 7-10 m. If such a small and compact substation is needed, then you should take care of installing a special valve with a filter, which is installed at the end of the water intake hose. Thus, water is purified when fed into the house, and the valve itself has a function by which water does not flow down the pipe when the pumping does not function, which allows you to start using water without waiting for a long time.

If you want to buy a high-quality pumping station, it is recommended to pay attention to the models of German manufacturers If you want to buy high quality pump station, it is recommended to pay attention to the model of the German manufacturer

deep wells in popularity more in demand, and is also considered more reliable.

It is for her to use a submersible pump or installation in which there is an external ejector. The installation differs not only in terms of parameters, but also because it can have electronic control, due to which it is much easier to use the equipment. The disadvantage is that these systems are vacuum and when air gets into them, it is quite possible that the air is squirting and there are problems with functioning.

rules installation of water stations for domestic water supply

Rating Pets pumping stations just great, as commercially available, and German, and Chinese, and domestic goods are capable of reaching their performance characteristics and specifications.

Of course, it is important to pay attention to the characteristics of their work, as well as:

  • of consumers;
  • Cost;
  • Lifetime.

All tools and materials for mounting water stations are sold in the building store All stations for water installation tools and materials are sold in hardware store

It is equally important to familiarize yourself with how to carry out the installation of the device so that it is in fact likely to serve for a long time. It is advisable to entrust the installation process to a specialist with experience in order not to damage the equipment. If you plan to use the system in winter, then the room should be either warm or permanently heated, but this applies to surface stations.

If the pump produces too much noise, a soundproof box should be formed.

Experienced masters recommend making such a structure as a caisson or, in other words, a room with small dimensions, located at a depth of 2.5 m. When withdrawing from a well, the casing should be cut slightly above the bottom of the caisson. Strongly it is not desirable to collect the caisson for the dacha, as this is not appropriate for financial costs. For the villa you can use a simpler version in the form of a small box or special pit where the equipment is carried for the period from spring to autumn and is cleaned for the winter. Thus, its service life will be maintained.

What are the pumping stations( video)

Choosing quality equipment, you can provide yourself with a constant supply of water and most importantly, without any problems, but on condition of competent installation.