Micathermic heater: what is it and what is better, an infrared convector, reviews and disadvantages of mica

Mikatermicheskiy heater is a practical and effective device for heating the room Micatermic heater is a practical and effective device for heating heat in the home has always been an important part of a cozy comfortable stay in it. However, central heating systems are sometimes not enough, and in some cases it is completely absent. And if the family has small children, then freezing from the cold is simply not permissible. And then we think about purchasing a quality heating appliance. And most often, in the old manner, we give preference to traditional devices, like an oil or convector heater. However, several years ago, along with other novelties of household appliances, the market appeared micthermal heaters.

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Micatermic heater: what is it and how does it work

Many consumers, not understanding, What it is, are quite skeptical about this device. And in vain. This model has a number of positive advantages.

Mycothermic heaters have entered the market of heating equipment very recently. Not surprisingly, many people treat them with caution, and in the old manner prefer older types of heaters.

The price of a micothermic heater depends on its size and power Price Micatermic heater depends on its size and power

But there is no reason to doubt. All mycothermic heaters work perfectly. They are constructed, which was used first in space, but for those in medicine -nemetallicheskie plates, which are heated and covered with a thin layer of mica. This heater belongs to the type of infrared heaters. The main difference of this group is that they do not heat the air, but the objects that fall into the zone of their action. What is very similar to the spread of solar heat.

Benefits Micatermic Heaters:

  • When you turn on the network this device immediately begins to radiate heat and heat the objects in the radiation zone. Oil heaters spend up to 1 hour of time warming themselves up.
  • He has very little weight.
  • Because the plate does not heat up, it only emits waves, it is not hot. Its temperature does not go beyond 60 degrees. This is good in the premises where there are children - the child can not get burned.
  • They consume electricity approximately 30% less than convectors and oil counterparts.
  • The air does not burn out due to high temperatures, which means that the device does not reduce the humidity in the room.
  • Works noiselessly.

Immediately after switching on the device, the heat is not felt, but it begins to actively spread in a short time. Consumers note a big plus in the ease of the device, which allows you to install it anywhere at any time.

Convector or Mikatermic Heater: which is better to choose

An electric convector is a device that is a tubular heating element with a metal casing. Some of them contain oil inside. The heating temperature is controlled by the thermostat. The body has slots for efficient circulation of warm air flows. Through the lower slits, the device receives cold air, where it heats up, and then exits through the holes in the casing.

Before operating, it is necessary to know the basic rules for using this device. In order to make its inclusion, you need to understand and study its electrical circuit. The value is what kind of cord is used, do you have a ground connection, where is the switch controlling the thermostat.

Before buying a micothermic heater, it is worthwhile to study the advice of specialists Before buying a micthermal heater, it is worthwhile to preliminarily study the advice of specialists

Choosing between two models: a tenovym and oil heater, you need to proceed from their wishes. The oil heater enables the heating of large areas. Another type is taped, consumes less electricity, and also, is more safe.

The convector has the following device:

  • Integrated control panel;
  • Shutters outlet grate;
  • Hole for the outlet of heated air;
  • Body of the device;
  • Hole for cold air inlet;
  • Racks or lower mount.

Choosing between the micacothermic type of heaters and convector, you need to proceed from their personal preferences. Heating of the room with convectors is due to the heating of air in the room, so there may be a feeling of dryness. Micathermic devices work on the principle of heating nearby objects. However, there is a version that if you stay with this device for a long time, you may get a headache. Modern mycothermic heaters are much more efficient than convectors because the air temperature in the room is favorable in 15 minutes. However, many continue to choose conventional convectors because they are more familiar, and the principle of their operation is similar to that of a classic battery.

Modern Mikatermic Infrared Heater: principles of the

Mycothermic home heating device recently hit store shelves. The creators of the device claim that it uses the latest technologies, which were previously used only in medicine and cosmonautics.

The heat source in this device is a plate that evenly distributes heat waves from infrared radiation. At the same time, the part itself is not subject to heat and, if accidentally contacted, a child or adult will not get burned. This plate consists of multiple layers of metal, which are covered with mica on both sides. It is because of this that there is no coolant in the micthermic heaters, and there is no combustion of the spiral in it.

Mikatermichesky infrared heater is safe in terms of fire safety Microthermal infrared heater is safe from the standpoint of fire safety

Special plates are closed with metal body , on both sides of which there are grids with holes that freely pass infrared radiation. There are only two lattices, and the heat is radiated in two directions. At the moment, to improve the performance of the unit, two more layers are added to the plates, which are located on one side. Thanks to them, the heat flows began to spread in one direction and there were wall and one-sided kinds of devices.

Infra-red heater device:

  • Screw-in grille made of metal;
  • Control panel;
  • Front panel;
  • Buttons ON and OFF;
  • Oprah for rollers;
  • Rollers for easy moving;
  • Remote control;
  • Power cord.

The main thing when choosing a microthermal heater is to understand what you need it for, and how you will use the heat. All types of heaters have their own characteristics and operating principle. Therefore, before you go for a purchase, make a preliminary plan for use. Then it will be easier for the consultants to find the right model for you.

Mica Mikatermic Heater: user reviews

Today's range of heaters for home is very wide. In stores you can find convectors, electric fireplaces, and infrared radiators. What do buyers prefer?

Efficient, high-tech, economical - this can all be found on the Stix website in the feedback of those who used a heating device such as a micthermic heater. It differs from other individual heating systems in that it appeared on the market, it can be said, recently, but has already proved itself well enough. The disadvantages and disadvantages of it are practically not inherent.

When choosing a mica micathermic heater it is worth considering its design and the amount of electricity consumed When choosing a mica micathermic heater, it is worth considering its design and the amount of electricity consumed.

80% of the heat energy, which is transferred from the heater to the objects, is produced by radiation. Therefore, heat does not heat the air in the room, but penetrates the surface of objects.

What users say about this device:

  • Heaters do not dry indoor air, and are therefore suitable even for people with asthma and allergies;
  • Are safe for small children;
  • It can be used in conditions of high humidity in the room;
  • Electricity consumption is several times lower than that of convector;

According to buyers' feedback, it can be concluded that these heating devices are suitable for use in living quarters, in medicine, in shops, in cafes and restaurants, in massage parlors, in garages and basements, in offices.

Microthermal heater device( video)

Today, new oil heaters and wind-powered convectors are replaced by new infrared heaters. Once we understand their advantages, we will forget about the large number of problems associated with heating in the winter.