Agidel pump: self-priming, pre-pouring liquid, device characteristics, disassembly and repair

The Agidel pump is characterized by a long service life and reliability pump Aghidel have a long service life and reliability on the market a wide range of pumps from different countries of the world that are of high quality and performance. But at the same time there are worthy domestic analogues. These include pumps BTSN "Agidel".A simple design and affordable price makes the devices quite popular.

    • characteristics and types of pumps "Aghidel»
    • rules using the model «Aghidel M»
    • model features "Aghidel 10»
    • priming pumps without pre-fill liquid
    • Installation pump "Aghidel"( video)

specifications and types of pumps "Agidel»

Lineup pumps "Agidel" small. It is represented by only two variations: "Agidel M" and "Agidel 10".These are self-priming devices without pre-pouring liquids and centrifugal structures.

The "Agidel M" model is represented by a small centrifugal type design. The machine weighs about 6 kg. The length of the unit is 254 mm, and in diameter - 238 mm. The pump is used for pumping water from a depth of 7 m. But in combination with the ejector, it is possible to extract liquid from a well of 15 m depth. The mechanism operates in an upright position.

Agidel pumps can differ in power and appearance Aghidel pumps may vary in thickness and appearance

Specifications "Agidel M»:

  1. Produced pressure - 20 m;
  2. Required power for operation - 370 W;
  3. The productivity of the device is 2.9 cubic meters per hour.

The "Agidel 10" model has medium dimensions. Refers to self-priming varieties. Weights 9 kg. The dimensions of the device are 230x160x370.The installation is capable of finishing water from a column or a well 7 m deep. At the same time, the pump does not require pre-pouring of liquid.

Installation of "Agidel 10" is considered more power. The pump capacity is 3.3 cubic meters per hour.

Head model "Agidel 10" is 30 meters. But compared to the kind of "Agidel M" more powerful machine requires more energy. To operate the mechanism, 700 watts of power will be required.

Rules for using the "Agidel M" model

The pump design is quite unpretentious in operation. Operation is easy with your own hands. But the manufacturer provides instructions for the correct use of the device. These include mandatory compliance with vertical placement, a warm place and even coverage. Otherwise, you can damage the equipment without the possibility of recovery.

Properties use design "Aghidel M»:

  1. For round operation caisson should be set to the water column or center pole wells. The device should be as close to water as possible. The pump must be insulated and closed from bad weather.
  2. The device can be placed on a platform on a water mirror. But it is necessary to observe the conditions of the absolute reliability of the raft. It will also be necessary to isolate the electrical wiring. This installation provides for the extension of the wire.
  3. The pump tank must be filled before installation.

In order to serve the Agidel M pump for a long time, it must be regularly cleaned and replaced with parts that are subject to wear For the Agidel M pump to be used for a long time, it must be regularly cleaned and replaced with parts that are subject to wear.

For preliminary work, manual priming of water into the tank is included before starting. After the appearance of liquid from the hose, it is necessary to start the device. The impeller will start to rotate and create a force to feed water. The model can not work with dry capacity.

The Agyedel model refers to summer versions of pumps. They are relevant for bath, shower and car wash.

Sooner or later the device may fail. The pump stops pumping water. The reason for this can be the withdrawal of the horizon, faulty stuffing boxes, problems with hoses. In this case, repair or replacement of some parts is necessary. Better to entrust it to professionals.

Features of the model "Agidel 10"

The device "Agidel 10" has a more powerful and productive design. To use this design, no pre-pouring of water is required. But a significant disadvantage is the large energy consumption. Because of the high pressure, the pump is used for water supply and irrigation systems.

The model refers to self-priming structures. So the unit itself removes the air of their system. This is why the device does not need to pre-pour water.

The Agidel 10 pump is perfect for country houses The Agidel 10 pump is great for

country sections. But the pump must not be operated at a great depth. The maximum is 7 m. Also, the ejector can not be connected to the structure. Install the device only in a horizontal position.

The installation location must be selected correctly before installation. It is best to install a pump on the roof of a well or well. When submitting water to the house, the model should be placed closer to the building. The installation can be mounted on a platform on a water mirror.

Self-priming pumps without pre-pouring liquids

Both models have a centrifugal-type blower, which is started by a single-phase electric motor. Centrifugal pumps operate by communicating pumping conditions of rotational motion. As a result, there is a centrifugal force, which creates a head. Such pumps have a simple device, have durability and high efficiency.

Schematic diagram of the "Agidel" pump:

  • Electric motor;
  • Temperature switch;
  • Copper winding of the electric motor;
  • Bearings;
  • Aluminum housing;
  • Soothing;
  • Sealants made of rubber;
  • Shaft.

To the frame of the pump does not rot, it should be regularly tinted To ensure that the pump casing does not rot, it should be regularly tinted

Self-interleaving function means that the device is capable of creating a vacuum and drawing fluid from a certain depth. Pumps "Agidel" do not need to be lowered into the water. That is why the outer parts of the device are made of cheaper materials. The models are protected against overheating.

The pump is equipped with a 1.5 m long cable. In this case, an extension cable can be used, or the cable can be replaced with a long one at once.

Maintenance of the machine includes periodic disassembly, cleaning of the impeller and lubrication of the blades. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the glands marked 8G6477005.As a rule, these operations are performed during the winter assembly of the device. In order for the pump to last a long time, it is advisable to mount a reliable check valve on the power line. All joints should be well sealed.

Installation of the "Agidel" pump( video)

The model range of the "Adygel" pumps is represented by two models. They differ for the power and layout option. But for prolonged service, periodic disassembly and maintenance of the pump must be provided. In case of breakdown, contact the repair center.