Clay lock for the well: a soft blind area, with your own hands around, where to put the clay after the digging, to make correctly

To make an earthen lock for a well, you do not need to have special skills, but you first need to study the theory To make a clay lock for a well, you do not need to have any special skills, but you first need to study the theory. After digging the well, the question remains: where to put the clay. It will be best to equip the blind for the well. You can do the work yourself. So strengthen the well and make a concrete castle.

        • Where to put the clay after the digging of the well: the lock equipment
        • Preparing the clay lock for the well with your own hands
        • How to make a clay lock around the well
        • Creating a soft blind area around the well
        • Where applicableClay lock for a well( video)

Where to put clay after digging a well: lock equipment

Sanitary rules and regulations give an accurate definition of a clay castle. This structure, which is a formwork for a well, the width of which is 1 m, and the depth is 2 m. Clay should be densely packed. In this case, material for fitting the blind area is not suitable for everyone. Clay and fatty loam should be well kneaded. Sand, gravel, sandy loam can not be used for the castle. The permissible amount of sand in the clay castle is 5-15%.

Making a clay lock for a well is recommended in clear weather without rain It is recommended to make an earthen lock for a well in clear weather without rain.

There are always discussions about the need for equipment for a blind area. Sanitary norms say that the clay castle should be in a complex with other blind areas. They create a ring with a radius of 2 m. From the walls of the well, it should retreat 10 cm.

Additional devices for clay lock:

  • Stone;
  • Concrete;
  • Bricks;
  • Asphalt.

The well must be at least 1 year old before the equipment. During this time there is a natural shrinkage of the soil. So in the future there will be no emptiness and frail areas.

The soft blind does not only perform an aesthetic function. It will protect the lock from defects during use.

In uncompacted areas, water can accumulate in the future. Inhabitants of soil and rodents fall into such traps and perish. So the decomposition products can get into the drinking water. The duration of shrinkage is determined by the rock of the soil.

It is not necessary to rush to equip a waterproof lock before conducting a water pipe. After that you should additionally make a waterproofing. For a land prone to seasonal whipping, you can not equip an earthen ring.

Preparing for the construction of a clay lock for a well with their own hands

The main task of a clay castle is to protect the structure from precipitation, groundwater and other contaminants. But at the same time not only water is protected, but also the well itself. So the design will last longer.

Advantages of using a clay lock:

  • Structural strength;
  • You do not need to process the seams of the well every year;
  • A small cost of installation, because it uses the available material;
  • Clay does not affect the composition of the water.

To make a clay lock for a well, you do not need to use expensive technical devices To produce a clay lock for a well, there is no need to use expensive technical devices

But there are some drawbacks. The precipitation of the lock significantly reduces the presence of sand. It is also worth noting that the deformation of the well can form an increase in the clay layer at the freezing level.

There are a number of contraindications that do not allow the installation of a clay lock. To begin with, you should give time to shrinkage of the soil. It will take at least 1 year. If this rule is ignored, then cavities will appear in the construction.

First, it is recommended that you install a water pipe and conduct the necessary pipes from the well. Also, do not mount the blind on soils prone to whipping. Otherwise the well will not last long.

You can not replace clay with other types of soil. They do not have the necessary plasticity and will crack in the course of time.

If there are no contraindications, then you can safely proceed with the arrangement of the castle. The material for manufacturing is a heavy clay with a small amount of sand. To improve the plasticity of the primer should be soaked before use. Ideally, the soaked material should overwinter.

How to make a clay lock around a well

Many do not advise to make a clay castle. But to refrain from this construction follows when you do not know how to properly build a castle around the well. Wrong execution technology can really spoil the whole design.

Clay is an excellent waterproofing material. But it is prone to whipping. During freezing, the clay begins to change shape, which negatively affects the shape of the structure. This can lead to deformation of the lock.

Rules and sequence how to make a lock:

  1. Dig out a pit from a well depth of 30 cm. The spacing from the well should be 1-2 m. This pad is made for a blind area.
  2. Around the well we select the earth. From the wall of the well, we move downward by 40 cm. Over time, we begin to make a hole more already, beginning with the junction of the second and third rings.
  3. Next, you need to properly install the "shield".To do this, the resulting hole is stuffed with soaked and frozen clay. It should be left from the top 10-15 cm to the seam between the second and third ring.
  4. Then you should make a shield. This fence is 180 cm high. The material of production is reinforcing bars and geotextiles. The shield recedes from the walls of the well by 10 cm.

Do not make the clay castle too high No need to make the clay lock too high

After these processes begin to equip the clay pillow. It is necessary to make a dense layer of material. It is also important to monitor the width of the cushion and the length of the circumference.

If you do not follow the necessary parameters, then the process will have to be repeated several times until the desired effect is achieved.

After this, it is necessary to make a clay blind, laying out the material in the prepared pit. But in doing so, it is necessary to observe the slope from the well wall so that the water flows down smoothly. At the top of the blind there is a tile.

Creating a soft blind area around the well

After the clay castle, we proceed to create a blind area. It performs a protective function so that during the wetting the lock does not turn into mud. At the same time, the dusting of the structure with sand and rubble will not give the desired effect. That's why you'll have to equip the blind area.

Staging phases:

  1. It is necessary to waterproof the lock. To do this, use geotextile or any other material with insulation properties.
  2. Next, the selected material is laid. In this case, you should observe a small slope from the well, so that the precipitation runs down.

An excellent solution is to create around the well a blind area of ​​tiles An excellent solution is to create around the well a blind area of ​​

tiles. There are ways to strengthen the structure more. To do this, after the installation of insulation is established formwork. After that, make a concrete screed. And only after the material has hardened the final work is done.

The pavement tile or stone acts as a covering. These materials have better characteristics of strength and durability.

Clay lock is an effective protection of the well. If the installation is performed correctly, the design will last long enough. To do this, you must follow all the rules and steps of the technology implementation.

Where to apply the clay lock for the well( video)

When the well is ready, begin to think about where to put the clay. For this purpose, equip the blind area. The clay lock device is quite simple, but it is important to comply with all the rules and sanitary norms, because not every ground can be made blind.