Cleaner for pipes "Mole" - the best in the fight against clogs

A few words about the chemical components of the Mole.

The properties that make the Mole cleaner the best, among other similar products to get rid of pipes from clog, are as follows:

  • does not require special skills and dexterity in the application of the tool. It's enough just to fill or cover the "Mole" in the drain hole and wait. The drug will cope with blockage in a few minutes. Everything is very simple and efficient, the pipes are cleaned quite quickly and without effort on the part of the person.
  • , the cost of the Mole means is very low and every Russian citizen can buy it to be sure of the repeated purchase of this cleaning product.
  • fast and efficient cleaning of pipes for a minimum amount of time allows to consider the means of "Mole" as the best option in solving problems with sewerage systems. The fact that the operative cleansing from blockage occurs is confirmed by the long-term demand of the drug on the market of chemical cleaners. Cleaner for pipes "Mole" - the best in the fight against blockages.

It's not for nothing that my grandmother always advised me to use "Mole" in case of the slightest blockage in the water washout. This cleaner can be called a folk remedy for blockages in the pipes.

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The chemical industry has established the release of the drug in a form convenient for use for every taste and customer's need, namely:

  • in granular form;
  • milky white liquid, familiar from childhood;
  • in the form of a concentrated gel.

Whatever substance you use, you always have

  • caustic soda( sodium hydroxide NaOH) - this component works as a catalyst in dissolving organic and calcium compounds, as if disaggregating the blockage. Caustic soda is relatively safe for the human body and has even been officially registered as a food supplement E524.The chemical composition of the Mole contains about 60% of caustic soda.
  • Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is a reactive four-component substance that is used to soften water and decompose calcified contaminants in the middle of the pipes. This component in the "Mole" - 10%.
  • potassium hydroxide is a chemical compound that corrodes organic waste. This component of the drug most effectively fights with blockage, however, it is also the most dangerous for the human body.10% KOH is enough to cope with any congestion, but if you get on the mucous membrane, you need to rinse this place with plenty of water. Cleaner for pipes "Mole" - the best in the fight against blockages.

The principle of the "Mole".

Everyone knows that any clogging of sewer pipes comes from the ingestion of food debris that has been washed into the sink from dirty dishes, insoluble fats and amino acids, also if a foreign body of large size gets stuck. With these substances, "Mole" copes at a time, dissolving the plug with chemically active substances into small components, which afterwards are easily washed off with ordinary water. Cleaner for pipes "Mole" - the best in the fight against blockages.

But there is one unpleasant moment when using the means against pipe blockages - the odor that stands out when decomposing organic sediments. The problem is solved by aromatic fragrances. They began to add relatively recently, but many have already seen their action.

Application of the Mole tool, instruction.

  1. carefully read the instructions on the packaging, especially the section where the required quantity is indicated for one-time use of the cleaning agent;
  2. with the use of the preparation "Mole" should wear protective gloves and goggles;
  3. pour or pour the required amount of the product directly into the drain hole and wait for the time indicated on the package.
  4. ventilate the room. Cleaner for pipes "Mole" - the best in the fight against blockages.

According to the comments of housewives of all generations, Mole cleaning agent is the best in the fight against pipe clogs!