Installation of the septic tank: installation of the "Tank", the principle of operation, the device, with their own hands, video and circuit, the dimensions of how it works

To solve the problem of diversion and processing of waste water in a country house today there are convenient and practical solutions - ready-made septic tanks To solve the problem disposal and treatment of waste water in a country house there are now comfortable and practical solutions - ready septic first determined by the place of installation purification system. The point is that the place where you are going to install a septic tank should not create problems when pumping silt during use. That is, remove the sludge machine after the septic tank is installed, should be as convenient as possible.

    • What materials are needed during the installation of a septic tank with your hands
    • steps and setup of septic
    • Description: septic tank "Tank", the principle of
    • Way waste during the installation of a septic tank "Tank»
    • installation of a septic tank(video)

What materials are needed during the installation of a septic tank with your hands

when installing a septic tank used traditional tools and materials. For example, level, drill, shovel. In addition, the septic tank itself, corrugated pipes, sewer pipes, geotextiles and sand are used. The septic tank is acquired before the land works begin. Sand and pipes, too, need to stock up in advance.

With the arrangement of sewerage in a suburban area, many people are thinking of independently producing and installing a septic tank or a set of tanks in which sewage treatment processes will take place When constructing sewerage In suburban areas, many are thinking of self-manufacture and installation of septic tank - container or set of containers in which to flow wastewater treatment processes

Since foundation pit work, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the concrete septic tank. Pits for digging septic tanks are digging with a margin of distance. Then the pit is covered with sand, approximately a layer of up to 10 cm, no more. So a sand cushion is formed. Then, with the help of level, the sand floor is leveled, all work should be carried out evenly.

After this, installation is carried out in the foundation pit. This can be done on your own. The main thing is that the instruction with all the stages of work should be a guide. Also it is necessary to familiarize with it in advance.

Stages and install septic

circuit is less than 10 steps can be set septic tank. View the device, read the manual for use. Although it is typical, there may be some fundamental points.

To build a local sewage system by one To build a local sewer system with your own hands, you will need to prepare a pit for the installation of a septic tank, a pit for infiltration and trenches for pipes

Installation of a septic tank:

  • The body of absolutely any septic tank has technological protrusions with holes. To them from 4 sides tied rope, after which the device is lowered into the pit. This work is usually done by four people. To the base of concrete, mind you, you do not have to attach a septic tank.
  • The septic must be leveled using the level. And this technology is simple, all-you should get on top, and then to shake it, and the other person will be under the septic tank to pour the sand.
  • Then special throat extenders are inserted into the septic tank. Water is filled in sections, the construction of the septic tank is sprinkled with sand until the middle. When the septic tank is filled with water, sand is poured.
  • A foam is placed around the septic tank. You can cut it the day before, exactly in the form of a septic tank.
  • The pipeline is then laid. Usually, pipes with a diameter of 110 cm are taken. The material of pipes that are suitable for digging into the ground will be of a red color. Gray pipes are laid only in the building.
  • The pipeline trench is then dug from the residential building to the installation site. Trenches are digging according to the rules of SNiP.
  • Then the pipes are laid, and it is done necessarily under the slope. The slope should not be more than 3 cm. If there is no slope, or it will be very small, the pipeline may become clogged.
  • Then next to the pipe lay an electric cable, placed in a corrugated tube. One end of the cable is connected to the network in the house, and the other end is at the drive where the pump is.
  • If a sufficiently large bend of the pipeline, it means more than 45 degrees, the installation is done on the bend of the revision pipe.

But the insulation of pipes is not recommended. This is due to the fact that the water under the slope in the pipes will not stagnate. And now about how the septic tank works.

Description: septic tank, operating principle

How is the popular septic tank "Tank" arranged?It has a molded plastic housing, has inlet and outlet nozzles, partitions on the chambers, a neck, membranes, filters, manholes, biomaterial for filtration, venting and aerating pipe. The case is quite strong, it is made of polypropylene or low-density polyethylene.

The septic tank should be installed exactly in the center of the excavation The septic tank should be installed exactly in the center of the excavation

To ensure that such a septic tank is protected against mechanical damage, it is released with stiffening ribs. The walls are also thick enough. Inlet and outlet( inlet, outlet) branch pipes are sections of the sewage pipeline that are connected to the septic tank and that pipes are supplied. By the inlet( inlet) nozzle, household waste is drained into the septic tank, and by the outlet pipe, it flows out into the filtration fields, soil or wells.

The throats are protected by manhole covers, they are needed so that the septic tank is not filled with rainwater and snow. And in general, protect against getting any garbage. The partitions have a convenient overflow system, and special membranes and filters are installed on them. The ventilation pipe does this: it removes the accumulating gases from the septic tank so that pressure does not rise inside the tanks.

Sewage path for the installation of the septic tank "Tank"

First the sewage water enters the septic tank through the sewage piping, which is laid under a special slope, and then through the inlet branch pipe - and immediately into the first chamber of the septic tank. In this first chamber, the drains pass not only the initial processing, but also purification. Thanks to the work of the granule bacteria, an unpleasant smell of sewage is neutralized.

The basis of the septic tank system is the installation of a complex cleaning structure that is underground The basis of the septic tank system is the installation of a complex cleaning structure that is underground

The following occurs:

  • The sludge settles on the bottom of the first chamber, and then the standing water rises to a certain mark and still the outletIn the second chamber, there it flows;
  • In the second chamber, bacteria are taken as gray drains and also a gravitational field;
  • The sludge settles again, and through the filter the waste water flows to the outlet nozzle, leading either to the third chamber or to the post-treatment plant. Of course, a lot depends on the model of the septic tank.
That is, it is important to consider a specific request, so that the seller understands exactly what you expect from this acquisition. Everything is important, and the dimensions, and strength, and complexity of the design.

Installation of a septic tank( video)

In addition, you can purchase additional elements and accessories for the septic tank. They are needed to improve the work of the septic tank, they also expand the capabilities of this device.