Country house heating: heating system options, heating equipment, gas and additional

When choosing a heating system for a country house, it is worth considering the material from which it is made When choosing a heating system for a country house should take into account the material of which it is made Before the advent of cold weather private owners of country houses are worried about heating, through which you can feel safe and not worry about the vagaries of the weather outside. For your own comfort, you can choose the most convenient options, then heating the country house will not spend a lot of money and time for installation and maintenance.

    • Popular options of heating a country house
    • additional home heating with convector
    • nuances of selecting boiler for heating a country house
    • Infrared heating equipment for a country house
    • choice of heating circuit farmhouse
    • heating country house: options( video)

Popular heating options farmhouse

to keep warm in the coldWeather, you need to choose the right heating option.

Electrical - the key element here is a boiler having a control unit, a heat exchanger and a heating device. Its difference from other devices is the lack of the need for constant maintenance and cleaning.

Often for heating a country house use a boiler often for heating a country house used

boiler Electric heating is convenient and useful in areas where the climate is harsh and changeable with different sediments.

The advantages of the electric boiler are many - it does not make noise and vibration during operation, gas leakage is impossible and these devices are completely safe. Water - its biggest plus is autonomy, because it does not depend on electricity, and the design itself is simple, except for the pumping system. As a minus, it is necessary to install a large number of pipes with a sufficiently large diameter, for proper circulation, and the impossibility of using more modern models of boilers. Also mandatory is the creation of a forced circuit for collecting liquid, and installing a surge tank.

Gas is the most popular heating system in most homes, and it is also known as the most efficient. For this type of heating, a boiler is used, which must be checked periodically. It depends on the gas supply, so when you turn off the electricity in the house, it will always be warm. It is best to supplement the pipe system with a warm floor, it will create a better atmosphere and add considerable comfort.

as significant disadvantages, for heating gas recovered:

  • Relatively high monetary costs for documentation;
  • Acquisition of the boiler;
  • The device of the system in the house and heating.

Installation of a gas boiler in the house should always be accompanied by compliance with all fire regulations, otherwise it may lead to an explosion, a gas leak, the methods of eliminating which are quite expensive.

Additional house heating using convector

If heated with wood, this is an alternative to gas and electric boilers. For such heating, fireplaces are most often built, which play not only the role of a heater, because they have different types and create a decorative effect.

Such a construction adds warmth and comfort to the country house, because there is nothing more attractive than sitting at a warm fireplace in the harsh winter and enjoying the crackling of the flame.

Among the advantages of the convector is worth noting the long service life and practicality Among the advantages of the convector it is worth noting durability and practicality

It should also be borne in mind that price category for fuel is significantly less than the gas, but the fireplace need to be cleaned periodically, and especially careful you have to be, ifThe house has children, and comply with fire safety. Still as a not very significant drawback is the cumbersome nature of the structure itself, and the need for constant supervision and firewood throws. Modern furnace heating can withstand comparison with a fireplace, because the calculation of the cost is almost the same;

There are certain nuances that need to be considered before installing electric heating:

  1. Heating similarly at home, with an area of ​​about 100 m2, will be inexpedient and not economical.
  2. Before deciding on the installation of convectors, it is necessary that the specialist must check all the wiring in the house, this will help to avoid accidents.
  3. Among the advantages of the installation, there are noiselessness, environmental friendliness and availability of control.
  4. Electric heating is also quite expensive, therefore it is mainly used as an additional heating.

An alternative type of heating uses a convector with a heating element and a thermostat. Converter heating is most often used in homes where people come to rest only for the season.

The nuances of choosing a boiler for heating a country house

The boiler performs one of the main functions - generating heat, and transferring it to the heat carrier itself. Basically, all the boilers are similar to each other - they have 2 chambers, the first burns fuel, and the second carries the heat carrier.

Boilers are divided into single-circuit, designed exclusively for heating the room, and two-circuit, capable of performing not only a direct function, but also serve to heat water.

When choosing a boiler for heating a house, it is necessary to take into account its area When choosing a boiler for heating a house it is worth considering its area

When buying the first type, it will cost less, but you will need to purchase an additional boiler. Also boilers use different types of fuel. In order not to waste money, you need to pay attention to certain details.


  • Acquire equipment from European manufacturers and a well-known company;
  • Require a warranty on the product;
  • Learn about the possibility of service;
  • Take into account the price category.

can be heated and the liquid fuel - here acts as a heater oil mixed with diesel fuel and added in a special boiler. This type of heating is not gaining popularity, because there are large costs for the acquisition.

Infra-red heating equipment for a country house

There is an air heating system - for this special air ducts are constructed, through which warm air moves, warming the room. This system has both advantages - no electricity, and minuses - when hit in the cold air, warm begins to shift upwards, and is the result of a dramatic warming of only the upper part of the room. Such a system is not difficult to do by one's own hands, and there is no need to use pipes and boilers, and the generator itself is able to successfully operate on different types of fuel.

Infrared heating equipment can be bought at any specialized store Infrared heating equipment can be purchased at any specialized shop

To start the installation of an infrared system, you need to buy:

  1. infrared film, it is inexpensive in price, quickly and easily repaired, and their own set.
  2. This coating can be used on any part of the house, covering it with additional tiles, parquet or laminate.
  3. It can also surprise the cost of such heating - it is much lower than a water or electric one.
  4. The advantages of such systems from utilities are also highlighted as pluses.

In addition to numerous advantages, this heating equipment also has certain disadvantages - more suitable for a small room is to choose a plan, if you need the presence of many local points, then set the infrared lamps. For full-fledged and permanent heating, it is necessary to purchase an infrared system.

choice of heating circuit farmhouse

Under the scheme involves the choice of the necessary gaskets pipe system and connect to the radiators. For a single-pipe scheme, only one pipe is installed along the entire perimeter of the house, which is connected to the boiler. The advantage of this scheme is the minimum flow of pipes, and the minus is the uneven heating of rooms in the room. With a two-pipe system, there are two types of pipes at once - one for feeding, the other for return. Radiators are connected to both systems, which allows the heat to spread evenly. This scheme is easy to install and adjust, so it is most often used.

When drawing up a scheme of the heating system of a country house, it is recommended to consult with professionals It is recommended to consult

when drawing up a scheme for a country house heating system. The radiation scheme is characterized by the installation of independent heating radiators. For convenience, distribution manifolds are used, which can be adjusted individually for each room, creating savings. In addition, it is possible to connect a warm floor, but as a disadvantage, a large flow of pipes is allocated.

Heating country house: options( video)

Regardless of the chosen heating system, first of all, you need to weigh the pros and cons, because to create it, you will need certain financial investments. If there are doubts, it is better to consult with specialists and read the necessary literature to make the most suitable and at the same time economical choice.