Gas heaters: portable for summer residence, catalytic burner for heating the room, ceramic with a ballon

For heating the room you can use modern gas heaters Modern gas heaters can be used for space heating In our climate, choosing an efficient heating device is especially important. In addition, the heater must also be safe, practical and, preferably, economical. All these requirements, today, are met by gas heaters. The modern market of heating devices offers a wide range of models, different in power, functions and dimensions. How to choose a gas appliance for heating at the cottage and in the house - read below.

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How to choose a gas heater for a summer residence

Organization of heating for a countryA house is an inevitable need. This is especially true for summer cottages, which are used not only in summer, but also in the cold season. In addition, often, summer cottages are finished with materials that can suffer from temperature changes and high humidity. Therefore, having organized a heating system for a holiday home, you can save time, money and energy for carrying out unscheduled repair work. How to choose a gas heater to the cottage?

When choosing a heater for gas for a summer residence, it is necessary to determine the type( principle) of the device, based on the quality of ventilation in the house.

Heaters come with a closed and open fuel combustion chamber. Closed devices are equipped with a coaxial tube serving for the discharge of combustion products. Devices with an open chamber of such a pipe do not have, and therefore using them indoors with poor ventilation can be dangerous for human health.

When choosing a gas heater, you should carefully consider its quality and basic characteristics When choosing a gas heater, its quality and basic characteristics should be carefully taken into account.

The operating conditions of the appliance affect the choice of the gas heater according to the performance( power).

When choosing a heater for gas, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the space under the heating, the presence of thermal insulation in the arrangement of the house. So, for example, for a small house in 10-15 square meters. M, with good thermal insulation, the heater for 1 kW is quite suitable.

One of the most important selection criteria is the availability of reliable automatic monitoring and protection systems.

Such systems are designed to regulate the operation of the heater, reacting to the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air, changing the degree of combustion of the flame, the angle of inclination of the device. In case of a risk of a hazardous situation, the protection devices disconnect the heating device.

Infrared household gas heaters

Especially popular, today, use infrared gas heaters with a cylinder: these designs are characterized by efficiency, safety and a wide range of models. Today, street and household infrared heaters are distinguished by gas. The first have a large range of action and are used to heat summer areas, verandas, terraces, arbors. The second ones are often designed to heat a room with an area not exceeding 40 sq. M.

Infrared household gas heaters are quite popular . Infrared household gas heaters

are quite popular. They can be installed in ceiling type( with ceiling mounting) and floor( according to the type of installationIn the form of infrared lamps).

The thermal power of the burner in infrared heaters is on average 1500 watts. This is sufficient to ensure that the heater can easily maintain the temperature 10 degrees above ambient temperature. Some models of such devices can be equipped with an automatic control panel, a timer, a system for cleaning and ionizing air. Such functions make infrared heaters on gas irreplaceable for household use.

Thanks to the ability of infrared heaters to create zones with local heating in the room, it is possible to save considerable energy and gas.

Depending on the model, the heaters can work either from the main gas or from a special fuel mixture cylinder. Propane and butane are used as fuel for such heaters. Such fuel for an hour of work, the heater, on average, consumes about 300 grams. The shortcomings of such heating devices can be attributed to their relatively high price.

We choose a gas ceramic heater with

cylinder. Gas infrared ceramic heaters with a balloon are selected, like most heating devices, depending on the size of the room: the larger the room served, the more power the device should possess. Also, when choosing a gas heater, you should consider the type of object( industrial or household, closed or open), the operating conditions of the device.

We recommend that a gas ceramic heater with a cylinder be selected according to the dimensions of the room it will heat up.

When choosing a ceramic heater for gas with a cylinder for the house, it is necessary to pay attention to:

  1. The presence in the device of the monitoring sensorThe level of carbon dioxide in the room.
  2. Ability to adjust the power of the device. So, the performance of models with a capacity of 4.2-4.5 kW can be reduced to 3 and even 1.6 kW, which will save money on fuel.
  3. Complete the device. The heater with the cylinder should be selected so that the replacement of components can easily be done by yourself. In addition, it is not superfluous to get acquainted with the cost and availability of components in your city.
  4. Wavelength. The length of the infrared beam of the gas heater is in the range of 9.0 to 10.3 microns, which is the most safe for the human body. In this case, the shorter the room, the shorter the wavelength should be.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the function of protecting the device from moisture, the method of installing the heater, the ability of the device not only to heat, but also to illuminate the room.

Portable gas heater

The usual heating system with boilers, pipes and coolants for small cottages, country houses and small apartments is somewhat redundant, and therefore costly. The portable( portable) heater will be more convenient and convenient in such premises.

Portable heaters can be used both at home and in camping with camping camping, for outdoor recreation.

Convenient and practical is a portable gas heater, which can be used even in hikes Handy and practical is a portable gas heater that can be used even in the

. The portable heater does not differ from the design of the large models. The only difference between the heaters will be the relatively low performance( power) of the portable model and the limited fuel supply in its small reservoir. The advantages of portable heaters include their light weight, convenient and simple operation, safety and quietness.

For today, the following portable gas heaters are distinguished:

  • Separate hose;
  • Hose-free( with balloon located horizontally);
  • In the form of a nozzle from a burner with a specialized radiator ring, which is wound on the cylinder from above.

According to the principle of operation portable gas heaters are divided into infrared ceramic( working on propane and butane) and catalytic( you can use gasoline, alcohol for work).

Best gas catalytic heater

For rooms with an area of ​​more than 18 square meters. M, the catalytic heater is ideal. Such a device is highly efficient. In addition, it is absolutely safe for both human health and the environment, because burning fuel in such heaters takes place in a flameless way.

You can get to know the best gas catalytic heaters on the Internet You can familiarize yourself with the best gas catalytic heaters on the Internet

Based on customer feedback, the most qualitative catalytic heaters are:

  1. Large size heaters from Bartolini. Bartolini devices are ideal for heating living rooms in a large house, apartments, and can be used as an additional or a main source of heat. Models of heaters from the Italian manufacturer differ mobility and high productivity. In addition, most instruments are equipped with a fan heater and operate in an autonomous mode.
  2. Small-size autonomous heaters for Campingaz tents. Particularly popular is the Bluecat model with a piezoelectric element, due to which the ignition occurs. A compact heater comes complete with a balloon that is easily inserted into the body of the device.

Qualitative portable gasoline catalytic heaters are offered by the American company Coleman. From mini-heaters to alcohol, you can identify hand-made models from the company Kovea.

Mobile gas burner for space heating

Gas burners have gained popularity due to their compactness, mobility and efficiency. To heat small rooms, garages, sheds, today, use infrared gas burners.

The main disadvantage of a gas burner is a small volume of capacity for the proposed fuel The main disadvantage of a gas burner is a small capacity for the intended fuel

There are two types of gas burners:

  1. Combined with a cylinder with a special hose;
  2. The burner, which is located directly on the cylinder.

A burner standing on a cylinder is not advised to take a hiking trip in a cold climate, use it outdoors in the cold season as it stops working correctly at temperatures below -5 degrees. A gas burner with a hose connection system of the balloon proved to be more "hardy" under extreme conditions. But the weight of such an assembly is much larger than the no-string model.

The disadvantages of burners include a small volume of fuel tanks and the need for frequent replacement.

In addition, most burners do not work with standard cylinders: the "native" capacity of the burner will always have to be carried.

Types of gas heaters( video)

Gas heaters are reliable, safe and economical sources of heat. The choice of a heater for gas depends on the dimensions of the room and the operating conditions. Use the above recommendations, take into account the peculiarities of each type of gas heater, and select a model that fully meets your needs!