Pyrolysis boiler: long burning with solid fuel, rating of the best Czech boilers and the principle of operation

Pyrolysis boiler is well suited for heating both large and small houses Pyrolysis boiler is well suited for heating both large and small houses. The air temperature directly affects how comfortable your room is. And it, in turn, depends on the quality of the heater that will work. If you competently approach the selection of this unit, you can enjoy the warmth, without thinking about what kind of weather outside the window. But for today the assortment of boilers is so impressive that an inexperienced person can simply become confused. In this row there are pyrolysis boilers, which are simple, efficient and modern. Pay attention to them.

    • Solid fuel boilers for long-term combustion: the device and the principle of operation
    • Pyrolysis boilers of long-lasting combustion: fuel
    • What is the difference between pyrolysis heating boilers from other installations
    • Rating of pyrolysis boilers of long burning
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Solid fuel boilers for long-term combustion: the device and the principle of operation

Pyrolysis boiler can be attributed to those devices that perform their work by fuel of a solid type. The device heats the coolant, which in turn spreads it through the room.

But such an installation has a number of differences that distinguish it from the background of traditional boilers. The first thing you need to pay attention to is its design and principle of operation.

Among the advantages of solid fuel boilers is worth noting the efficiency and long life The advantages of solid fuel boilers are worth noting the efficiency and long life of the

The pyrolysis boiler works on wood processing, this process is called pyrolysis. It releases a mixture of gases from solid organic matter under the influence of high temperature and the absence of oxygen. As a result of this process, the fuel decomposes into a dry residue, as well as gas or coke.

This process can only be carried out if there is a high temperature, which is at least 1000 degrees. In addition, a large amount of heat is released and released, fuel is dried, and the air that enters the combustion zone is heated. The gas, which is released from the fuel, reacts with oxygen and begins to burn with the release of heat.

A feature of this process is that the gas interacts with carbon, and therefore carcinogenic substances are minimized.

Pyrolysis boilers of long burning: fuel

In principle, pyrolysis type boilers can work on solid fuels of any kind. More precisely, it is wood, peat, coal or wood. Firewood in this case is the most economical option.

The size of the wood is determined according to the parameters of the furnace. In general, firewood is used for the pyrolysis device, the size of which is about 40 cm, and the diameter is 200 mm. In the case of briquettes, their size should be approximately 30 by 3 cm.

It should also be noted that such a system is very demanding for moisture. If it is increased, a large amount of steam will be released, which affects heat and forms soot. In order for the device to work optimally, the humidity of the fuel should not be above 45%, the ideal figure is 20%.

As fuel for the pyrolysis boiler you can use any firewood Any wood

can be used as fuel for the pyrolysis boiler. Specialists have found out by research that using a fuel with a humidity of 20% will generate heat of about 4 kW per hour. At the same time, the fuel, whose humidity was above the 50% mark, gave off a few times less heat.

For this reason, it is necessary to pay special attention to the moisture content of the material.

Along with wood and briquettes for firebox, you can use any wood waste and sawdust. Their volume should not exceed a third of the required volume of fuel.

What is the difference between pyrolysis heating boilers and other

? Those who purchased this equipment note that they received a lot of advantages.

From the basic it is possible to allocate:

  • Increased efficiency of the device, as the fuel burns almost completely;
  • It is possible to regulate the temperature in a room that is heated, this allows the use of fuel with great savings;
  • Reduced level of harmful substance in gases, as they are released several times less than conventional equipment;
  • Fuel needs to be loaded several times a day, if the boiler is operating in economy mode, it will be enough once;
  • Control of the semi-automatic type allows to reduce or increase the air supply from 30 to 100% with the remote control;
  • Combustion of products is minimal, and the cleaning of equipment is elementary.

Pyrolysis boilers differ from others in design and operation principle Pyrolysis boilers differ from others in design and operation principle

Of course, the device has some drawbacks, which should also be mentioned. The first drawback is that all models of the automated type operate exclusively from electricity. The second is that the boiler costs several times more than the standard combustion devices.

But the savings that are made during the operation of the boiler, over time, pays for all costs. Well, the last drawback is that most often pyrolysis type boilers are made with single-circuit ones, therefore it can be used only for the heating system. If you want to get more and water heating, then you will have to spend extra money.

Rating of long-burning pyrolysis boilers

The world leaders in the manufacture of pyrolysis-type boilers are German companies. They are designed to reduce the release of toxic substances into the atmosphere and show the highest efficiency. Some of the models are able to work a day without adding fuel.

The secret of this work lies in the fact that the design is improved, and its furnace is equipped with the modern word of technology. The work and its efficiency are completely controlled by automation, this helps to achieve a uniform thermal index and at the same time to reduce financial costs.

From the Russian production it is possible to single out the company from Kostroma HeatGarant, which produces the models of Burzhuy-K.

Having decided to buy a pyrolysis boiler, it is worth to review the reviews of the selected

. They are highly practical and can work with any kind of solid fuel.

The distinctive feature of these devices is that they effectively work with fuel, the humidity of which is increased. This indicator gives this manufacturer a great advantage against the background of competitors.

Czech solid fuel boilers for long burning

Czech boilers are among the most popular. For example, Dakon produces boilers that are identical to analogues from Germany or Russia, as a consequence and their effectiveness is no different. Among the successful models, it is possible to single out the design that is controlled by the console, it is they who manage not only the temperature control, but also all the basic adjustments. This model has the longest service life among class equipment. In addition, this device is able to work only in a third of the capacity, when it is not yet warm, but it is not cold.

Thanks to the good quality of Czech-made pyrolysis boilers, they often respond positively Thanks to the good quality of Czech-made pyrolysis boilers,

is often responded positively. Models with interesting and practical parameters can be found from Czech manufacturers of OROP.

The main feature of these boilers is their complete independence from energy. In addition, their design feature allows you to work not only on wood fuel, but also on coal.

In order to control the workflow valves are used, they can be both open and closed. The efficiency of the boiler of such a manufacturer is about 89%, which in principle can be considered a good indicator. The boilers of this brand are considered to be the best model, not only because it is non-volatile, but also the gas atom is released less. Also among the models of this manufacturer you can find kinds of boilers of low power and top action.

What is a pyrolysis boiler( video)

Pyrolysis type boilers are becoming more popular every year. They can be called the most practical option, which operates on solid fuel. Despite the fact that the price policy of such boilers is quite high, the efficiency shows excellent results, and the cost of fuel is available to everyone. Thanks to a wide variety of models, you can pick up that boiler, which is suitable for your building.