Lamps for suspended ceilings: built-in point and LED, raster sizes, catalogs with hinged, light reflectance with LED

Suspended ceilings with built-in lamps look good both in office buildings and in apartment buildings Suspended ceilings with recessed light fixtures look good both in offices and in homes Most often in suspended ceilings installed spotlights. This design is universal. In some cases, it is advisable to install a LED-illumination or a chandelier. It all depends on the individual preferences and design of the room. Lighting fixtures for lighting fixtures or ice-backlights use incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, or energy-saving light bulbs. In most cases, LED spotlights are used, because they are universal.

    • Recessed luminaires for suspended ceilings: types and features
    • Select spotlights for suspended modern ceiling
    • LED lamps and tape for hanging high ceilings
    • select and set raster fixtures for suspended ceilings
    • How to choose the size of spotlights for suspended low ceilings
    • What is the light reflection of suspended ceilings
    • Installation of a false ceiling with a ceilingetodiodnoy lighting( video)
    • luminaires for suspended ceilings in the interior( photo)

Recessed luminaires for suspended ceilings: types and features

Which lamps to choose a limited budget?In this case, you will come to the aid of a recessed luminaire. Built-in light sources are universal. They can be installed on suspended ceilings, both in the bathroom and in the living room. Built-in lamps are divided into several types.

There are 5 types of recessed luminaires:

  1. fluorescent lamps. This kind of lighting is the simplest and cheapest. In addition, fluorescent lamps consume little energy.
  2. Bitmap. Usually they are used for finishing ceilings in public places.
  3. Waybills. They can have a mirror or parabolic lattice. If the height of the room is small, then it is recommended to stop your choice on the overhead luminaires.
  4. Rack-type luminaires.
  5. Directional light fixtures.

There are many varieties of built-in fixtures for suspended ceilings There are many varieties of recessed luminaires for suspended ceilings

For recessed luminaires also include lighting Ringo devices. They are used only if a combined lighting scheme is used. Ringo luminaires are both built-in and wall-mounted.

Selecting spotlights for suspended modern ceilings

Point-fitting ceiling lamps are the most common. They are installed on the frame after the installation of the suspended fabric on the base ceiling.

There are 3 types of spotlights:

  • LED.This lamp is considered the best, because it evenly distributes light around the perimeter of the room. In addition, LED light sources are durable and consume little energy. It is recommended to install these lamps on high ceilings. Ice-backlighting is made from LED bulbs. Luminous tapes on the profile are fixed.
  • Lamps with halogen bulbs. Their distinguishing feature is the high level of light output. Halogen lamps emit a lot of heat at work, so they are not recommended for installation on suspended ceilings made of PVC panels.
  • Lighting fixtures with incandescent lamps. Such light sources are cheap, however, they serve very little.

Spotlights in a false ceiling are perfect for high-quality lighting work area or recreation area Spotlights Ceiling perfectly suited for high-quality illumination of the working area or recreational

If you choose to use halogen bulbs, take into account that they may have a capacity of 12-220 volts. If you decide to use low-voltage light sources, then remember that you should definitely install an additional transformer.

LED lamps and ribbons for suspended high ceilings

Most often, for finishing stretch ceilings use LED lamps or tape. LED lamps have small dimensions and high performance. In addition, they can be connected to the system lighting program.

Advantages of LED lamps:

  1. Long service life.
  2. Cost-effective. LED lamps use constant current as a power source, so they do not flicker during operation.
  3. Security. LED lamps during operation do not emit ultraviolet radiation and harmful vapors. In addition, such products do not contain mercury, which makes them easy to dispose of.

LED strip is able to transform the best of any room, adding bright colors to it to create contrast LED strip is capable of transforming into any room better, adding a brightly colored to create contrast

LED can trim tape tensioning square ceiling "Peresvet".Also, such a backlight can decorate canvases made of plastic or plasterboard. The tape is universal, because it looks harmoniously even on the surfaces of the wrong configuration. This illumination is advisable to use even if the ceiling is round or multi-level.

LED strips can be installed even in damp areas. It is worth noting that in the event of failure of one lamp, the system continues to work properly. Also, the advantages of the LED strip can be attributed to the simplicity of its installation.

select and set raster fixtures for suspended ceilings

Raster fixtures are typically used for office decoration or public places. However, some people prefer to use this method of lighting to decorate the living room or bedroom. Raster luminaires have a special grille. Its size is chosen taking into account the perimeter of the room. The grill is needed to harmoniously scatter light around the room.

There are 3 types of grids:

  • V-shaped.
  • Parabolic.
  • Double parabolic.

Raster lighting is best suited for schools and offices Raster fixtures are best suited for educational institutions and offices

raster lamps are installed on a special suspension system, which is made of the profiles. When choosing a profile under the light ceiling, consider the distance from the base surface to the PVC panels.

Installation sequence of raster fixtures:

  1. Install wall corner and suspensions.
  2. Secure the guide profiles, and align them with a level.
  3. Attach the transverse profile. For locking, use locks and special slots.
  4. Place the panels. Make sure that they are located symmetrically.
  5. After this, place the fixtures in pre-prepared cells.

How to choose the size of the spots for hanging low ceilings

When selecting the size you need to draw on the ceiling area. Remember that you need to prepare holes for spot lights in advance. As a rule, the diameter of the lighting device is indicated on the package, however, experts strongly recommend making measurements yourself.

To measure the size, measure the distance between the mounting springs. To the received number it is necessary to add 5-10 millimeters. When making a hole, take into account the depth of the luminaire.

For a room with a small area, choose small spotlights For a room with a small area should be selected small spotlights

Also, when choosing a lamp must be taken into account:

  • Size termokoltsa.
  • The height of the lamp.
  • Type of lamp. For example, halogen lamps are larger than LED.

What is light reflection of suspended ceilings

Light reflection is one of the most important characteristics of a false ceiling. This value is expressed as a percentage, and shows how much light is reflected from the ceiling surface. The amount of light reflection will be largely determined by the material of the canvas.

Also the amount of light reflectance will depend on:

Amount of natural light in the room.
  1. .
  2. Methods of finishing the suspension.
  3. Dimensions of the room.

Reflective suspended ceilings are often used for bathrooms. In addition, they are able to visually expand the space Reflective suspended ceilings are often used for bathrooms. In addition, they are able to visually expand the space

The greatest coefficient of light reflection is matte and glossy ceilings in combination with raster lights. Also high indicators of light reflection can be achieved if halogen lamps are used.

Ceiling mounting with LED lighting( video)

A wide range of fixtures allow you to easily find the right lighting for the room. To do this, you do not need a special catalog or specialist consultation. When choosing lighting, consider their features, size and design of the room. A universal solution are LED strips and luminaires of a directional type. With a limited budget, it is best to use incandescent lamps.

luminaires for suspended ceilings in the interior( photo)