Mounting the luminaires in suspended ceilings: connection by yourself, how to insert a bulb on the profile, video, with illumination

Small lamps will evenly illuminate your room, saving you from shadows Small lamps will evenly illuminate your room, eliminating shadows Stretch ceilings are suitable for arranging any room. Before assembling the structure, you must choose the right lighting. In the suspended fabric, you can insert special recessed lighting sources, chandeliers or lamps attached directly to the profile. The installation of each of these designs has its own characteristics.

        • Connection of spotlights in a false ceiling: schematic and step by step instruction
        • How to install a light fixture in a false ceiling
        • Make a false ceiling with illumination by our own hands
        • How to install a fixture in suspended ceilings installed on a profile
        • Mounting fixtures in suspended ceilings( video)
        • Installing fixtures in suspended ceilings( photo)

Connecting point fixtures inodvesnom ceiling: the scheme and step by step instructions

Spot lights perfectly fit in the bedroom and nursery. You can zonate the room in terms of illumination Spotlights perfectly suited to the bedroom and the nursery. It is possible to designate the room according to the illumination of the

. The connection scheme for point-mounted recessed luminaires in suspended ceilings is quite simple. You can install these lighting devices yourself.

During the selection of materials and circuit for the installation of spotlights, please note that the length of the wires between the lamp and the current transformer should not exceed 2 meters.

Algorithm for installing a built-in light source in the suspended ceiling:

  1. First you need to lay the wiring.
  2. Next, mark the ceiling.
  3. Using a drill, make a hole in the canvas. If the built-in lamp will have a square configuration, use a jigsaw.
  4. Pull the cable into the slot. Do not forget that it must be de-energized beforehand.
  5. Pull the cable out.
  6. Then connect the lamp to the cable.
  7. Fix the installed lamp in the hole. To do this, use spring clips that are located directly on the body of the lighting fixture.
  8. Then you need to insert a light bulb into the lamp.
  9. Put on the finished design decorative ring.

How to install the luminaire in suspended ceiling

You can install the luminaire in the suspended ceiling yourself, but you must adhere to the basic safety rules. For installation you will need lamps, lamps, power supply, sleeves for connecting cables, insulating tape and switch.

It is worth noting that it is desirable to use lamps with a power of not more than 40 watts. Otherwise, the light source will heat up the blade and may damage the structure.

Installation is carried out in the following order:

  • First you need to distribute the wires and fix them.
  • Next, determine the location of the light source. In this case, take into account the location of the seams.
  • After this, drill the holes of the required diameter. Note that the diameter of the resulting slit should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the outer edge of the luminaire.
  • Through the holes, pull the wire.
  • On the elongated wire, cut and bare the hinges. To connect the lamp you need to use 2 wires, the length of which should not exceed 12 centimeters.
  • Clip one end of the wiring into the terminal.
  • Attach the fixtures to the tensioning cloth with the help of brackets.
  • Then connect the supply wire to the structure.
  • Install the light bulb.
  • Then check the functionality of the structure. Do not forget about the timely isolation of bare wires.

We make a false ceiling with the illumination by our own hands

This picture shows the elements used to fix the fixtures This picture shows the elements used to fix the fixtures

Before you connect the light to the tension ceiling, you must choose the location of fixing the fixtures. Take into account that the installation of this design involves the manufacture of a box of gypsum board. However, it is possible to connect the lighting without using a box.

For the manufacture of gypsum board boxes, take into account some of the nuances:

  1. The height of this structure should be no more than 20 centimeters in relation to the ceiling.
  2. The bottom edge of the box must necessarily be advanced forward by 7-9 centimeters.
  3. LED lighting should be installed on the bottom of the niche.

Algorithm for installing the ceiling lighting without the use of a box:

  • Note the mounting location.
  • Draw a line along the entire perimeter of the blade.
  • Attach the LED strips using a glue solution.
  • If you have a whitewashed surface of the stretcher, then attach the metal corners to their base.

How to install a luminaire in suspended ceilings installed on the

Immediately, it shows how to visualize the ceiling with a built-in lamp

The luminaire is installed on the profile and is widely used for arranging office space. As a light source for such structures, fluorescent lamps are used. However, this design can be used to equip the living room or bedroom.

If you want to choose a device that does not create sharp shadows or glare, give preference to raster lights equipped with a biparabolic grating.

Installation of this structure is carried out in the following order:

  1. First you need to find the right place for fixing the fixtures. To these places it is necessary to attach additional suspensions for the profile.
  2. After this, conduct the wiring from the junction box.
  3. Install the tiles in the place where you want to install the lighting.
  4. If necessary, trim the excess tiles with a saw or a hacksaw.

Mounting fixtures in suspended ceilings( video)

As you can see, it is not difficult to install lighting for a suspended ceiling. It is enough to pull out the wiring correctly and find the necessary materials. When choosing the lighting method, follow the interior design. If the room is designed in the style of minimalism, the LED-backlight will harmoniously fit in. In other cases, it is more appropriate to use recessed or raster fixtures. Do not forget that before starting work, you must always disconnect the wires and make preliminary markings.

mounting fixtures in suspended ceilings( photo)