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With the help of a glossy ceiling it is possible to transform the room, filling it with light With the help of glossy ceiling it is possible to transform the room, filling it with light Modern possibilities allow making any ceiling that will allow you your wallet and your imagination. Glossy coatings are becoming very popular lately, as this is a good design technique for expanding the space, and also for creating a special style. Consider the possible ways to make the ceiling glossy!

      • Glossy ceiling: materials for the implementation of the idea
      • Glossy ceiling cover: paint or film
      • How to install a glossy ceiling from PVC panels
      • White stretch glossy beautiful ceiling
      • Cons of glossyModern ceiling with PVC film
      • Stretched glossy ceiling: pluses
      • Glossy ceilings( video)
      • Glossy ceilings in the interior( photo)

Glossy ceiling: matRials for the realization of the idea

Glossy attracts the attention of many people who want to make stylish and high-quality repairs. However, there are many ways to create gloss on the ceiling. How to understand this diversity?

Traditionally, a glossy ceiling coating is created in the following ways:

  • Paint. Glossy colors are perfect for happy owners of perfectly flat ceilings. Aligning the ceiling or a layer of plasterboard will help create an excellent canvas for applying glossy paint.
  • Film. This material can be pasted on any smooth surface, including the ceiling.
  • Stretch ceiling. The stretch glossy ceiling of PVC film will cover all the flaws in the ceiling, and a wide selection of colors, patterns and layout options for ceiling levels, allows you to create a grandiose design on your ceiling.
  • Panels. PVC panels for the ceiling - this is a cheap and attractive option that will leave the ceiling in its original state and make a hanging level from glossy panels with spot lighting. Usually used for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways.
  • Modules. Mirror modules are a luxurious option for rooms that are devoid of daylight. It is usually used for non-residential premises.
  • Aluminum rails. Aluminum is a practical and affordable material. Suspended ceiling of aluminum will cover the shortcomings of the first ceiling and give a reflective surface, resistant to temperatures and moisture.

The advantage of a stretch ceiling is the ability to install a built-in lighting The advantage of the stretched ceiling is the ability to install the integrated lighting

Choose the material depending on the purpose of the room, the amount of available finance and personal tastes.

Glossy ceiling coating: paint or film

Paint and film for the ceiling are very similar in their characteristics. Both materials are suitable only for leveled ceilings or are applied to plasterboard. So if the surface to be treated has exactly these properties, you should consider what kind of coating to choose: paint or film.

Features that distinguish PVC film and glossy paint are:

  1. Self-adhesive film can have a printed pattern. With paint this will not work.
  2. Fragmentary application. With a film, you can create a neat composition. Cut and paste the self-adhesive film, as if for appliqués!Paint is traditionally used for complete staining of the ceiling.
  3. Paint is considered to be a more durable material. Given its low cost, this quality will make the glossy paint a unique material. The film can also exfoliate from the time, temperature drops and moisture.

If there is a risk of flooding from the neighbors from above, then you should choose a PVC film that will save you from the flood If there is a risk of flooding from the neighbors from the top, you should choose a PVC film that will save you from the flood

The remaining properties of these materials are almost identical.

The application of both glossy ink and self-adhesive film does not require professional skills and is easy to produce by hand. Therefore, at work masters can save money, I use these materials to create a glossy coating.

How to install a glossy ceiling from PVC panels

A glossy ceiling made of plastic panels is an inexpensive and practical option for those whose ceiling has not been leveled. The description of the installation process does not take much time.

Installation takes place in the following order:

  • marking of the wall for fixing the profile;
  • profile installation;
  • installation of the transverse profile for the subsequent fastening of the panels themselves.
  • installation of the profile type L perimeter;
  • cutting of panels;
  • fastening 1 panel with self-tapping screws;
  • fastening subsequent panels in the groove previous and to the frame;
  • fasteners of the last panel with appropriate trimming and insertion into the wall plate;
  • installation of a ceiling skirting board.

It is necessary to buy PVC panels with a little more calculation than necessary, so as not to waste time on additional trips to the store It is necessary to purchase PVC panels with a slightly larger calculation than necessary in order not to waste time on additional trips to the store

Contrary to the popular opinion about the budget form of plastic panels, modern designers have developed such types of panels that look likeExpensive, stylish and respectable. Their cost is slightly higher than conventional ceiling slabs, but this price justifies itself.

White stretch glossy beautiful ceiling

A perfectly flat white ceiling is ideal for many. If you add to these characteristics and gloss, the success of such a ceiling coating in the consumer will be incredible. This is the case with glossy stretch ceilings of white color.

What white glossy stretch ceilings owe to its success:

  1. Despite the fact that the suspension structure conceals several cm, the reflective surface significantly expands the space.
  2. Durability and ease of care are also a good reason to opt for this type of coating.
  3. Ability to create multi-level structures with embedded luminaires.
  4. Easy and quick installation from professionals without dust and dirt.
  5. The exceptional aesthetics of white gloss will delight you for many years.

White color is universal and will suit any conceived style in the interior. White color is universal and will suit any conceived style in the interior

In the company where you sell and install ceilings, you can browse the catalog with all the colors of ceiling gloss.

Cons of glossy modern ceiling from PVC film

Stretchy gloss is very popular, so isolating the cons is not a very simple task.

However, there are also disadvantages in tension glossy ceilings:

  • Seam. If the ceiling is large, then a welding seam can not be avoided. It is noticeable on the gloss, and this can be a minus for the glossy ceiling.
  • Instability to mechanical impact. PVC film is very easy to puncture or tear. Therefore, parents should wait with the installation of stretch gloss, until the children grow up and will not throw darts and balls everywhere.
  • Price. Qualitative paintings can fly off a pretty penny. However, professionals in the voice assure that the European quality is worth its price. The
  • The cold weather. If it happens that you leave your home without heating for winter time, then the stretch ceiling from PVC is not suitable for you.

At temperatures below five degrees, the PVC film loses its elasticity and begins to crack At temperatures below five degrees, the PVC film loses its elasticity and starts to crack

When choosing green, pink, brown, purple or some other bright gloss for the ceiling, pay special attention to compatibility with other basicInterior items. Perhaps you will re-paste the wallpaper in a year, and change the sofa after 2, but the ceiling usually remains unchanged much longer.

Stretched glossy ceiling: the pros

Advantages of stretch ceilings with a glossy texture are known not by hearsay to many.

Let's figure out why consumers tend so often to this option:

  1. Like any stretch ceiling, the glossy film hides the unevenness of the ceiling and the wires for spotlighting.
  2. Gloss, especially of dark shades, creates an almost mirror-like effect in the room. This significantly expands the room, creates a special atmosphere.
  3. Playing with light. Because of the light-reflecting properties, the fixtures will look the most advantageous in combination with a glossy ceiling. Beautiful light drawings - this is something that will appeal to children. And adults!

For fans of all the bright and unusual glossy ceiling will be just a godsend!

Glossy tension ceilings( video)

Glossy will decorate not only your apartment, but your life, if it is matched with intelligence and taste. Reviews of those who have already made their glossy ceilings mostly positive: beauty and practicality are perfectly combined in this solution. And in the house, and in the apartment, the glossy will boldly fall into the interior!

Glossy ceilings in the interior( photo)