Which ceilings are better glossy or matte: reviews what to choose, what is different, matte spot, photo and video

When choosing a stretch ceiling, it is necessary to rely on the characteristics of the room When choosing a stretch ceiling, you need to rely on the characteristics of the room Stretch ceilings are tightly integrated into our lives. Perhaps, every person who was doing repairs to his home, thought about installing a stretch ceiling. Also, many people wonder what type of stretch ceiling should be chosen, matte or glossy, what are their fundamental differences, what properties they possess. Let's try to figure out what advantages one type of ceiling has over others.

    • Types of stretch ceilings
    • Fabric matt or glossy ceilings: differences and advantages
    • Which ceiling is better, glossy or matt: customer reviews
    • Alternative solution: satin ceiling
    • Matt and gloss stretch ceilings(Video)
    • Glossy and matt ceilings in the interior( photo)

Types of tension ceilings

Before moving on to the issue of choosing between gloss and matte texture ceilingof coverage, should understand the variety of types of suspended ceilings. In fact, the number of invoices for stretch ceilings is quite impressive. Therefore, it is possible that you do not have to choose between a matte and glossy ceiling.

Materials for stretch ceilings can be of two types: fabric or PVC linen. The first is traditionally matte. The choice regarding the fabric ceiling can only touch the color and pattern. But PVC canvases have a wide range of possible textures.

Glossy ceiling doubles the amount of light that is reflected from the chandelier or other appliances Glossy ceiling doubles the amount of light reflected from the chandelier or other devices

Among the most popular textures of PVC film are:

  • Gloss. This is the best way to visually enlarge a room. The dark gloss has reflective properties comparable to a mirror coating.
  • Satin. This material also has reflective properties, but it rather dissipates light than reflects it. Its shiny structure looks respectable and stylish in almost any interior.
  • Matte texture. Simulating a perfectly flat whitewash or painting is the embodiment of a dream for many adherents of the traditional interior. Matte PVC ceiling - it's inexpensive, beautiful and reliable
  • Metallic. This extravagant variant does not suit all styles. But in combination with the directions of minimalism and high-tech ceiling in the metallic style will look luxurious. Suede or velvet.
  • . This canvas is covered with small pile. Creates an atmosphere of coziness and warmth, very gently disperses light.
  • Transparent film for decoration. Transparent film is used as a second level, covering lighting fixtures or drawings on the first level. A great way to make an original design ceiling.

Among all the possible textures of PVC-sheets, gloss is the most popular texture.

Fabric matt or glossy ceilings: differences and benefits

The classic frosted ceiling of the fabric attracts many, but the gloss of PVC is an incomparable decorative and functional element of the interior. So what should you choose and in what cases can the preferences fall on this or that type of ceiling coating?

Stretch ceilings are similar in their ability to hide the unevenness of the ceiling, as well as the system of light organization. The durability of stretch ceilings is also common for different textures. But nevertheless, some properties distinguish matte fabric from bright PVC gloss.

Be careful, as incorrectly matched lamps can melt the film Be careful, as incorrectly matched lamps can melt the

film. The difference between ceilings made of fabric and PVC is as follows:

  1. Fabric ceilings do not tolerate moisture, but also absorb vapors and odors. Therefore, for kitchens and bathrooms, the use of tissue is undesirable. Films are easy to carry moisture and flavors of the kitchen, so they are suitable for installation in almost any room.
  2. PVC does not withstand too high and too low temperatures. In rooms that have a risk of freezing to install PVC will not work, and with lighting devices will have to be more careful. The fabric in this respect is quite unpretentious.
  3. These paintings are different in care. Glossy canvases require wiping with special means to avoid divorce, the fabric ceilings should be washed very carefully, it is desirable to call for this purpose professionals. If there is a stain on the ceiling, be sure to call the cleaning service. Self cleaning can ruin the ceiling.
  4. And of course the look. The matte ceiling is notable for its traditional character, although a variety of colors allows experimenting in this area, but these experiments will not equal the effect produced by a catchy accent gloss that makes the ceiling deep, bright and attractive.

Choose a ceiling, paying attention to the future container of the suspended structure, as well as to your taste and tastes of your family.

Which ceiling is better, glossy or matte: customer reviews

Customer reviews say that there is no arguing about tastes, so both types of ceilings compete confidently in the market. It is important to determine which ceiling is right for you, so that you will not be disappointed in the choice.

Matte ceiling perfectly tolerates temperature changes in the room Matte ceiling perfectly tolerates room temperature fluctuations

Real Estate Ceilings:

  • "We really like our matte ceiling. I just wipe it with a damp cloth and it looks like new again. With a shiny surface, more fuss, so I'm glad that we decided to make a matte ceiling. "Natalia.
  • "We made stretch ceilings throughout the apartment. The colored gloss creates a festive and cheerful atmosphere!Everyone frightened us with a welding seam, now we have already forgotten about it, since it is completely invisible. "The Sokolov family.
  • "We once had a flood!From the top floor water poured and I do not know what we would do without a stretch ceiling!PVC can really hold a lot of water. Masters quickly arrived and eliminated this trouble. Now everything is like new. »Nikolai

In general, the choice of glossy or matte ceiling depends on the taste. If the bright you are annoying, then it is not recommended to choose a gloss.

Alternative solution: satin ceiling

If you still could not decide which ceiling suits you better, matt or glossy, then it is suggested to consider the option of a satin ceiling. Satin ceiling allows you to combine the main winning properties of matte and glossy surfaces.

The main factor that distinguishes the satin ceiling among others is the presence of a light pearly hue The main factor that distinguishes satin ceiling among others is the presence of a light pearl shade

What are the distinguishing features of satin ceilings:

  1. soft light reflection;
  2. change appearance depending on the color and intensity of lighting;
  3. the effect of an almost opaque ceiling in daytime inconspicuous lighting;
  4. is easy to clean.

Satin surfaces are chosen by lovers of exquisite simplicity and unobtrusive decorative elements.

Matt and glossy stretch ceilings( video)

Stretch ceiling is a beautiful, comfortable and reliable ceiling structure that will allow you to realize your fantasies. Gloss is a symbol of bright, festive life, fun and exotic. Satin and matte coatings create an atmosphere of comfort, home, peace and tranquility. Be sure of your preferences and the choice will become obvious!

Glossy and matte ceiling in the interior( photo)