Suspended ceiling Grilyato: with mesh mounting, video, for the office latticed and industrial, photo mesh for industrial premises

Suspended ceiling Grilyato is perfect for closing ceiling defects Suspended ceiling Grilyato perfect to close the ceiling defects nowadays widely used ceilings. Such designs are very practical and easy to care for. A wide distribution was given to suspended ceilings of the Grilyato type. They were first used in Italy. Such a ceiling helps disguise communications and defects. In addition, the cellular ceiling does not burn and does not deform with time.

    • Suspended ceiling cells: types and design features
    • Mounting ceiling Grilyato: step by step instructions
    • Putting ceilings cells for office and technical facilities
    • Set slatted ceiling
    • suspended ceiling type Grilyato: advantages and disadvantages
    • Suspended ceiling Grilyato( video)
    • Grilyato suspended ceiling( photo)

Suspended ceiling cells: Types and design features

The photo shows the elements of the Grilyato ceiling The photo shows the elements of the ceiling Grilyato

Suspended ceilings cells are often used for office decoration. There are 3 types of this design: economy, standard and premium. Each type differs in the thickness of the metal profile.

If you want to make a transparent structure, give preference to ceilings, which have a size above the average. Such decoration can be decorated with neon lights.

More allocates 3 types of ceiling construction Grilyato:

  1. Pyramid. This design differs from the others in the presence of cells of unusual shape. Pyramidal ceilings help to achieve a visual increase in the size of the room.
  2. Grill-shutters. This design is used for finishing the ceiling in the places of building any communications. If such a profile is used, it is possible to easily replace or dismantle the pipes.
  3. Multiple-level. These ceilings are mounted using profiles in which the height is different. A multi-level design is mainly used for finishing offices.

Mounting ceiling Grilyato: step by step instructions

Begin with the bearing guides, and only then proceed to the installation work Start with the supporting rails, and only then proceed to installation

Before proceeding to installation, you need to pick up the supporting rail. It can have a length of 180 or 250 centimeters. In order to choose the optimal size for the part, take into account the dimensions of your ceiling.

Do not forget to drill the light holes before installing the ceiling. Remember that to install one lamp, you need at least two or three suspensions.

Ceiling mounting algorithm:

  • First you need to fix the suspension.
  • After that, install the main guides. Begin from the shortest racks.
  • After you have assembled the frame structure, install the fixtures.
  • Check the flatness of the ceiling with a laser level.

Putting cell ceilings for office and technical facilities

As is known, the ceiling Grilyato can be used to furnish the office. In addition, this design is perfect for finishing industrial premises. However, it is desirable that the room is heated, otherwise the suspension may be deformed. In order to carry out a successful installation, you need to properly assemble a false ceiling.

To assemble the structure, you need to purchase the main guides of different lengths, hangers, corner moldings and aluminum profile. When selecting products, pay attention to the material from which they are made.

Assemble the cellular suspended ceilings as follows:

  1. First, mark the ceiling. Choose one wall, and mark on it the starting point for further installation. In order to fix the mesh ceiling precisely, use the laser level during the marking.
  2. Fasten the guides along the connecting line.
  3. Fix the structure with self-tapping screws.
  4. Install the profile. It must be attached to the guides with the help of hangers.

Install the trellised suspended ceiling

Latticed suspended ceiling will strengthen the construction of the ceiling The suspended suspended ceiling will strengthen the ceiling structure

Recently, the trellised suspended ceiling has been very popular. It is also installed in office and industrial buildings. The grill is unpretentious in the care and looks very unusual.

To begin with, you need to select the guides. They should be mounted strictly parallel to the walls.

Install the curtain ceiling with squares in the following sequence:

  • First select the location where the network and guides will be installed.
  • Then, along the entire perimeter of the ceiling, you need to fix the starting corners. This operation can be carried out with the help of specialized dowels, in which the sleeve is made of plastic.
  • Fix the bracket to the wall with the help of locking screws.
  • Attach guide rails using hangers or wire.
  • Fasten all guides so that they are strictly level. To do this, insert them into the suspension hook.
  • Install the slats.
  • Remove excess material with scissors.
  • Then assemble the grilles and put the finished module in the cell, which is located in the guide.
  • At the end you need to install the fixtures. Do not forget to fix them with hangers.

Suspended ceiling type Grilyato: advantages and disadvantages

Like any design, Grilyato type ceilings have advantages and disadvantages. However, the number of pluses is much larger, so if you want to install a false ceiling in a room, do not deny yourself this.

The benefits of the Grilyato ceiling include:

  1. The ability to visually increase the space of a room. This is achieved through the three-dimensional geometry of the panels.
  2. Ease of installation. In addition, such ceilings can be easily dismantled and the necessary installation work is carried out.
  3. Due to the fact that the design of the ceiling is trellised, it is possible to improve the acoustic characteristics of the room.
  4. All components of the construction are made of fire-resistant materials. That's why Griljato's ceilings can be used in production premises.
  5. Lattices made of aluminum do not rust over time.
  6. Design elements are made only from environmentally friendly materials.
  7. Grilyato ceilings do not require special care. It is enough to clean the grilles once or twice a week with a damp cloth.
  8. High strength and rigidity. The ceiling does not sag in the course of time.
  9. Stylish appearance.
  10. High reflective power.

The most significant drawback of the Grilyato ceiling is its high cost. Such a construction costs several times more than a stretch ceiling made of linen or PVC panels. Also, the disadvantages of such a ceiling include the complexity of installation.

Suspended ceiling Grilyato( video)

The cellular ceilings are perfect for finishing office and industrial premises. If you decide to use a ceiling type Grilyato, perform installation strictly according to the instructions. Also take into account that before the installation, you need to properly mark the ceiling. Of great importance is the quality of materials. It is desirable to choose metal profiles of great thickness. With their help, the design will be more durable and last longer.

Suspended ceiling Grilyato( photo)