Ceiling from MDF panels: photo finishing, how to make your own hands, how to mount, install

MDF panels are a worthy alternative to expensive natural wood materials MDF panels are a worthy alternative to expensive natural wood materials Suspended ceiling from MDF panels is increasingly mounted in homes and apartments. Finishing the ceiling with MDF panels perfectly suits a huge army of consumers at an inexpensive price, easy maintenance of this coating, perfect."Natural" appearance, as well as good sound insulation and noise insulation indicators, which are especially important in multi-apartment buildings. As for the installation of such a ceiling, it is very simple and accessible even to a professional in the field of construction and finishing.

      • Types of MDF panels for ceiling
      • MDF paneling in MDF panels: the most common variant
      • Advantages of MDF panels
      • MDF panel ceilings with their own hands: step by step
      • Reviews of ceilings fromMDF panels
      • Installation of MDF panels on the ceiling( video)
      • Ceiling from MDF panels( photo)

Types of MDF panels for ceiling

MDF panels can be used to decorate almost any premises,to the ceiling, but also the walls.

Types of panels:

  • Veneered. In these panels wood veneer is used natural, and, from only valuable species.
  • Laminated. The top layer of the panel is made of PVC film, which is applied to the panel by the method of cold lamination.

Panels are to be painted with paints that have chemical resistance.

A variety of colors of MDF panels allows you to realize the most unusual design fantasies The various colors of MDF panels allow the most unusual design fantasies to be realized

No harmful compounds and resins are used in production.

MDF panels are easy to clean. Their original appearance persists for many years.

MDF paneling: the most common version of

Installation, as already mentioned, is quite simple.

Easy installation is one of the most attractive items for the customer, which allows you to save money. Installing ceilings on their own.

In order to make such an elementary installation, a lot of knowledge and great skill is not needed.

Ceiling mounting: step by step instruction

  1. Mounting can be done from wooden blocks, size 40 × 25mm;
  2. We lay the wiring;
  3. Using special fasteners, we install MDF panels.

Of course, in the installation of any suspended ceiling, as a rule, two versions of the carcass material are used.

The process of installing a skeleton on the ceiling using a metal profile Process for mounting a skeleton on a ceiling using a metal profile


  • Wood frame;
  • Frame made of metal profile.

In dachas, in country houses, where the ceilings are wooden, the first option is more often used. Here, the panels are attached directly to the tree, either with self-tapping screws or with steel staples, using a construction stapler. As for the stapler, then fixing the panel with it, it's quite simple. To apartments and houses with concrete overlappings, the second variant is more often used. It will be discussed below.

Advantages of MDF panels

MDF panels have a number of advantages over many other materials.


  1. Ecological cleanliness;
  2. High degree of resistance to abrasion;
  3. No adhesives or other chemical compounds are required for installation;
  4. Sensation of the presence of a wooden surface;
  5. Excellent noise and thermal insulation characteristics;
  6. Simple, easy for the home owners, care:
  7. Attractive design.

Facing the MDF ceiling with panels will give a noble and aesthetic appearance to any room MDF paneling of the ceiling will give a noble and aesthetic appearance to any room

It is worth adding that these panels give a feeling of light and heat, especially in the winter.

Such a material will be cheaper than a natural tree, for which there are many fans. The appearance is the same, and the savings are obvious.

Panels do not require particularly careful care and special detergents. They are simply, from time to time, wiped with a napkin.

Ceilings from MDF panels with their own hands: step by step

First of all, you need to prepare the necessary for the production of these works, the tool, as well as the material itself, and fasteners. Consider the installation of ceilings using a frame of galvanized profile.

Tools and materials


  • Rotary hammer;
  • Roulette;
  • Pencil;
  • Construction level;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Shears for cutting metal.

A set of tools for mounting MDF panels Tool kit for mounting the MDF panels

The tool, as you can see, is not particularly complicated. In the event that you do not have a puncher or a screwdriver, you can take it for a while with friends. Or you can rent it, which is quite inexpensive.


  1. MDF panels;
  2. Plinth ceiling;
  3. Metal galvanized profile;
  4. Coupling elements;
  5. Suspension.

So, let's move on to installing the ceiling. It is simple.

Installation steps

Step by step:

  • Assembling the frame. Through the construction level, we will mark out the perimeter of the room. The minimum distance from the ceiling at the same time should be 5cm.
  • After marking using a special device, it is strongly recommended to check the exact location of the wires under the plaster, in order to avoid damage to the wiring and damage to the working electric current.
  • The starting profile is fixed around the perimeter of the room. In order to implement fastening, either dowels or self-tapping screws are used. Fasteners should be made every 40cm.
  • Install the ceiling profile. It is fixed in the starting profile. The profile pitch is 40-60cm.
  • We fix the profile to the ceiling suspension. It is fixed with screws, and, from two sides.
  • Setting the subsequent profiles, copy the level from the previous one.
  • We install the plinth.
  • The edge of the first panel is inserted into the baseboard and the panel is fixed with screws, screwing them into the edge of the panel, which is not visible after assembly.

The scheme of fixing MDF panels to the ceiling Mounting scheme for MDF panels on the ceiling

Profiles as needed, need to be shortened using metal cutting shears.

Self-tapping screws for convenient and high-quality mounting are recommended to buy with a flat bonnet, popularly called "flush".

Fixtures are installed in pre-defined locations. Marking and drilling is done before installing this panel on the ceiling. For drilling we use a special drill bit. After installing this panel, the luminaire is connected to the wiring, and inserted into the panel. The lamp is screwed.

The last panel, as a rule, has to be trimmed in size, because the dimensions of the panels are not always a multiple of the size of the rooms, which, you will agree, is quite natural.

Reviews of ceilings from MDF panels

Any finishing material, if it is really well suited for repairing an apartment, or at home, has received only positive feedback that consumers leave on construction sites, online stores, and also in special forums.

Reviews about MDF panels, in general, only positive, and it is understandable why. ASD10ASASD

In the production of MDF panels, only natural materials and substances are used, so the plates are widely used for facing the inside of the premises of houses and apartments.

As already mentioned, the properties of these panels have undeniable advantages.

So, responses:

  1. As a material for finishing the toilet, MDF panels are often chosen, due to lack of funds for a more expensive tile. These panels cover not only the ceiling, but also the walls.
  2. Working with panels is much easier than laying tiles. Facing tiles costs money, and MDF panels are easy to install yourself.
  3. No funds for stretch ceilings, so MDF panels were used.
  4. Often used panels for finishing uninsulated terraces, loggias( glazed).
  5. Simple maintenance of panels."Tool" is a simple rag.
  6. Easy installation, minimum tool.
  7. Pleasant appearance of the coating.

These are the reviews on this very popular material. It is worth adding that a rich choice of colors allows you to realize if not the most violent fantasies of designers, then, in any case, by means of an available choice, you can significantly change the appearance of your house. As for the choice, it is quite large: beech, all shades of oak, mahogany, birch. .. This abundance of colors opens up wide prospects for quality design, as they say, for all occasions.

Installing MDF panels on the ceiling( video)

In conclusion, I would like to summarize all of the above. Facing the ceilings with MDF panels is a worthwhile and inexpensive business. To trim the ceiling in your own house or your own apartment with your own hands is by no means an impossible task - almost everyone can do it. A nondescript tool, patience, and self-confidence will help you cope with a task such as ceiling lining. In addition, MDF boards can be not only ceiling, but also wall, and in general, that is, in the totality of the finishes of these planes, it looks even better. This material deserves the most flattering reviews, which consumers write. Good luck in your business, and down with the doubt associated with the choice of MDF panels!

ceiling panels made of MDF( photo)