Aluminum ceiling: panels and profile for bathroom, decorative photo mounting, siding and perforated racks

Aluminum ceiling - practical and durable coating, which does not require special maintenance during operation Aluminum ceiling - practical and durable coating that does not require much maintenance Traditionally, aluminum rails have been installed in rooms with high humidity, namely in bathrooms. However, now many manufacturers of aluminum panels have taken care of the decorative properties of this ceiling, so you have the opportunity to create a unique room design using a highly functional aluminum ceiling.

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            • Why is aluminum ceiling in the bathroom
            • so popular? How to choose decorative aluminum ceilings
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            • Aluminum profile for the ceiling
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To which interior the ceiling is suitableof aluminum panels

Aluminum - a very interesting texture. Many are accustomed to seeing aluminum panels only in the bathroom. However, some areas have already adopted decorative aluminum panels to complement the interior design.

Aluminum ceiling will be in time for the following styles:

  • high-tech;
  • minimalism;
  • art deco;
  • pop art.

Aluminum ceiling will be appropriate to look in the interior of the room, made in the style of high-tech Aluminum ceiling will look good in the interior of a room made in high-tech style.

The first two directions will be chrome plated rails, or panels in metallic color. The second two directions suggest bright colors of matte or shiny texture. Aluminum panels can be made in almost any color that you will like.

Aluminum can perform a decorative function. Many styles allow the use of aluminum panels to create a fashionable and functional ceiling.

What are the aluminum panels for the

ceiling? If you decide to install aluminum panels, it is important to understand the variety of offers on the aluminum slat roofing market.

The main division of aluminum panels is made in their appearance:

  1. The closed panels form a single surface without gaps. This is the best option for homes and apartments.
  2. The open type assumes a gap between the components of the aluminum ceiling. This option is not suitable for a bathroom or kitchen, but in a room with a high ceiling, for example, in the pool, this type is preferred.
  3. Also there is a variant to make aluminum panels with special inserts. This is almost the same as the ceiling of an open type, but narrow bands of aluminum are installed in the gaps.

Aluminum panels vary in width;You can choose between 10 and 20 cm rails.

The modern market offers a wide range of aluminum panels of all colors and sizes The modern market offers a wide range of aluminum panels of all colors and sizes.

The remaining characteristics of the aluminum cladding are associated with the appearance of the panels themselves. You can choose any color suitable for the interior of the room, as well as the popular installation of mirror, chrome, and gold aluminum. In the color relationship, aluminum panels have one more possibility: You can paint the ceiling in the desired color with the help of enamel.

Why is aluminum ceiling in the bathroom so popular?

The bathroom is a traditional place for installing an aluminum profile. Why do many choose this material for the ceiling finishing of the bathroom?

This popularity of aluminum in the bathroom is provided by the exceptional properties of this material:

  • Moisture resistance. Aluminum is very easy to treat to high humidity. This material does not rust, it does not bred a fungus.
  • Hygiene. Such a ceiling is very easy to care for. It is enough to wipe it with a sponge with a detergent. In addition, aluminum repels dust.
  • Resistance to temperature. Aluminum does not fear neither cold nor heat. Unlike many other materials, hot steam from the bath will not make the aluminum ceiling anyhow deform.
  • Fire resistance. This property makes aluminum an excellent finishing material for the house!In the event of a fire, aluminum will not ignite or melt.
  • Ease of installation. Even a beginner will install aluminum panels.
  • Durability. Having installed an aluminum ceiling, you will forget about problems with the ceiling coating for a long time!

Aluminum ceiling - the best choice for rooms with a high level of humidity Aluminum ceiling is the best choice for rooms with a high humidity level

All the qualities that make an aluminum ceiling suitable for a bathroom are also great for a kitchen!Cooking, steam, smells and many other kitchen "charms" will be for nothing aluminum ceiling.

How to choose decorative aluminum ceilings

The aluminum rail has long ceased to perform an exclusively functional role. There are a number of decorative types of aluminum panels that will allow you to create a unique bright modern decor.

What types of aluminum rails can be used for decorative purposes:

  1. The German ceiling made of aluminum rails is a closed ceiling with rectangular edges. This ceiling looks strictly and geometrically.
  2. The Italian type of aluminum panels is also a closed type, but the edges of the rails here are rounded. This gives a softer appearance to the ceiling cover.
  3. The cube-like panels look very stylish and bulky. In the section, such a panel looks like the letter P.
  4. V-shaped slats are also bulky in type of cubed panels. But their pattern resembles the Latin V.

Elements of a rack aluminum ceiling Elements of the rack aluminum ceiling construction

The above types create a decorative effect only due to their shape. However, do not forget about a wide range of possibilities for creating an original drawing by alternating multi-colored panels or panel blocks. Perforated panels also attract attention. They improve ventilation and have an interesting look.

High decorative ability is possessed by aluminum panels, located in several levels. The interesting location of the spots will add to the completeness of the ceiling composition.

We make installation of aluminum ceilings

Installation of aluminum panels is not an easy task. However, you need to know some features of mounting aluminum siding so that the result will satisfy you.

The tool required for mounting an aluminum ceiling is quite accessible and not specific. You will need a level, a measuring tape, metal scissors, a drill and an electric screwdriver.

Before starting the installation of the lath ceiling, it is necessary to prepare tools that will ensure the rapid performance of the entire work front Before starting the installation of the rack ceiling, it is necessary to prepare tools that will ensure the quick execution of the entire work front

Complete with the panels go all the necessary components. How to make this desired ceiling cover:

  • Along the perimeter of the room, place the wall corners. In this you can help dowels and screws.
  • Further on the ceiling, it is necessary to drill the holes for suspensions. Mark the surface of the ceiling in advance.
  • Fix the stringers.
  • Now you can start installing the panels. Insert into the grooves of the stringer, and you should hear a characteristic click;It means that you are doing everything right.

Aluminum profile for ceiling

For some types of construction, an additional insert is required in the form of an aluminum profile. Outwardly it looks like intermittent wide and narrow slats.

What can be the options for creating an aluminum ceiling with the profile:

  1. You can make the profile tone in tone to the main rake. Then the composition will look almost smooth.
  2. You can make a contrast or nuance combination of colors. In this case, the ceiling will acquire decorative elements.

Profile design is great for a bathroom.

Ceiling mount installation( video)

Aluminum ceiling is a very reliable and highly functional design. If you want to combine style, comfort and durability, aluminum will perfectly suit you as a ceiling cover. Do not forget that the hinged structures allow you to refrain from leveling the ceiling plate, and the cost of this material allows you to install aluminum siding even at very average incomes. Reviews say that there are no dissatisfied people among those who installed aluminum ceilings.

Aluminum ceiling in the interior( photo)