Ceiling in the style of the loft: interior design photo, decoration of the concrete with their own hands, video editing, pros and cons

The loft style implies an extremely unusual combination of simplicity and luxury at first glance Loft style implies a very unusual combination of simplicity and luxury In the most paradoxical style of the loft are combined at first glance differently directed and contradictory things. Combining rough trim with elegant elegance and minimalist elegance, combining simplicity with luxury - breaks stereotypical vision of designer preferences and forces you to look in a new way at home comfort and customary foundations in the interior. Fundamental details in Loft style are often not sophisticated designs. This applies, in the first place, ceilings and walls.

    • Key features of the loft styling
    • Ceiling design loft stylized in modern interiors
    • Original concrete ceiling loft style
    • Correct loft Ceiling decoration with concrete material
    • Interior design in loft style( video)
    • Loft style design( photo)

Basic features of the loft styling

Loft direction was formed not artificially, but due to the style and way of lifecreative people. The great depression of the 1930s, which hit industrialists and entrepreneurs, caused the bankruptcy of most factories and plants. Abandoned manufactories of America with their spacious workshops have become the favorite objects of creative and free people who have turned industrial premises into residential and work studios.

Loft style is created using:

  1. Unprocessed walls;
  2. Open Communications;
  3. High ceilings;
  4. Open lay-out with a minimum number of partitions;
  5. Large windows to the floor;
  6. Mezzanines( semi-storey, which is created within the main floor);
  7. Mix of industrial elements with antiques and modern technologies.

The ceiling in the loft style is, above all, the maximum simplicity of decoration and open communications The ceiling in the loft style is, above all, the maximum simplicity of finish and open communications.

A true loft is created only from industrial zones that have a history, but you can safely stylize the interior in this direction with the help of characteristic elements. Modern materials make it possible to realize the dream of a spacious and rebel loft, even in conventional apartment buildings.

A spacious room, typical for loft, is created by the maximum combination of adjacent rooms. The effect of the abandoned industrial zone is reproduced thanks to the brickwork and the properly decorated ceiling. Designers in loft interiors give preference to wood, concrete, and metal.

Loft ceiling design stylized in modern interiors

For basic loft designs such as ceiling and walls, a restrained and poor color scheme is characteristic. White and gray tones, shades of brown and black, the presence of metal and chrome parts. The ceiling with loft stylistics can be the main design element.

For loft styling of the ceiling, you can use:

  1. Concrete coating;
  2. Ceiling plates with patterns that are used in offices;
  3. Stretch ceilings with a suitable film;
  4. Metal grids;
  5. Decorative false beam beams;
  6. Metal partitions and pipes imitating industrial pipes and communications.
  7. It should be noted that loft style is best suited for spacious rooms with high ceilings It should be noted that loft style is best suited for spacious rooms with high ceilings It should be noted that the loft style is best suited for spacious rooms with high ceilings.

    Loft concept requires an open layout, therefore the decoration of the zones is done by ceiling decoration, for example, beams.

    The brick wall decoration in the loft style can be combined with stretched ceiling systems. For modern loft design matte and glossy PVC coatings are suitable: white film, dark brown, beige, steel film etc. For greater originality, the photo printing technique is suitable. Stretch ceiling system stylized for brick laying or concrete covering perfectly fits into the atmosphere of the loft.

    The only drawback of design loft ceiling stretch coating: loft style requires free spaces and high ceilings, which does not always meet the standards of multi-storey apartments, and tension systems further reduce the height of the ceiling.

    Original concrete ceiling loft style

    The most effective way to emphasize the style of industrial are concrete coverings. Concrete is considered a universal, environmentally friendly and durable material that is suitable for pouring the ceiling, creating columns, furniture, partitions. If before the concrete ceiling showed the beginning of the repair, now it is one of the decorative techniques that is gaining momentum of popularity.

    The loft ceiling is characterized by unplastered surfaces, often even bare concrete Lofty ceilings are characterized by unplastered surfaces, often even bare concrete

    Rules for the use of concrete on the ceiling:

    • Moderation and dosage. If the loft atmosphere is created in a small room, then the concrete should be used fragmentarily.
    • Combination with walls. Perfectly concrete ceiling surfaces look with a tree of warm shades, glass elements, brick decoration.
    • Correct treatment. Concrete, being a cold, rough and ascetic material, needs a subtle and careful approach.

    If the room is not more than three meters in height, then the concrete ceiling covering should be combined with darker walls.

    Proper loft decoration of the concrete with concrete

    If the concrete ceiling is "native" to the room, then it is polished and covered with special tools. If the house is brick, then the concrete denudation of the ceiling can be imitated.

    To simulate concrete use:

    1. Micro cement;
    2. Decorative panel;
    3. Architectural concrete.

    Micro cement with architectural concrete will create the same effect of cement screed with characteristic color transitions and pleasant "suede" texture.

    Before applying concrete-imitating materials, the ceiling must be treated as before painting.

    The untreated concrete ceiling looks aesthetically unattractive, and because of the roughness it quickly becomes dirty and aging. Modern tools allow high-quality processing of concrete, after which the coating acquires a marble smoothness and shine.

    The concrete ceiling should preferably be sanded and coated with a special compound The concrete ceiling is preferably sanded and coated with a special compound

    The advantages of polishing a concrete ceiling are:

    • A spectacular surface appearance that resembles a marble ceiling or a polymer one;
    • Strength and hardness of the surface;
    • Ability to use a variety of color shades for surface finishing;
    • Financial accessibility of this processing method.

    Stages of polishing a concrete surface:

    1. Milling;
    2. Grinding;
    3. Application of a special mixture.

    A special tool is used for each processing step. The deep pores of the concrete surface are opened by the milling machine, large sags and mounds are cut off, but wave-like changes are not removed. The milling step leaves grooves in the concrete up to 4 mm deep, which are eliminated by grinding.

    The grinding machine with diamond or corundum spraying removes small irregularities from the concrete, cleans the surface of the cement milks, which prevents penetration of polishing mixtures into the concrete surface.

    The first stages of work are carried out with dry concrete. For final processing, the surface is covered with a special lacquer mixture.

    Interior design in loft style( video)

    The industrial theme of the loft is stylized with the help of many-sidedness. A variety of photos with loft interiors is a confirmation. Rough and cold brutality, bare designs are combined with a soft home cosiness and warm tones, creating an atmosphere of freedom and originality. Creative natures with the help of loft style embody the most original of their ideas, accentuate and emphasize, at first glance, shortcomings and turn them not just into the pros, but into new fashion trends. The main task of the style is to combine industrial rough details so as to create an atmosphere of freedom and purity.

    Design ceiling loft-style( photo)