How to glue the plinth to the ceiling: glue and cut as correctly, installation and gluing, video how to cut

Thanks to the ceiling skirting boards, the repair in the room takes on a complete look Thanks ceiling moldings repair in the room gets a complete view Repair - a serious matter, but, in spite of the fact that many of the masters say that the simple man in the street will be difficult to cope with all the difficulties in finishing flat, it is quite possible to complete their own hands. Pasting the ceiling skirting is, perhaps, one of the simplest stages of repair. However, it is very important with care and mind to approach the stage of decoration of the ceiling space.

    • What and how to cut skirting boards onto the ceiling
    • How to glue the plinth at the ceiling
    • How to glue the moldings on the ceiling of a tension fabric
    • Professional advice: how to glue the moldings on the ceiling
    • How to glue the plinthceiling( video)

what and how to cut skirting boards onto the ceiling

Before you proceed directly to the adhesion of skirting to ceiling space you want to play the measurements of the room, and according to themCut off the necessary parts of fillets( the so-called ceiling plinths).That with this stage of works there were no problems, it is necessary to choose the right tool.

If you do not want to waste your time cutting the ceiling skirting, you can buy the fillets in the building store, with the edges already cut at the right angle. However, for this you need to know the exact dimensions of the room in which you produce the finish.

As you understand, plasterboard and plastic skirting boards, as well as foam plastic baguette, need to be cut with different tools. For not very wide plastic fillet knife enough ordinary building, but the drywall and wide foam moldings better cut jigsaw, hand hacksaw or electric miter saw.

The central part of the ceiling skirting is cut at a right angle central part of the ceiling moldings cut at right angles

Cut the baseboard must be carefully at an angle of 45 degrees. In this case, the opposite angles of the cut skirting boards located on one side of the ceiling must be looked at in different directions, as if cutting the fillets in one direction correctly connect the plinth will not work.

Before cutting cut, unnecessary, in your opinion, parts fillets, you need to accurately measure the length of the walls of the room. To do this, it is better to use a laser or conventional building level. Also, if you are the first to make a skirting, it is better to buy one extra piece, make a template out of it, along which all the other plinths will be cut.

Cutting fillets, make sure that the tool does not leave chipped and chipped edges on their edges. Uneven plinth will not be as neat and beautifully docked with another element.

How to glue the plinth to the ceiling

Installing the skirting board, although it is quite an easy process, but still requires some care and accuracy. After all, if you incorrectly cut or paste one element, you have to run to a specialized store for replacement.

Plastic and foam plinths are fixed to the glue, and plasterboard elements are planted on gypsum plaster.

Wallpapers and skirting boards are worth buying at the same time, because they must be combined with each other.

The ceiling skirting is glued before the wallpaper, as it is not known how the wall cloth behaves under the influence of adhesives and the weight of fillets decorative moldings glued wallpaper before, so it is not known how to behave in a wall painting under the influence of adhesive materials and the weight of fillets

How to stick to the ceiling moldings:

  1. First of all, you need to calculate the required number of skirting boards and cut them according to the size of the room( as correctly described in the previous section).If this is your first sticker, it is better to buy at least one fillet more.
  2. Apply a continuous wavy line of glue along the entire length of the plinth. Also, you need to apply glue and on the ceiling.
  3. Allow the adhesive compound to stick a little to the fillet.
  4. After a couple of minutes, the skirting board can be glued to the ceiling. To do this, one of the ends of the baseboard is pressed to the corner of the ceiling, and then you need to attach the entire fillet to the ceiling surface, pushing it with the palm of your hand. Wipe off any excess adhesive that has come out with a clean dry cloth.
  5. Next, you need to glue the plinth, docking its slice with the cut of the previous plinth, i.e. First, there is a sticker of corner fillets.
  6. When all corners on the ceiling are pasted, you can install the central elements. They are simply pasted between the corner fillets.

As you can see, to trim the ceiling space with fillets is not the most difficult task. Any person can handle it absolutely, so sticking a skirting board on the ceiling is a great way to save money and try yourself in the role of a painter.

How to properly glue the plinth to the ceiling from the stretcher

Recently, a fashion trend has been the use in the finish of the apartment stretch ceilings. However, classical interiors are characterized by the presence of fillets. Therefore, many owners of this type of ceiling are wondering - "Is it possible to glue the plinth on the stretcher fabric?".

For English, French, as well as amp style, there is a presence of ceiling skirting boards.

The skirting board is glued to the stretch ceiling in order to close the opening that forms between the wall and the canvas The skirting board is glued to the tension ceiling in order to close the opening that forms between the wall and the

Unfortunately, the stretcher is a pretty whimsical material that does not have a carcass underneath. Synthetic film, which is the main part of this design, can deform or even melt under the influence of aggressive adhesives.

So what do the lovers of classical styles?The answer is quite simple: - You need to glue the fillets not on the ceiling, but on the wall. In this case, traditional design techniques will be retained, but at the same time the tension web will not be damaged.

Advice from professionals: how to glue the plinth to the ceiling

Despite the fact that the plinth is easy to glue, we have some advice on how to mount them. They will help you quickly and qualitatively do this stage of finishing works.

Before gluing the ceiling skirting should be cut on the metal, and not on the tree Before laying, the ceiling skirting should be cut on the metal, and not on the wood

Tips for gluing the skirting board to the ceiling:

  • Many glue the ceiling baguettes over the wallpaper. If you want your new repair to last for many years, you need to install the fillets on the ceiling to finish the walls.
  • In old houses, ceilings can have irregularities and cavities, so that the skirting boards look neat, all the gaps and cracks can be covered with a white finishing coat.

How to glue the plinth to the ceiling( video)

Decorating the apartment with a ceiling skirting board is a very important but fairly simple step. Even an amateur can handle it. Follow our advice, and let the repairs to you be in joy!