Satin stretch ceilings pluses and minuses photo: glossy matte, reviews, satin or matte difference

Satin stretch ceilings are safe for living.

However, any of the known stretch ceilings are non-toxic, non-flammable and not dangerous to the consumer. If, of course, you have purchased a quality product, and not a cheap "promotional" counterfeit. When buying, require a certificate of quality.


  • Low strength. It's easy to puncture. Children during games can easily damage the ceiling. Similarity with gypsum. This is observed especially when the ceiling is white. However, this item for someone may be a minus( like whitewashing), but for someone and a plus( for fans of a conservative appearance).
  • Low frost resistance. The material does not withstand low temperatures.

As you can see, the advantages of satin ceiling clearly outweigh their disadvantages, which forces the consumer to make his right choice.

Stretch ceilings: glossy, matt or satin - which one to choose

Which ceilings to choose and which ones are better?This question was asked, and asked, to this day consumers.

Fans of a mirror effect glossy stretch ceiling will like Fans of the mirror effect glossy stretch ceiling will like the

So, the types of stretch ceilings:

  1. Matt. Classic design of the premises is always welcomed by fashion, and the tastes of the apartment owners. The ceiling is suitable for any premises, except, perhaps, the kitchen, because removing stains resulting from cooking with a rough surface will be difficult.
  2. Glossy. They are sometimes called lacquered, because the canvas has an almost mirror effect. Due to the high reflection coefficient, the volume of the room increases. This quality is especially valuable if the ceiling is mounted in a small room.
  3. Satin. Perfectly complement any interior, without attracting close attention. Smooth and calm, pastel colors, bring peace and tranquility. Satin ceilings are ideal for rooms designed for recreation. Satin does not reflect objects.

Nevertheless, all stretch ceilings are united by one technology: a thin and quite strong to break, a film is stretched on the assembled frame. As for the choice, then, given all the above qualities, each person will understand what kind of ceiling he needs.

Whatever the material of the film, in the end, it always turns out not only a perfectly flat surface, but also more inexpensive than, say, a surface made of drywall.

The above mentioned ceilings speak for themselves, and it is not hard to guess what they represent externally, even without the relevant photographic materials and articles on this topic.

Choosing a stretched ceiling( video)

Satin and matt stretch ceilings: reviews

What is still preferable, satin or mat stretch ceilings, and what are their features?

There are a lot of comments on this subject, and opinions on this subject are somewhat divided.

Reviews about the satin ceiling, basically, boil down to one opinion.

Reviews of satin ceilings:

  • Attractive fine-grained structure that looks great, both in the variant with the art painting, and in the monoclean;
  • Luxurious, unobtrusive shine is appropriate both in the living room, and in the bedrooms, or children's;
  • It resembles a silk fabric in appearance, but is much cheaper than its silk "fellow";
  • Some manufacturers claim that such a ceiling coating will last at least 50 years without losing the primality of color and shape, which for some people is somewhat doubtful;
  • The choice of fixtures is somewhat difficult, because the ceiling differs in different lighting conditions;
  • If the ceiling is pure white, then there is not much difference between satin and matt tension ceilings.

Satin stretch ceilings can choose any color scheme, it is not necessary that it is white Satin stretch ceilings can be chosen in any color range, it is not necessary that it is white

There are a lot of comments and there are not any great differences of opinion.

And here are the reviews on matte ceilings:

  1. Many of the apartments have both types of ceilings. Satin ceilings cost more, but the appearance is almost the same;
  2. Frosted ceilings like those who do not favor gloss;
  3. Repair is done once every few decades. Do not need painting. Care of the ceiling is not burdensome.
  4. Some consumers believe that the price is prohibitive.
  5. Pleases quick installation. Installation in a small room takes 3-4 hours.
  6. Part of the consumers, made a black matte ceiling, and just delighted with it.
  7. When the water was removed after the leak, it was about 200 liters. The ceiling itself did not suffer, the shape remained the same. However, there were those who mentioned the leak through the edge of the canvas, which led to the yellow spots on the canvas itself. The conclusion is this: either they got a poor-quality material, or installers allowed negligence.

So, based on the reviewed reviews, it can be concluded that both species are quite popular, and everyone has the right to exist. Of course, you should not save by buying frankly cheap material, as well as inviting random people to install.

Stretch ceilings: satin or matte - the difference is not so great

What is the difference between satin ceilings and matt, it's not difficult to understand.

The difference is not so great, and consists, basically, in the material from which they are made. And, of course, a little in appearance.

Each of these ceilings is applicable in our time, however, as experience and testimonials show, satin ones are still preferable simply matte.

The difference between satin and matt tension ceilings is not so great, the main difference is the price: matte is slightly cheaper than satin The difference between satin and matt tension ceilings is not so great, the main difference is price: matte slightly cheaper than satin

Matte ceilings:

  • Do not give unnecessary glare;
  • Excellent color reproduction, regardless of the source of lighting and interior;
  • Low price.

The matt ceiling is a bit cheaper, which, of course, is important with a modest budget.

Satin ceilings:

  1. Unobtrusively reflect solar and electric light, creating a unique effect of pearlescent glow. This is their main advantage.
  2. Uneven, as well as combined lighting, gives originality to the room.
  3. More "warm" atmosphere of the room, which creates a characteristic shine.

Satin ceiling is more suitable for aesthetes and "gourmets" of the interior.

Rules for the choice of suspended ceiling structures

Before making repairs, the landlord takes a long time to weigh the pros and cons.

More and more people refuse from traditional plaster or suspended ceiling from gypsum board, and choose stretch ceilings.

Stretch ceilings were invented not yesterday. Even in ancient Rome, the upper part of the rooms was draped with fabrics. In the Middle Ages, Armenia used the method of stretching fabrics, which were soaked with chalk, on the ceiling.

After the invention of the PVC film, in the 60s, stretch ceilings appeared in Europe and gained popularity.

Typically, the stretch ceiling is chosen because of its cost and ease of installation Typically, the suspended ceiling is chosen because of its cost and ease of installation

Stretch ceiling properties:

  • Sealed;
  • Difficulty;
  • Resistance to temperature variations( -5 ° C to + 50 ° C.

The above properties are probably of more interest to manufacturers, but the consumer, in the main, takes into account, in the main, the other, on which his final choice is based. Reasons for choosing:

  1. Fast and "clean" installation. Minimal dirt during work.
  2. Relatively low price( cheaper than drywall);
  3. It is not necessary to prepare a surface, which is a primer and putty, as well as in the gluing of the mesh. There is no need for drying and long alignment of the ceiling, which costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time.
  4. The ability to hide communications under a stretch ceiling, which, if not hidden, disfigure the room.
  5. The ideal, beautiful, durable surface does not need repair and painting.

Thus, in favor of tension systems, there are many arguments that determine the choice of the consumer.

Stretch ceiling properties( video)

Stretch ceilings in our time - a great many. What to choose - satin ceilings, glossy or matte - you decide. Every consumer has his own ideas about beauty and quality. In addition, the financial side of the case is also important, although it can not be said that these three types of ceilings are so radically different from each other in price. Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the species listed above, each landlord can make his only right choice. Of course, it is very important, before buying the ceilings, carefully study the reviews. Good luck!

Design satin stretch ceiling( photo in the interior)