Zoning of the bedroom-living room 16 sq. M.M: hall design, interior photo, room one

Zoning the bedroom will not only help you plan the interior properly, but also make the room functional Zoning bedrooms will help not only to plan the interior, but also make the room functional room 16 m2, it is quite a good area, in order to realize all the design ideas into reality. What is characteristic of the bedroom?It should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable, spacious, comfortable. Quite often people try to zonate space in this or that room. In a modern interior, the combination of a bedroom and a living room can be found much more often than it may seem. If these two rooms are combined, they can be zoned not only on the recreation area, but also on the work and creativity zone.

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Furniture design bedroom-living room 16 sq. M.M: photo

After the interior is repaired, it is very important to choose the right furniture. Specialists in the field of design do not recommend making their choice in favor of cumbersome furniture. An important piece of furniture should be a bed, it should be chosen very carefully.

To arrange a bedroom-living room is better to give preference to modular practical furniture for resettlement bedroom-living room is better to give preference to a practical modular furniture

should not give preference to elaborate furniture, the best option to stay on the functionality.

An excellent choice is a bed with a closet, which includes boxes. Apartment with the layout of the "Khrushchev" did not give a reason to abandon the double bed, on the contrary, an excellent option with great benefit to the bed installed on the podium, where you can place boxes for storing clothes. This option removes unnecessary items of the interior. If the closet is an indispensable attribute, then preference should be given to the closet. Thanks to its functional doors, it takes up little space, and visually increases the ceiling. If you need to expand the room itself, choose doors with a glossy finish. Original drawings will help to revitalize the room and give it some kind of originality. When buying furniture, you need to take into account that absolutely every centimeter of the room should be functionally involved.

addition to the basic attributes you can place the following items:

  • variety of accessories;
  • Books;
  • Floor lamp or other necessary fixtures.

Furniture in the bedroom-living room should be compact, but there should not be empty seats. In addition to furniture, lighting plays an important role. It should not be too bright, it is better to make a choice in the direction of spotlights or lamps, this will create a pleasant light.

How to repair the living room-bedroom 16 square. M

To make the room seem exquisite, you can use Venetian putty. This material can give absolutely any room a kind of grace and greatness. In addition to putty, you can choose wallpaper. Drawing can be chosen any, based on the preferences of the owner, but it is best to give preference to nature, which will convey ease and warmth. A special attraction will be the 3D wallpaper. With these modern images, you can expand the room, in addition, the atmosphere of magic will be guaranteed.

Before you start the arrangement of the room, you should think in advance of the practical and beautiful interior of the bedroom-living room Before proceeding to the arrangement of the room, you should think in advance practical and beautiful interior of a bedroom-living room

As for the arrangement of the floor, then it will suit the following materials:

  • laminate;
  • Carpet;
  • Linoleum.

In order to decorate the walls of the bedroom-living room, it is best to use bed colors, while for the floor the dark colors are ideal.

In order for the bedroom to be cozy, quiet and create a sense of security, it is best to choose warm colors for the floor. Do not limit yourself to flowers, you can make a few bright colors, enough will be a colorful panel or beautiful pillows and bedspread. The perfect finish of the beautiful interior will be the curtains, which should be beautiful and gentle.

Doors are best to choose sliding, this will perfectly help to save the necessary space.

If room or bedroom has a balcony room, this space can also be use with advantage, there organizing recreation area or working zone.

Bedroom-living room 16 sq. M.M and their zoning

Zoning of such a premise should be correct and take into account the rules of combining. In the space you can put comfort and functionality, most importantly, this is the correct planning of actions.

As zonators, you can use both a special partition and lighting as resonators can be used as a special partition and lighting

Create zoning can be resorted to the help of the following subjects:

  1. Curtains or blinds. Their main advantage is that they are easy to replace, disposed of unsuitable or simply washed;
  2. Special partitions or use of arches and columns. With their help, you can indicate where the bedroom zone is, and where the living room;
  3. Podium, it can be placed under the bed, thus separating the sleeper from the common area;
  4. Lighting. The correct arrangement of lighting fixtures, as well as in a certain way, will separate this or that necessary zone from the others.

Color organization. If you execute the color design in different styles, then it will also help to distribute the zones. However, remember, the bedroom should not stand out in bright colors.

How to choose the right style

Before making a choice in favor of a certain style, you should think about the functionality and comfort.

Designers recommend to think over and style of registration which should like you and all members of family Designers recommend to consider the design and style, which should please you and all family members

To place this size, experts recommend to choose one of the following areas: minimalism, hi-tech, Provence, loft or Japanese.

In these styles can not accommodate massive furniture, they are simple and are designed for maximum functionality. Options for arranging a lot, zoning is a must, as is often necessary to supplement it with the necessary amendments, such as a cot, a creative set of objects or for work.

Correct zoning of the bedroom-living room 16 sq. M.m( video)

If we stick to the basic rules of design, as mentioned above, it is possible without the help of a specialist to create a flawless, unique interior in a room of 16 square meters, which will emphasize the individual characteristics of each host, as well as his impeccable taste. Quite a bit of experimentation and one succumbed to the fantasy, can be achieved unpredictable, individual results, which will be able to please even the novice designer, as well as all households.

Design living room-bedroom 16 square.m( interior photos)