Living room styles: eco repair, fusion and retro, different interiors, Moroccan and Empire, decoration of the rustic hall

Correctly selected style for the living room will make the room beautiful, cozy and atmospheric Correctly selected style for the living room will make the room beautiful, cozy and atmospheric. The living room styles differ in their color and design decisions, the presence or absence of fashionable elements. All of them have the right to exist, but the decisive word will be the ability of the master to correctly enter them into the allocated square meters. In the event that everything is done correctly, the landlord will receive a cozy interior in his best wishes. The shortcomings in such work also have a place to be!However, in time revealed, they can easily be transformed into the most real virtues!

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    • Repair in living room in modern style
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Style of the loft for the living room

The loft or industrial design gained its popularity some couple of years ago and is now actively used by designersDifferent classes. The interior in this case is sufficiently democratic, and the room visually expands, becomes at times more spacious. Combining different color solutions, rough and even simple elements of the interior. All this can make even the most simple room a real klondike of light and colors. However, the use of a "clean" loft is not always justified!

The loft style allows you to make the living room more spacious and decorate its interior with bright colors and creative decor elements.

So it can be combined with other accompanying interior solutions:

  1. Retro( use really old or vintageThings that give the room a spray of the epoch you like).
  2. Fusion( newfangled and even a few strange things that can play with unexpected colors, only with the correct arrangement.) In all other cases, they will be bored with bad taste).
  3. Classicism( simple lines, use of ornate elements in golden hues).
  4. Modern( very bright and catchy accents, mostly asymmetrical).

Is it difficult to overpower such repairs of living rooms?Of course, no, if there is a person near by, well versed in the task. For those who are used to coping with difficulties on their own, it's better to arm yourself with patience.

From the first time the idea is unlikely to work. However, in the end, you can achieve a good result, for example, in the autumn or youth style!

Living rooms in different modern styles

Meanwhile, not every homeowner prefers laconic and modest solutions. What if the soul wants a holiday?Of course, give it to yourself!

Moroccan style is used quite rarely, but it is able to bring a special comfort to the living room The Moroccan style is rarely used, but it can bring a special comfort to the living room.

A rare, but very bright representatives of such desires are the living rooms in the following styles:

  1. Moroccan. A warm orange-brown color scheme, bright accents, an abundance of "soft" elements. In such a room, the mood immediately rises, you want to relax and have a good time with your friends, like in Bali. This stylistic decision is rather unusual, but it is logical to combine it with the rest of the rooms is very problematic. It remains only to remake them.
  2. African, safari. A huge number of African interior elements, brownish - black colors. This style is very specific, so it does not suit every home. Lovers will certainly appreciate it.
  3. Arabic. Eastern style is very popular. Abundance of fabrics, decoration of brocade and velvet. It is quite difficult to take care of such an interior, but you can admire it for a very long time.
  4. Chinese, Tuscan, Indian, Roman, antique, ethnic, Victorian, ancient, Gothic. Cardinally different and, at the same time, somewhat similar styles accurately demonstrate the best features of their culture. This design does not fit every house, but this does not mean that it does not have the right to exist.

Among other things, there is a renaissance, vintage, eclectic, empire and other styles that can become a decoration for any home. A professional designer will be able to choose the only true one. Moreover, the winningly renovated premises will look both in the male and in the female sense.

Interesting living room in the style of eco: the trend of modernity

Taking care of your own health and the world around you has become a total nature. One of its manifestations was the eco-style, in the most natural form. Its essence lies in the fact that in the process of repair only natural materials are used which will not bring any harm to nature and man. In turn, the color scheme can be anything, but the popularity is mostly pastel and very delicate tone.

The style of eco means finishing the room with exclusively natural materials Eco style means finishing the room with only natural materials

They can be advantageously combined with dark brown or burgundy. The main thing is that all shades should be as close to natural as possible. In glamorous gold or, for example, a red shade, this arrangement is very rare.

For the eco style is characteristic:

  • Decoration in a wooden or floral frame;
  • Minimalism in terms of colors;
  • Neat lines;
  • No too bright accents or decor.

Meanwhile, it is from such an apparently unattractive design that you can achieve total comfort, in which, literally, all the rooms will be immersed. It will turn out very simple, but, at the same time, warm and beautiful. Moreover, due to its versatility, the Eco style will remain at the height of fashion for a long time.

Repair in the living room in a modern style

Decoration of the hall in the style you like does not take too much time. In the end, the customer receives an altered to an unrecognizable interior. In the kaleidoscope of different feelings there can be doubt, joy and even disappointment. But in order that such confusion does not come, ideas must be studied from the very beginning. And the first thing that has to be done is to describe the designer's primary idea to the designer. It is better to submit wishes in a structured form, for example, after writing them down on a piece of paper.

Before you start repair work, you should think ahead of the design of the room Before proceeding with the repair work, you should think in advance of the design of the room

This is especially true if you eventually want to see a room in a mixed style. In this process, there are so many pitfalls that you need to keep an eye out right from the start!

That's why, when going to a meeting with a contractor, you need:

  • Have an approximate work plan in mind;
  • Choose color scheme;
  • Estimate the budget;
  • Record or remember special wishes.

What are the styles of living rooms( video)

Rustic or Oscar, Chicago or castle style. .. it will not be difficult to decorate the living room. An order of magnitude more difficult to first determine the concept, take out the idea and put it into practice. Well, if there is a specialist nearby, ready at any time to correct all errors. With him, even the most crazy idea will be at all!

living room design in Moroccan style( interior photos)