Dryer for ceiling linen for balcony: drying and liana, hanger and how to hang video, Italian instruction

Hanging on the balcony of the dryer, you can significantly improve its functionality hung on the balcony of the dryer, can be significantly improved its functionality tumble dryer not only minimizes littering the apartment, but also to make the balcony most functional, because they are rare, and in it the fresh air and direct sunlight, Allowing to dry clothes for a minimum amount of time.

    • Classification ceiling of drying laundry on
    • balcony types of ceiling hangers for clothes on the balcony
    • What is the vine to the balcony
    • Step by step guide: How to Hang a vine on
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Classification ceiling for drying clothes on the balcony

order to maximize installation design was correct and at the same time there was no likelihood of the collapse of the product should be followed carefully andInstructions and recommendations of specialists. Initially, it should be noted that the purchase of the product should only be in a specialized store, where they can provide advice on operation, installation and quality assurance.

In addition, it is worth checking the availability of all components, and if some elements are missing, then it is undesirable to purchase this model.

Ceiling can vary in size, design and price Ceiling drying may differ in size, design and price

find individual parts is difficult, and at times, it may take a lot of time and money. Conscientious producers, for example, Italian, put everything right and what is needed, and only this should be given preference.

Hanging clothes hanger drying:

  • Floor standing;
  • Ceiling;
  • Wall mounted.

They all have one property - a lot of strings, as well as the minimum amount of space that they occupy. They are convenient to install, very easy to use and do not require much effort to care for the device. Due to the fact that a huge number of such devices are on sale, it will not be very difficult to choose the most optimal option, both in appearance and in value.

types of ceiling hangers for clothes on the balcony

Video instruction on the use of the product is almost the same, however, the product may vary in shape and mounting method. Separate dryers are removable and non-removable. The second option is attached in the same way as the rope was previously stretched, that is, the fastening will be permanent, and it will not be necessary to remove them. If you are not comfortable with a fixed device, then you should give preference to removable models.

Such designs are different and you can choose:

  • Sliding;
  • Foldable;
  • Suspension;
  • to Liana.

Choose a ceiling hanger should be based on the number of people living in the house Select ceiling hanger should be based on the number of people living in the house

Liana has positive reviews and is considered the most popular design, the rest. In addition, the cost of construction is quite affordable, especially if you purchase the product in a store like Leroy Merlin.

What is a liana on the balcony

Which dryer should I hang on the balcony?Many prefer to choose a design such as a liana. The product is simple, convenient to use and most importantly, it can be installed, both on the balcony and in the apartment. The original name of the product is due to the fact that it looks like a vine. To the ceiling panel are connected a kind of cords-lianas, which are attached to the panel mounted on the wall.

If necessary, you can adjust the height of pulling the cords, which is very convenient.

The product configuration is not complicated, because it consists of plastic and metal pipes, each of which has its own coating to prevent corrosion. The size of the tubes can vary from 50-200 cm, if necessary, they can be lowered or raised to a certain level, so that the hanging of the laundry will be most convenient.

If it's absolutely necessary, you can lower the handset to the level of the belt. The product is particularly suitable for balconies, because it is not very safe to climb up, and by lowering the levels to the desired level, you can easily carry out all the necessary actions.

Liana can be attached directly to the ceiling of the balcony Lian can be attached directly to the ceiling of the balcony

Liana has many advantages, due to which the demand is increasing day by day with incredible speed:

  1. It is able to withstand the high weight of laundry, and therefore can be simultaneously driedPlaids, curtains and even bedding.
  2. Liana has aesthetic appearance, due to which it is much more attractive than conventional ropes that can spoil the originality of the interior balconies and loggias.
  3. The construction is durable and can last for a long time up to 10-15 years. It is worth remembering that over time, the coating on metal tubes can thin out, but it is not difficult to restore it, and it will be necessary to do it every 2-3 years.
  4. The design is very simple and does not require special skills and training to carry out its installation. Installation does not take much time and effort.

In this case, one question may arise. Are there any negative sides to the creeper. It is worth noting that, according to numerous reviews, only one conclusion can be drawn, and it consists in the fact that there are no shortcomings in the design. Significant shortcomings, such as the complexity of installation or too much height - is minimal commentary, the essence of which is not more than the most Leane, and that its installation was the wrong approach. In general, anyone who has used or uses Liana for drying clothes responds positively only.

Step by step guide: how to hang on the vine

balcony before hanging dryer Liana should familiarize themselves with the structure itself. To be more precise, then to study its complete set. As the constituent elements there are bearing brackets, control side brackets, rods for the laundry and cords for each rod. To install the design, you need a minimum number of tools.

Liana is recommended to hang in the corner of the balcony, so that it does not interfere with free movement on it Liana is recommended to hang in the corner of the balcony, so it does not interfere with the free movement on it


  • puncher, it's not advisable to use a drill, as the hammer can drill holes in a variety of canvases, And not just in wood or plastic;
  • Roulette and a marker are needed in order to make notes for the future fastening, which will allow to install the structure perfectly smoothly and at the same time for a minimum;
  • required availability of quality fasteners in particular screws and dowels nylon, standard dimensions of which are 3.5 mm and 5 mm for dowels;
  • Screwdriver for fixing fasteners.

The very process of assembling a dryer for a linen is very simple, provided that you do not deviate from the instructions. Before fixing the product, you need to remove it from the package. Since the design is initially held on ceiling brackets, you must first install them. They are applied to the surface of the ceiling and markers are made marks. Holes are drilled with a perforator, but only at points marked with a felt-tip pen.

The brackets are fixed by means of self-tapping screws and then the plugs are inserted. Then you need to fasten the fixing bracket to the wall surface. For this, self-tapping screws are also used. The height of fastening is chosen arbitrarily and depends only on personal convenience. In the kit there are special cords. They need to pass through the roller of the right bracket. A long cord runs through the cavity of the left bracket. Further through the cavity of the right bracket is passed both a long and a short cord. Both ends of the cords pass through the fixing caps on the fixing bracket. Thus, the arrangement of pipes for hanging clothes will change. All subsequent beams and cords are installed using the same technology.

How to hang a vine on the balcony( video)

It is not difficult to make the installation, especially if you have all the necessary tools. It is important that if defects are detected during unpacking and installation, then you do not need to continue working, but you should contact the store to hand over the goods.