Balcony cellar: on the balcony of the thermo-heap and testimonials, how to make a thermo-container by yourself

cellar on the balcony is a well-equipped, closed recessed Balcony cellar allows you to store products for a long period of time balcony cellar allows you to store food for a long period of time tion that protects the roots from severe frosts and summer makes products spoil from the heat. The construction of a balcony cellar does not take much time and does not require significant material costs.

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Making cellar on

balcony Craft functional balcony cellar can in various embodiments, namely, it may be mediaits size box, a large and spacious wardrobe or sliding drawers. The balcony cellar consists of several boxes of different sizes. This must be done, since the smaller box will need to be placed in a more capacious box.

Before you start making a cellar on the balcony, it is worth making his drawing on paper Before starting to manufacture the balcony cellar, it is worth to perform drawing on

paper between these boxes must be placed a special material, for performing insulation.

It is absolutely necessary to insulate the cellar with a heated door with 3 interlayers. Making a cellar on the loggia yourself to store various products can be quite easily and quickly. You can cook several boxes at once, in which different products will be stored. You can also use old furniture or a failed ordinary refrigerator.

To insulate the boxes, the insulation material is used as a layer, and there must also be a layer of mineral wool. It is very important to insulate the base. In severe frosts, you can use film material, old things, warm blankets. All these materials will help to warm the equipped storage for products.

to store everything required materials such as:

  • mineral wool;
  • Plywood;
  • Expanded polystyrene;
  • Boards;
  • Incandescent lamps;
  • Electrical wiring;
  • Insulating tape;
  • Wooden beams;
  • Screws;
  • Polyfoam;
  • Furniture corners.

You need to start the balcony vegetable storehouse from the base. For its insulation, polystyrene foam is well suited. This material is strong enough, which is why it can easily withstand absolutely any loads. On the sizes insulation must be greater than the design storage products about 20 cm. Then polystyrene should lie equally sized plywood or chipboard. To subsequently prevent decay of wood, it must be carefully treated with engine oil or diesel fuel.

The boxes required for the arrangement of the balcony cellar are best made from boards or ready-made sawn timber. Initially, a solid foundation must be made of wooden blocks. The thickness of the thermal insulation material and the width of the wooden bars should be the same. On the marked perimeter of the base, you need to install 4 planks. To the received design to attach racks of identical height. After that, the frame, made of wooden bars, fastened on vertically installed racks.

The construction created in this way is a chipboard or veneer. Then inside lay the layer of thermal insulation and make the outer covering of the chipboard. Similarly, you need to make a door or the lid of the box, and mount to the hinges of metal. In the lid make small openings for unobstructed air circulation.

Convenient thermo-partition for the balcony: reviews

Urban residents do not have the opportunity to equip the residential structure of the cellars, and store food there. That's why, many people use alternative options. A thermo-heap that is easy to place in the most ordinary city apartment is considered to be an interesting option. This is quite a convenient and functional device, which has received the most positive feedback and is distinguished by its reliability and high quality.

Among the advantages of thermal grab is worth noting the long service life and compactness Among the advantages termopogrebka worth noting durability and compactness

elektropogreb This home is set on the balcony, it maintains a temperature between 0 ᵒS.The design is a convenient thermo container, which allows storing products throughout the autumn-winter period.

This device has:

  • thermostat;
  • Thermometer;
  • Electronic temperature controller;
  • Temperature sensor.

Such a cabinet is very convenient and functional, since the user can be independently optimized temperature indicator in an oven and placing them in the range of from 0 to 19 ᵒS.The design is electrically safe, which is why you can apply it completely freely, without the slightest fear.

Important!For the arrangement of the heating system of the balcony cellar, special electric air heaters can be purchased. They will maintain a constant desired temperature. In particular, electrofeners are well proven.

To monitor the temperature indicators, you need to install an electronic or alcohol thermometer inside the box. To arrange the heating system, use incandescent lamps located at the corners of the box, since it is in this part that the greatest freezing occurs. When the apartment is on the first floor, you can arrange a mini-basement, which must also be insulated and put sensors to measure the temperature. If you need to equip a loggia, then you can use a cellar as a cellar, which must also be insulated, so that the products do not freeze.

Instructions: how to make a cellar on the balcony with his hands

Cooking winter twist - tradition, even for city dwellers. That is why, many equip a cellar on the balcony or loggia for storage of preserves and vegetables. The balcony cellar can be made completely differently, it all depends on the floor. The most important thing is that optimal conditions for storing different products are created in it.

cellar can be trimmed by using various materials: metal, wood

This may be:

  • underground vault for the first floor;
  • Cellar in the underground part of the balcony;
  • Thermo container for food storage.

suffices for this is considered convenient cold box for storage of products, which is a box, and it can, if necessary, move. If desired, such a thermo container can be built between the walls.

Such a container is designed to store root crops in the winter, in the heat inside the cellar, on the contrary, will be cool, which allows you to better store the products.

If the balcony is small, you can arrange a place to store food in the balcony subfield, where you can store vegetables, fruits and preserves. In addition to the cellar, on the loggia it is possible to make built-in closets with doors under the windows. For more convenient use, the doors of such lockers are best made sliding.

High-quality vegetable storage on the balcony

The cellar is an ideal place for storing vegetables and preserving, however, only owners of dachas and houses can afford it. That is why many owners of apartments located in high-rise buildings prefer to equip a balcony space for storing vegetables.

The feature of the balcony vegetable storage is considered the possibility of storing products year-round, ease of use and ensuring the optimum level of temperature.

Cellar on the balcony( video)

In conclusion, it should be noted that the most convenient option will be a container with a vertical load, for the insulation of which you need to use flexible polystyrene. The corners should be thoroughly treated with a mounting foam so that air is not allowed to pass through. Only complete tightness will ensure that the optimal temperature is maintained inside the box. In addition, in winter you can install an electric heater, but at the same time, you need to constantly monitor the temperature.

Examples cellars beneath the balcony of the first floor( photo ideas)