Combining a balcony with a kitchen: loggia connection, how to combine and remake, photo join and design

Combining a balcony with a kitchen is a fashion trend today Combining the balcony with kitchen - a fashion trend today Combining the 2 rooms, from the landlord solved a number of problems. In addition to the increased kitchen area, the passability of light increases, which saves energy. Improves the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the kitchen. You can arrange a dining area on the balcony or use a space for cooking utensils. The flight of designer fantasies for the interior is unlimited and can turn the flaws of the loggia into the dignity of the kitchen.

    • Making redevelopment when combined kitchen and loggia
    • Joining the loggia to the kitchen: warming room
    • How to combine the kitchen with balcony: the options dismantling
    • terrace connected to the kitchen: design solutions
    • Proper association balconythe kitchen( video)

Making redevelopment when combined kitchen and loggia

Before you start re-planning, it is necessary to issue documents allowing nDraw a balcony. An incorrect demolition of the wall can damage both the apartment and the entire house. To coordinate the reconstruction, you need to contact the architectural and construction organization, which will approve the redevelopment project for a particular building.

The document will indicate all the necessary calculations and the purpose of the reconstruction.

The project is certified in the fire and sanitary inspection. Based on the document issued a permit for dismantling. If the wall is a carrier, it remains possible to remove only the glass unit. The remaining opening with the window sill easily turns into a bar rack.

Re-planning allows you to visually increase the room Pereplanirovka enables visually enlarge the room

Sequence for obtaining permission:

  1. Contacting BTI for technical issue certificates for sale;
  2. Visit to the organization, which will develop project documentation for the unification of the balcony with the kitchen;
  3. The ready project is certified in SES, fire inspection and gas company;
  4. Prepare a written agreement of the tenants of the house, allowing re-planning;
  5. The Housing Committee prepares the Certificate of Acceptance;
  6. BTI issues a new technical passport for the converted apartment.

Combining a balcony with a kitchen does not imply the removal of batteries and kitchen stoves to the area of ​​the loggia. Warming the room can be by sealing the gaps on the balcony, installing warm floors and double-glazed windows.

Joining the loggia to the kitchen: warming room

Combining the loggia and kitchen usually requires warming balcony. To do this, it is necessary to make a competent glazing of the outside of the room. Glass unit shall consist of a number of glasses with a small distance between them, and the profile contains a thermal bridge and was at least 8 cm. Panoramic glazing balconies will look very impressive, but selecting a finish, will be faced with special nuances.

For the insulation of the floor and walls apply the layers of penoplex, which are wrapped in polyethylene and mounted on the floor.

There is a film heating option that will quickly heat the floor, but it will cool down in a short time. The heating cable is ideal for heating large loggias. If, for some reason, it is impossible to perform heat insulation work, all efforts should be made to internal insulation. For insulation recommend choosing materials that are resistant to fire. A good option will be a cork tree, which is not subject to mechanical influences and has refractory properties. The advantage is the ecological purity of the material. It is necessary to apply a heater to all surfaces of the walls, floor and ceiling.

If you combine a loggia and a kitchen, then you must take care of the insulation of the room If you combine a loggia and the kitchen, be sure to take care of the insulation space

Steps in the kitchen warming:

  • to construct the frame;
  • It is laid with steam insulation;
  • Heater;
  • Waterproofing foil;
  • The slots are sealed with a mounting foam.

Warming the balcony or loggia requires special attention, otherwise the kitchen will turn into a cold and uncomfortable room.

How to combine a kitchen with a balcony: options for dismantling

You can unite a loggia with a kitchen in different ways. Completely remove the partition and combine a single space. In this case, designer fantasies can be fully realized. If it is not possible to dismantle the plate completely, it is partially removed, leaving the window sill for zoning the room. Very often this slab remnant is used as a bar rack or a stationary dining table. This version of the interior is an excellent decoration for the kitchen.

Space zoning is a cunning design trick if it is not possible to connect 2 rooms to a complete plate dismantling. When warming, the floors on the loggia rise, they are adjusted to the threshold level due to the lag and additional decorative coating.

Kitchen with balcony can be combined in many ways The kitchen with the balcony can be combined in many ways

The powder that remained after the removal of the window can serve as a step dividing the working and dining areas. Carrying a step into the kitchen is an alternative.

Another solution is to remove the sills and connect the floors to the loggia and kitchen under one level. This modification is not always possible due to the load-carrying structure of the wall. Any variant will transform the room, allowing rational use of space.

Connection of a balcony with a kitchen: design solutions

Joining a balcony to a small kitchen allows you to increase the space required. In this situation, the dining table can be moved to the loggia, thereby freeing up the work area. This expansion will give the room an interesting look. In addition, the dining table on the balcony will avoid kitchen odors and create a cozy atmosphere.

You can place a rest corner on the balcony. This option is suitable for the housewives, who spend most of the time in the kitchen. Having arranged a small sofa or a few pouffes, hanging pictures or TV, you can enjoy peace.

In small apartments sometimes there is no place for a personal corner. As an option, the connected loggia can become a private office. It is necessary to equip the premises by placing a computer or desk and constructing shelves. You can retire at any time without disturbing your household.

On the balcony you can create a comfortable sitting area On the balcony, you can create a comfortable sitting area

If the increase in the area is due to the loggia, it is very easy to make out of it the work area by placing the kitchen furniture and fridge. The dining room will be located in the kitchen. This redevelopment of the balcony is not possible, because it is an external element of the building and the load carries a completely different. It is better to install light furniture and lightweight cabinets.

In apartments with large areas, the combination of two rooms is made as an interesting design project. An example is a kitchen with a panoramic view, when the partitioning of the loggia is dismantled, and the double-glazed windows are inserted from the ceiling to the floor.

For best results it is necessary to take care of additional lighting. Continuation of the kitchen is equipped with light sources depending on the design and purpose of the zone, especially if it is a rest room or a meal.

Competent unification of the balcony with the kitchen( video)

It is not a difficult task to remodel a balcony or a loggia in a single room with a kitchen. This design will expand and engage with the use of every centimeter of small-sized apartments, and large rooms to give an unusual and interesting look.