Finishing of the loggia: own photos and design, options for how to trim, inside the balcony of the video, from the inside of the cladding

The use of modern materials has greatly simplified the work on insulation use of modern materials greatly simplified insulation works type and way of finishing loge selected, depending on the specific embodiment and insulation glazing. How to choose the right materials and decorating, we read below.

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How to furnish balconies with their hands Decorating

loggia in any case must be done, even if it is going to be used toPreservation of any things. With any use of the loggia, it will be much more enjoyable to use it, if a good repair is made, which is easy to do with your own hands without much effort. To do this, you need to take certain steps - choosing a design and drafting, depending on the intended use of this space, purchasing the necessary materials and tools for finishing the loggia. Installation of the frame inside the loggia( it can be both wooden and metal) is designed to fix the inner skin. In some cases, it also plays a supporting role for installing glazing.

Incorrectly made insulation of the loggia will be very disappointing in the cold season Incorrectly made insulation of the loggia will be very disappointing in the cold season

The distance between the load-bearing parts of the carcass is selected individually, depending on the types of materials used.

From the outside, it is best to trim the loggia with galvanized metal sheets or with a metal profile. This material is attached using self-tapping screws, when installing it( if the loggia is high), it is necessary to use the help of other people, either an aerial platform or the help of industrial climbers.

Inside the loggia, the following is first mounted:

  • Waterproofing material;
  • Hot plates,( foam plastic, mineral wool, etc.);
  • The vapor barrier is fixed on top.

This layered pie is closed on top with plywood sheets, PVC boards, siding or lining with lining. The floor of the loggia can be covered with tiles( to visually enlarge the space, it needs to be laid diagonally) or covered with a laminate.

Examples and finishes loggia

In modern apartments loggia plays an important role if the area allows, it even used as an extra room. And if it is glazed, insulated and trimmed from within with any material, then it can be used as an additional room even in winter.

The use of drywall allows you to choose any material for finishing the loggia Application drywall allows to select any material for finishing processing loge

Finishing loggia, depending on the individual preferences and financial capabilities, may be performed by different materials.

Sheathing inside balconies or terraces lining - this natural material to create an atmosphere of suburban terraces, if the lining made from oak or aspen, then the material will serve for many years. Some people trim the loggia from the inside with sheets of plasterboard, this method is also possible, provided that the internal walls and the ceiling are uneven. To do this, first the frame is made, the heat insulation sheets are laid, and everything is sewed on top of the drywall sheets. It is best in this case to use moisture-resistant sheets of plasterboard. Used for finishing loggias and vinyl siding, thanks to easy installation, as well as a large number of colors, you can choose any color for finishing.

In addition, the siding:

  • Durable;
  • Resistant to atmospheric precipitation;
  • Can be used from the outside;
  • Well tolerates temperature changes.

You can also use other options for finishing the loggia materials, panels made of cork, artificial stone, MDF panels and other materials, etc. If you want to make a functional room on the loggia, for example, an office, then it is best to use PVC panels, Roman blinds or blinds.

Tips: how to trim the loggia with your own hands

It is worth to finish the loggia after all the other works have been completed, such as insulation, glazing, wiring and other necessary work. In most cases, you can do all the finishing work yourself.

Warming the balcony, do not leave any, even the smallest, not for isolated details and cracks

The main thing is to choose the types of materials for registration( if the loggia is insulated and inside it will not be near zero and negative temperatures) forInternal works.

If there is a risk of negative temperatures, use frost-resistant materials, such as siding or, as it is also called, a plastic lining. The process of finishing itself is quite simple. On the walls and ceiling of the loggia is fastened a crate, which can be made of wooden beams, or from a metal profile. Thanks to the crate, each siding panel will be located as flat as possible. When the frame is installed, you can add a heater to the voids.

After the installation of auxiliary profiles, which will be inserted all other profiles. After they are cut to size and installation in place with subsequent fastening at several points.

In addition to siding, other materials can be used, for example:

  • PVC panels;
  • Tree;
  • Plaster;
  • And even gypsum cardboard.

During the operation it is necessary to check the level, it is important that all panels are installed exactly, after all the other necessary elements are installed.

The best options for finishing the loggia inside: photos and examples

In modern construction markets, there is a large number of all kinds of finishing materials that can be successfully used for finishing a balcony or a loggia. Everything depends on how you plan to use this space, what is the overall design of the apartment. Traditionally, the interior decoration of the loggia can be performed by popular materials.

To enjoy a balcony or loggia all year round, be sure to spend heating To enjoy a balcony or loggia all year round, perform a heating

The paneling with a lining( wooden slats, attached to walls and ceiling) is practical and convenient to use. The only drawback is that they should be covered with a protective agent, and periodically update the coating. In this case, you should choose a quality material without potholes and cracks. Instead of vagonki can use MDF panels, which are pressed chips, covered with a special layer of film. But there is a restriction on the use of these panels on the temperature regime and that such a coating is not very resistant to damage.

You can decorate the loggia from the inside with plastic, such loggias look good enough, and you can combine different colors of plastic panels.

Their only drawback is that they should be selected according to the temperature regime. From severe frost, plastic can crack, and from a high temperature can be deformed.

The floor of the loggia can be covered with tiles, laminate, wood and even linoleum, the main thing is to make sure that all materials are a single unit and give a finished look to this room.

Decorating the balcony with your own hands( video)

There are a lot of options for loggia design, starting from the simplest ideas with inexpensive cosmetic repairs and ending with the elite with the best finishing materials. If a person doubts what finish to make, he can look at different finishes and choose the perfect one.

Design and decoration of loggias( photo interiors)