How to adjust the plastic balcony door: on the balcony adjustment, an independent video, most build a house

You can also adjust the balcony door yourself, after having studied the instruction It is possible to adjust the balcony door by yourself, having previously studied the instruction In the case of plastic glazing, the essential question of many owners is how to adjust the plastic balcony door. In fact, it is not necessary to call the masters - you can do it yourself, following the existing rules. To do this, it is enough to study the design of the door, know its structure and basic details, as well as the principles of the fittings.

      • Standard device: adjusting the plastic door of the balcony
      • When the balcony door
      • is needed. Causes of malfunction: how to adjust the plastic balcony doors
      • What to do when the balcony door is not closed
      • Advice from professionals: howTo adjust the plastic balcony door to the
      • clamp. The basic rules: how to tighten the plastic balcony door
      • Problem prevention: blows the plastic balcony door
      • Adjustment of plastic balcony doors alone( video)

Standard device: adjustment of the plastic balcony door

Any balcony door has a set of components, the quality of which can affect its use.

Door mechanisms have a complex configuration and are demanding for fine tuning Door mechanisms are of complex configuration and demanding to fine-tune the

Basic elements:

  • Door frame made of thermoplastic polymer profiles, fixed with special fasteners;
  • A leaf manufactured in the same way as a frame;
  • Handle for sash;
  • Door hinges, capable of withstanding the weight of the entire structure;
  • Lock in order to close the door in the clamping state;
  • Seal against drafts, and also absorbing noise;
  • Plastic double-glazed windows;
  • The door threshold, which can be made of steel or aluminum, is sometimes included in the construction of the door frame.

The set of necessary fittings can be supplemented with such elements as a stopper, hydraulic, pneumatic or door closer.

When using a high-quality door can last about 20 years, and is designed for more than half a thousand openings and closings. Of the 3 strength classes, A is the most durable type of door.

This indicates a high resistance to dynamic and static loads, as well as reliable welding of corners. The structure can be glazed partially or made in one piece.

When balcony door adjustment is required

The plastic balcony door can be adjusted by hand. If there is a clear instruction, you need to follow professional instructions.

Most often adjustments are required clamping eccentrics The most commonly required adjustments are clamping eccentrics

Adjustment is required in the following cases:

  • The balcony door can not be closed unless it is secured with a lock;
  • The device opens with great difficulty and requires the use of force;
  • The door touches the frame when closing;
  • There are cracks on the double-glazed windows;
  • Cloth in use produces a squeak;
  • Despite the fact that the door is tightly closed, a cool mass of air blows into the room.

Sometimes it's hard to understand when something is wrong with the canvas. To check if it functions normally, you can perform this test:

Put a piece of paper on the frame and close the door, try to pull it out. In the place where it stretches freely, insufficient tightness, which means that adjustment is required.

Causes of malfunctions: how to adjust the plastic doors of the balcony

In order to regulate the door leaf itself, it is necessary to identify existing problems and eliminate their causes.

The sagging of the door is due to the weakening of the fasteners, due to the temperature drops The door sag is due to the weakening of the fasteners, due to the temperature drops

Types of failures are different:

  • Damage to the box and its displacement in the side;
  • Clearances between the web and the box;
  • The door sagged under its own weight, and touches the lower threshold;
  • Too tight clamp, breakage of the lock, its incorrect work;
  • The handle mechanism is broken - it jams because it is not assembled correctly.

These abnormalities can be caused by sharp changes in high and low temperatures. As a rule, this causes a weakening of the device. When the rooms are ventilated, the door can remain open for a long time. Since the web is in a suspended form, there is an increased load on the loops, which causes them to be blown and weakened.

The PVC doors can also be jammed due to the fact that the leaf freezes, as condensate accumulates between the door and the box.

Shrinkage of walls, if the house is built recently or wrong installation of the canvas can lead to skew.

What to do when the balcony door is not properly closed

The most common problem with metal-plastic doors is the sagging of them under their weight, and as a result, loosening and deformation by a loop and a general skewing of the whole structure.

Problems with plastic doors often occur after the first season of operation Problems with plastic doors are more likely to occur after the first operating season

Repair is necessary in the following situations:

  1. If the plastic door of the balcony closes loosely, the problem may be due to the deformation of the leaf, sagging it on the hinges, Breakage of accessories.
  2. You should see how it closes and does not come into contact with the threshold. If this happened, most likely, the door sagged under its weight and the metal-plastic construction should be repaired.
  3. Due to temperature changes, the door may be damaged in the middle part, and it will grab the box.
  4. When the distance between the frame and the leaf through which air passes is formed, it can be said that the clamp is damaged. In such cases, it is necessary to tighten the door.

Fortunately, all the work can be done independently, without resorting to the help of qualified masters. It can be done quickly and economically.

Advice from professionals: how to adjust the plastic balcony door to the

clamp. The balustrade force of the balcony door is regulated by means of special locking elements located on the door leaf. They are made in the form of trunnions or eccentrics.

The adjustment of the leaf clamp does not require special skills and is often produced independently Adjustment of the leaf clamp does not require special skills and is often produced independently


  • Round;
  • Oval.

Such elements are used, both for the doors of plastic balcony doors and for windows.

To strengthen the clamp, the mounting hexagon key is inserted into the center of the eccentric and rotates by several millimeters. In addition, you can use pliers.

After work, it is necessary to check the door for adherence. When regulating, care must be taken to ensure that all parts are located in the same way.

The adjustment is carried out, usually twice a year. If the pressure is to be weakened for the summer, then it is made stronger for the winter. In this case, the leaf is firmly pressed against the door frame - the frame from the hinge side with screws on both hinges.

To properly build the work process, it is advisable to use the configuration scheme. You can get information on this issue from the manufacturer of the fittings.

Basic rules: how to tighten the plastic balcony door

First of all, the cause of the problem should be clarified, and for this, the door and seal are inspected. The leaflet may be warped, and deformation marks may remain on the sealant material, and the handle device may also be poorly functioning.

Full adjustment of the door requires knowledge of the mechanism of the mechanism, so it is better to turn to professionals Complete door adjustment requires knowledge of the mechanism of the mechanism, therefore it is better to contact the professionals

In this situation, you will need:

  • Adjustment key with six faces( 3-4 mm);
  • Lining from plastic.

First you need to move the corner of the canvas in any direction, after which the decorative stub is removed from the top hinge. Then, tighten the loop screw. The leaf, at the same time, is fixed horizontally. To move the lower door angle, a similar plug is removed from it.

When the seal is damaged, it is advisable to lift the leaf and adjust the loop adjustment in an upright position.

Attention!When the leaf is raised, the screw is turned counter-clockwise, while the clockwise movement is used to lower it.

In cases where it was not possible to adjust the plastic door with the help of loops, you can do the following:

  • The fastenings are removed - special glazing beads for holding the glass in the door frame;
  • One or more gaskets are placed between the plastic profile and the double-glazed window.

This operation is carried out very carefully so as not to damage the device.

Prevention of problems: the plastic balcony door is blown

The plastic balcony door can be used for a long period of time if it is properly taken care of. It will also save you from constant regulation.

Avoid problems in the future will help the properly selected supplier and installer of plastic structures To avoid problems in the future, the properly selected supplier and installer of plastic structures will help

Preventive measures:

  1. To prevent the door from slipping when the euro closes, you need to buy a microlift. This device will additionally support the canvas. The device for a double-glazed window with two chambers is especially recommended.
  2. The limiter is needed to control the width of the door opening - it can only be opened for a certain distance, which will not allow the hinges to be blown.
  3. Seal materials require periodic lubrication with silicone. This will prevent the device from attenuating at critical temperatures and will allow using it for a long time.
  4. The locking mechanism must also be lubricated. The handle should rotate freely, but do not get mixed up.
  5. An important element of the fittings are the latches on the balcony door - they are necessary so that the outside door can be opened and closed without any effort.

Such a fixer will prevent the loss of heat in the apartment in the cold season, especially if the owners often go out on the balcony.

Adjustment of plastic balcony doors alone( video)

Any problem related to the plastic balcony door can be solved on its own, without resorting to expensive repairs with the help of qualified masters. But for this it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions that are attached to the accessories kit and the scheme of the work to be done, otherwise the product may be damaged, after which the warranty period of the service will be no longer available. And there are cases when professional assistance is required.