Dryer for clothes on the balcony: a hanger for drying water, a suspended wall device, a folding device

The design of modern dryer for clothes is transformed into the desired position in a few seconds, and some have electric drive The design of modern clothes dryers transforms into the right position in a few seconds, and some have an electric drive A long time ago, when the clothes were dried in yards on clotheslines stretched between trees, or hung like flags behind a balcony. Now life has become more comfortable, and the housewives have the opportunity to dry linen on the balcony or loggia, using various devices for this.

    • Modern types of clothes dryers for the balcony
    • Floor drying for linen on the balcony
    • Wall and ceiling drier for drying the balcony balcony
    • Alternatives for clothes hangers for the balcony
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Modern types of clothes dryers for the balcony

Dryers for drying clothesIn the bathroom, on the battery, in the room, but the best option is the balcony. Some dryers are universal and can be installed anywhere. There are designs that can be moved or hidden after drying clothes and stationary, fixed to a permanent place.

The big popularity have dryers which in an inactive position closely adjoin to a ceiling Dryers are very popular, they are pressed against the ceiling when not in use.

According to the method and the attachment point, the dryers are divided into the following types:

  • Floor;
  • Ceiling;
  • Wall mounted;
  • Suspended;
  • Mounted.

The fabrication material can be metal( steel, aluminum), plastic, wood. Aluminum dryers are light and inexpensive, but with frequent use, do not differ in a long service life. Over time, aluminum parts can oxidize and leave marks on clothes. Dryers from aluminum do not withstand heavy loads and bend under the weight of the laundry.

More durable and reliable stainless steel drying, which is coated with a polymer compound or chrome plated. Naturally, such dryers have a higher cost. Plastic dryers are easy to clean, but can deform under the influence of the load.

Before buying a dryer, you need to determine its dimensions and installation options, take into account the availability of lamps, the possibility of opening the balcony frame and other details.

Wooden liners are not common. They are made as an addition to a specific interior. Wooden dryers are not characterized by long-term operation and are not designed for high loads.

Outdoor drying for linen on the balcony

The floor-standing laundry dryer is universal, it can be installed as needed in the room, or a small construction on a loggia or balcony. To increase the length, folding wings are provided.

The floor dryer has a high mobility and does not require a special installation The floor dryer has greater mobility and does not require a special installation.

Characteristics of the floor washer dryer:

  • Total working length up to 18 m;
  • Maximum load of 20 kg;
  • Number of rods 4-7 pcs.

For convenience, in some designs wheels are fixed, this makes it easy to move the dryer. Floor dryers can be laid out, both horizontally and vertically and complemented by shoulders for drying clothes. The disadvantage of the floor dryer is that it takes up too much space, but its installation does not require much effort.

Wall and ceiling device for drying clothes on the balcony

It is convenient to use on the balcony wall and ceiling structures that save space and fit well into the interior.

Sliding constructions are convenient in that it is possible to use the necessary number of crossbeams Sliding constructions are convenient in that you can use the required number of rails

Wall-mounted dryer options:

  1. Sliding structure, if necessary, metal slats are put on which the clothes are hung.
  2. Fixed construction, not laid out and not retracted.
  3. Of two parts, most often plastic, which are mounted on opposite walls. In one there is a drum with coiled ropes. If necessary, stretches ropes from one part of the structure and fixes them to the other. After drying, the ropes are wound into the drum using a spring mechanism.
  4. Combined structures, allowing to regulate the height.

Each model has its pros and cons. Not everyone likes the rope sagging dryer, after which the dried clothes are creases, and with metal or plastic tubes underwear, especially small items can be dumped.

To fix the laundry, special clothespins are used on the tubes.

Some dryers have a fixed ceiling design, it saves space, but creates an inconvenience as to hang the laundry, we have to stand on a stool. The choice of dryer design depends on the amount of laundry to be washed and the availability of a free area. If you wash a lot and often, it is better to choose a reliable dryer with height adjustment. Similar designs of some manufacturers, especially plastic ones, do not inspire confidence and deserve disapproval of users, so it's better to choose steel or aluminum dryers from Russia, Italy, Germany.

The dryer type "Liana" package includes:

  • bracket with roller mechanism for pulling the cord;
  • Clamp, fastened to the wall, to hold the cord;
  • Cord;
  • Tubes for hanging clothes;
  • Fasteners( dowels, screws);
  • Instruction.

If the ceiling construction, then each bracket has holes for fixing to the ceiling. In addition, the kit can include special parts for the wall version. In general, the device is modern and stylish, well suited to the interior of the balcony.

Ceiling structures are conveniently located under the ceiling and do not interfere with traffic, and can withstand greater loads than similar wall variants. To mount the dryer to a false ceiling, it is necessary to provide in advance the attachment points, installing a wooden beam under the finish.

Alternative hangers for clothes on the balcony in the proposed

mounted or pendant design as an alternative to permanently fixable dryers. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

As a rule, hanging dryers are small in size usually mounted dryers are small

features hinged and suspended structures dryers:

  1. installed in any convenient location, hung on the edge of a loggia or a balcony, if it is not glazed. An external or internal installation can be carried out.
  2. Dry knitting can be carried out in the unfolded form, for which there are special suspended or floor fixtures from several tiers.
  3. Suspended hanger can be used in conjunction with a different design. It is usually dried small items of clothes, which are attached with clothespins.

Some items of clothing is best to dry, using a coat hanger( hang), that can be hung on the wall or ceiling version, or a special device. One of the variants with the use of hangers is a design based on the two aluminum profiles with holes located under the ceiling. The system is adjustable in height.

The device for drying clothes is easy to make by hand, for example, from polyethylene pipes and fittings or from a metal frame and pipes.

It is possible to make a dryer of a simple design made of wood on its own. To do this, you need to fasten the wooden slats with metal holders that hang on hooks attached to the ceiling. Instead of hooks, you can use a roller mechanism and make a structure adjustable in height. The disadvantage of such a dryer is that it will not withstand too much stress.

An interesting version of the dryer is a retractable ceiling construction with a remote control. The automatic device includes a pair of fans to reduce the drying time of clothes. The design withstands a sufficiently high load, up to 30 kg. The cost of such a dryer is appropriate. In some cases, if there is a power source, you can install an electric dryer on the balcony, which heats the laundry to 55 ° C, so that it will dry out more quickly.

How to choose a dryer for the balcony( video)

Having weighed the pros and cons, you can choose or make your own hands dryer for the balcony that will suit the requirements. Successful acquisitions!

Examples of dryers to the balcony( photo ideas)