Stairs-transformer: 7 meters, a chair with your own hands, Eiffel and hinged Intertool Lt 0028, Krause and reviews

Practical stairs-transformer will help quickly and easily cope with repair work Practical staircase transformer will help to quickly and easily cope with repair work. Universal ladder transformers help in the construction industry and at home. Sideboards, cantilevers, ladders - just a small part of the entire list of reliable assistants, allowing in any situation to cope with the task. Anyone who can make enough effort to find the necessary model can acquire it.

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Selecting the Eiffel ladder

The manufacturer has taken care of the professionalThe builder and the beginner could work with such stepladder equally confidently. Depending on your needs, you can choose solid and prefabricated options.

Popular today are the stairs-transformers, which the company Eiffel, because they are comfortable and high-quality The most popular today are the EFEL staircases, because they are comfortable and quality

The assortment list of the Eifel manufacturing company is represented by several modifications:

  1. Staircase with 4-section structure -Has a height of 5 meters. If necessary, it can be used as scaffolding.
  2. The ladder with a 3-section structure - like those who constantly need to solve a lot of diverse tasks. In a few seconds, the product from the plug-in model will turn into an inverted "U" or "L".If necessary, one ladder-transformer can easily be divided into 3 autonomous parts.
  3. Fiberglass model - used in construction and industrial facilities where there is an increased risk of injury. Thanks to the use of innovative materials, the product does not conduct current and is resistant to slipping. In addition, a professional stepladder is equipped with a folding shelf for tools.
  4. Aluminum ladder - characterized by low weight. Thanks to the convenient mechanism of transformation, the product can be stored in the cottage or in the pantry.

Optionally, the manufacturer supplies its products with anti-slip flooring and a shelf for convenient storage of things.

Stair-transformer Eiffel-Classic

Aluminum staircase is used as an attachment and a ladder. Regardless of the type of surface, the construction structure does not slip.

In addition to horizontal stability, the Classic model differs by its increased load capacity.

Advantage of the ladder-transformer from the manufacturer Eifel lies in the fact that it practically does not slip on the surface Advantage of the ladder-transformer from the manufacturer Eiffel is that it practically does not slip on the surface

Before buying, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the performance of the product:

  • Steps format: 4x5;
  • Product Weight: 17.8 kg;
  • Presence of a locking system in variable positions;
  • 6 reinforced hinges, providing a convenient transformation;
  • Length: 5,7m;
  • Height: from 1m 50cm to 2m 75cm;

The permissible load on the stage when using in ladder mode is 150 kg, and when it comes to the ladder - then no more than 100 kg.

Convenient in handling staircase transformer Centaure

It is presented on the market in several modifications: 4x4 and 4x5.Due to its small size, Centaure does not require space for maneuvers. In the assembled state it takes 1m 60cm. If the room is slightly less free space, then attention should be paid to the model Sibin, produced in 4x1 and 4x3 format.

When choosing a staircase in a store, you must familiarize yourself with its technical description and functionality When choosing a ladder in the store, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its technical description and functionality

As mentioned above, depending on the modification, the technical description can vary:

  • Maximum height in the form of a stepladder: 2m50cm;
  • Length: 5m 82 cm;
  • 6 knots of strength from steel;
  • Autofixing system.

Here, as in the Rigger and Sadko models, a dual security system is used.

Features of the ladder-transformer Intertool lt 0028

You can buy it in 2х5 and 2х6 format, depending on your needs. Easy hinge model Intertool 0028 freely moves from one place to another. In the working position, fixation occurs at 4 points. The budget variant of this model is the Technolog 4х3 and Vira 2х5 stairs.

To carry out repair work at home, experts recommend choosing the staircase Intertool 0028, which is easily and quickly transformed For repair work at home, experts recommend choosing the Intertool 0028 ladder, which is easily and quickly transformed

The product is characterized by the following parameters:

  • Aluminum housing;
  • Length( disassembled view): 4m 05cm;
  • Length( assembled view): 105cm
  • Height( "bridge"): 72cm;
  • Height( "stepladder"): 1м 65см;

The number of steps is implemented in the 2 × 5 format;

Professional ladder-transformer Krause

The Germans are famous for their quality and versatility, therefore the Krause model attracts the attention of those who are accustomed to solving several problems at once. In many respects, the Corda and Ufuk model have similar parameters, which gives a lot of freedom to the end user.

Sufficiently strong, high-quality and in-demand are the Krause ladders today The staircases Krause

are quite strong, high-quality and in demand today. From a practical point of view, the product, whose weight is 13 kg, has the following advantages:

  • Aluminum housing;
  • Length( disassembled view): 3m 60cm;
  • Length( assembled view): 95cm
  • Height( "bridge"): 80cm;
  • Height( "stepladder"): 1m 75cm;

Number of stages implemented in 4x3 format;

Should I buy a ladder-transformer from 7 meters and higher

When choosing a specific modification, it is necessary to proceed from the goal that is pursued. For domestic needs, it will not work, but for industrial and construction projects it will be just right. In the store you need to pay attention to the main nodes of the stairs, so you do not have to grieve about wasted money.

First of all, the dimensions of the product are studied in all modes.

When choosing a ladder-transformer, one must also take into account its degree of stability and strength When choosing a ladder-transformer, you must also take into account its stability and strength

. This is done so that it can be used under any operating conditions.

In addition, attention should be paid to the following factors:

  • Convenience of storage and transportation;
  • Degree of resistance to external physical influences;
  • Presence of optional shelves for storing the tools required;
  • Fastening strength of steps;
  • The degree of reliability of the latches in all positions.

Simply put, the best universal high-altitude ladder should not cause problems and do not require long preparation before operation.

Make a stair staircase-transformer yourself

It so happens that the assortment list of building stores does not always allow to meet consumer demand. In this case it is necessary to make the necessary construction for your work with your own hands. A considerable experience is not required for this. It is only necessary to find detailed drawings and necessary details. Spare parts are purchased in the store of goods for construction.

For home use, you can make such a practical thing with your own hands like a stool-ladder, which is transformed For home use, you can make such a practical thing yourself with your hands like a staircase that is transformed

The list of required elements is as follows:

  • Wrench;
  • Drills of various diameters;
  • Electric drill;
  • Sheet steel, the parameters of which are 30x1000 mm;
  • 21 connecting bolt M8x70;
  • Washers;
  • Nuts;
  • Steel pipes with a thickness of 2 mm and a diameter of 30 mm.

Regardless of which company you buy parts, you need to take them with a small margin.

We collect the ladder-ladder-transformer

As soon as everything is found, it is necessary to put a drawing before your eyes. After this, it is necessary to take a pipe, the size of which is 2 m and measure from both edges 300 mm, noting the points sought by the distance. Once this is done, you should select the drill and make holes to install the bolts. In both directions it is necessary to repeat the measurement in steps of 300mm. The same must be done with the second 2-meter and two 1.5-meter metal pipes.

If you decide to make a staircase, then you need to think ahead of the design of the product and prepare materials for work If you decide to make a staircase, then you need to think in advance of the design of the product and prepare the materials for the work of

Follow the following procedure:

  • The base for the steps is created by drilling holes in them4 points, having retreated for this from the edge of 15mm;
  • A self-made ladder will be stronger if the construction is complemented by two clamps made of sheet steel;
  • Carefully cut out the yoke bends, repeating the outer surface of the pipe;
  • The formation of the closed form is due to the couplings made of sheet steel;
  • Additional strength they will give the welding of the free ends of the product;
  • Both clamps are fixed at the level of the second step with the subsequent installation of pipes with already prepared holes in them;
  • In the next step, the drawing instructs to connect all the elements with bolts.

The process of manufacturing is completed by installing steps and installing anti-skid nozzles.

The difficulty of choosing a ladder-transformer: is it worth reading reviews

Buyers are used to the fact that each seller has a rating based on the feedback received. Do not take this indicator as a universal value. For example, when buying used products on the OLX website, the rating indicated there does not refer to products, but to its seller. The situation is different when it is necessary to create the company Krause or Inforce from the official supplier. In this case, the rating reflects the quality of the product and the level of service.

To get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of stairs-transformers you can on the Internet You can familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of the staircases-transformers on the Internet

Based on customer feedback, the construction industry has compiled a rating of manufacturers depending on the purpose of using the ladder:

  • New wooden ladder produced by CastoramaOr Premier, is designed to work in an apartment or a private house;
  • Startul and Stabilo - thanks to the sliding platform are indispensable in industrial and domestic environments;
  • Ladders fiberglass transformable( LSPTD) - suitable for work in the office and at home;
  • For high-altitude work suitable for use in the brand Alpe;
  • Zarges EN131 - the best option for the ratio of price and quality option for working in a warehouse environment.

As the list shows, in the stool or chair mode the product has different performance characteristics. In this regard, the final choice is made based on the sum of all parameters derived from the feedback.

Rules for the safe operation of the hinged ladder-transformer

Asking which construction ladders to choose, citizens lose sight of the element of risk. Equipment of this kind requires compliance with safety standards. Neglect of this rule leads to sad consequences.

When working with a ladder, do not forget about the safety rules When working with the ladder, do not forget about the safety rules

In addition to the theoretical, it is necessary to undergo practical training. To begin with, you need to make sure that the steel structure stands firmly on the surface.

Those who plan to work at a height of more than 1.4 m, it is strongly recommended to wear a safety belt. It will several times reduce the likelihood of falling and mutilation.

In addition, the safety regulations include the following recommendations:

  • There is always a person downstairs who insures the person on the stairs;
  • Operation of multifunctional and budgetary building structures on staircases is forbidden;
  • It is forbidden to try to get to objects located much higher than the upper step of the staircase;
  • You can not use any kind of welding while on the stairs;
  • A similar prohibition applies to electrical equipment and pneumatic equipment.

In case of malfunctions, immediate repair is required.

Transformer ladder( video)

Compliance with the above TB rules will avoid bodily injury caused by an accident. In addition to safety, it is necessary to pay attention to an adequate choice of stairs. Height and length in the assembled and disassembled position, strength, presence of electrical insulation - all of the listed factors must be taken into account.

Details: ladder-transformer( photo examples)