Ladder on metal kosourah: installation and photo, online calculation, on one wooden, stepped steps with their own hands

The staircase on metal kosourah perfectly complements the design of a modern room Ladder on metal kosour perfectly complement the modern design of the room Residents of private houses and spacious apartments are increasingly paying attention to the stairs on the metal kosour. Its feature is the ability to form an aesthetic and functional component of the design. The more precisely the base is made, the easier it is to manufacture the steps. For this reason, it is recommended for beginners and professionals to begin to understand the peculiarities of such constructions.

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Specifications Metal Saddle stairs

Depending on the architectural features of the premises and the financial capacity of the owner, the design is carried out in two possible ways. In the first case, the metal ladder on the kosuroh provides for fixing the steps on the upper side.

The size of the lateral indent is 10 to 13 cm, being largely dependent on the internal width of the ladder march.

The larger the ledge, the wider the step. It is extremely rare in this case, there is mounting on the steps. The second variant of installation of such a construction is the fastening of the steps between the Kosovars.

Before installing a metal ladder, you should think in advance of its design and construction Before installing a metal staircase, you should think in advance of its design and construction

In this case of the following design features:

  1. maximum thickness kosoura ranges from 10 to 14 cm, and width -From 8 to 14 cm. Much depends on the number of steps.
  2. Use of incomplete and complete risers, depending on the architectural features of the room. Connect both versions using dowels or glue.
  3. Presence of lateral zigzag of Kosovra.

At the design stage, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the chosen modification of the ladder. The more accurate this is done, the less time the installation process will take. Based on the collected information, a typical technological map( TTK) is formed, a document that determines the further work.

Varieties of metal ladders on the strips

Until the transition to the practical implementation of the approved project, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze everything. To a greater extent, this concerns the parameters of the Kosovars. In essence, they play the role of a kind of support for the steps.

The better it is made, the longer the steps will last. The most common form in all the drawings is a straight form.

In order for the staircase to be strong and safe, it is necessary to choose only high-quality materials To the ladder was sturdy and safe, it is necessary to choose only quality materials

Its manufacture is made from wood and metal. A combination of concrete and the materials mentioned above is much less often used. This is done in those cases where it is necessary to make a greater thickness of the steps.

Depending on the shape of the structure, the following types are distinguished:

  • Screw;
  • Zigzag - it is also called broken;
  • Direct.

In addition to the direct version, the architecture uses screw and broken. For their successful implementation requires a certain amount of experience and theoretical knowledge.

Erect metal kosour for

stairs Despite the apparent attractiveness of the wood, the metal is still the most popular material for the formation of a future framework. This is due to the wear resistance of the material and is not susceptible to external influences.

To create it, you need a pipe or metal profile, the size of which is the same as the parameters of the future ladder.

First you need to fix all dimensions. The information collected will help to determine the required amount of material with a greater degree of probability.

When installing a ladder on metal skosurah, experts recommend paying attention to the slope of the structure When installing the ladder on metal strippers, specialists recommend paying attention to the slope of the

. The following recommendations will help to make the measurement process more accurate:

  • To fix the height of the structure;
  • It is correct to determine the angle of inclination of the ladder;
  • Mark the parameters of steps and risers in the drawing.

As experience shows, it is enough to fix parameters only of a single Kosoura. The situation with DWG constructions is a bit more complicated. In this case, the parameters listed above are fixed in a section.

Universal metal ladder on one brace

Bold in all respects an option made on one mounting. It can be realized only in the event that there is not planned a significant load on the structure. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the geometry of the ladder. If there are several more following one turn, then there is a need for two or more Kosowars.

Many people prefer to choose a universal design, because it can be quickly assembled and installed Many people prefer to choose a universal design because it can be quickly assembled and installed

Attention is also drawn to the physical parameters of the walls. If they do not allow to draw a conclusion about their strength, then it is better to dwell on the variant with two iron clamps.

There are a few more tips from experienced builders:

  1. The prefabricated construction is a versatile option, allowing even with many external negative factors. Like the cubes of the constructor, everything is arranged in a free order.
  2. If you do not want to give up the original idea, then you can qualitatively make a 1-spiral staircase in the following way. The fixing to the wall is made at 4-5 points using metal pins.
  3. For houses with toddlers and 4-legged pets, non-slip constructions are suitable. Their essence lies in the title. You can literally run around them.

The only restriction is the requirement for a large free space.

Accurate calculation of staircases on strings: online recommendations

Accuracy and accuracy are not only the courtesy of kings, but also the true friend of the builder. While fixing the necessary parameters, it is necessary to use a calculator that allows you to calculate everything with jewelry accuracy. The first thing to remember is that the mathematical calculations for the ladder on a wooden and metal basis occur in different ways. Yes, there are some common features, but it is not worthwhile to put a "=" sign between the two technologies on this basis.

Make a metal ladder comfortable and safe by using the correct design calculation It is possible to make the metal ladder comfortable and safe with the correct calculation of the structure

The direct calculation is performed as follows:

  1. The length of the supporting structure is determined based on the Pythagorean theorem. The desired parameter is obtained after calculating the square of the hypotenuse with the subsequent extraction of the square root.
  2. The leg is the height of the stairwell from 1 to 2 floors. Here it is necessary to add the distance from the upper platform to the bottom step. In order to calculate the angle, it is necessary to measure the slope of the entire structure.

Further mathematical calculations depend on the mechanism for securing the stages. If it is decided to do everything in the house with the help of mares, then you need to take a bit smaller than the step area bar.

Rules for the installation of stairs on the strips

The rules for working with materials do not depend on which foundation is chosen for the construction of the staircase with their own hands on the second floor. It is more difficult to work with metal that requires installation of mares. In addition, it is mandatory to use a support plate, which is made of a sheet of metal.

A plate in the form of a step is cut out so that it is covered without projections. After that, everything is welded to the supporting base with the obligatory fixation with the help of bolts.

Correctly and quickly to install a metal ladder on the strips will help you specialists To correctly and quickly install a metal ladder on the strips you will be assisted by specialists

Certain complexity is represented by complex structures of step type, equipped with a double strand. In this case, do not need to use the above-mentioned feces.

The following procedure is as follows:

  1. Use of bolts - with the help of dowels and a support leg, the steps of the ladder are fixed.
  2. The steel support is made in the form of a curved sheet, fixed using 4 screws.
  3. The use of a wooden filly is advisable in those cases when the beam is used as a quality. To fix the parts used studs or dowels.

Cutted tread - all supporting steps are fixed on the strips using self-tapping screws with the addition of glue.

Assembly of stairways for metal strips

Once everything is ready, you can safely proceed to the practical implementation of the project. In order for all nodes to be in their places, it is recommended to put the drawing in front of your eyes. Beginners will simplify their lives, starting with the middle profile section of the stairs. In this case, it is easier to make the necessary adjustments. Even if there is a large or not very inaccurate error, it will not be necessary to destroy everything to make adjustments.

If you decide to install the ladder yourself, then in advance it is necessary to prepare all materials and tools for work If you decide to install the ladder yourself, then it is necessary to prepare all the materials and tools in advance for the work

Designers with experience have prepared several recommendations for beginners:

  • All load-bearing elements must be hidden from view;
  • Self-tapping screws and bolts with high safety factor are used;
  • Install the kosour on a pre-prepared surface.

Functional and externally attractive design, made on the basis of wooden or metal oblique, suitable for a private house, cottage or office space with a sufficient area. If you do not have one, you can always choose a compact version. This is a zigzag and direct form. Before installing each of them, careful measurements are made.

Details: Saddle stairs( photo examples)