Testing of stairs and ladders: 2017 normative document and stand, sample act, Okof and periodicity according to GOST

Check the quality of the stairs by using special tests You can check the quality of the ladder with special tests All temporary stairs of the type of ladders should be periodically tested in order to confirm or disprove their suitability. The main purpose of testing stairs, including ladders, is safety, since if you do not do this, the ladder can fail at the wrong time.

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    • requirements and standards for testing ladders
    • Stand for testing of ladders and stepladders: general description
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General description of the test of stairs and ladders

When operating ladder ladders, there are constantly loads on the stage, on moving parts, which may sooner or later lead to metal fatigue, cracking, and structural failure.

Experts recommend checking the ladders for strength at least once a year recommends testing ladder on the strength of at least once a year


  • If the ladder or step ladder made of aluminum, it should be checked once a year on the strength, and if the wooden stairs, herTested for strength every six months;
  • Ladders and step-ladders are tested every time after the repair, including the capital, but if even after repair on the wooden staircases there are cracks, breaks, operation of such stairs is not allowed;
  • Aluminum stairs and ladders, if there are deformations, dents, backlash, etc., operation is not allowed.

Also tested for stability, if the ladder mounted on a level platform is unstable, operation after the test is not allowed. If the ladder is attached, then it should be strictly vertical and not have any roll.

Testing of stairs and ladders in 2017

According to the safety instructions for operating stairs in 2017, they must be checked periodically. According to the rules on labor protection, periodic testing of stairs is envisaged in order to ensure the safety of people.

Verification of stairs should include both visual inspection and its testing by various loads ladders inspection must include both visual inspection and its testing various loads

According to this memo, stairs and ladders must pass a test at regular intervals:

  1. aluminum ladder ladder checked once a year, The check consists of a visual inspection, a check of stability and load with a certain weight on the step ladder.
  2. According to the instruction and orders, the responsible person should perform inspection and testing of the stairs, with the entry of all the results obtained in a special magazine. This same person should monitor the condition of not only ladders, but also other equipment.

If during the inspection and subsequent tests any irregularities in work or deformation, cracks, loopholes, etc. are detected in the ladder or ladder, then such a ladder is sent for repairs, which is done by the person conducting the tests.

requirements and standards for testing ladders

According to regulations, ladders ladders test should be performed in organizations that have a special stand and specially trained and certified person with the necessary equipment for the test conditions.

With the requirements and standards for testing stairs can be found in special regulations with the requirements and standards testing of ladders can be found in the special regulations

test rules:

  1. Any test of ladder ladders according to GOST begins with the verification of their service life, on the staircase itself or in the postscript documents this period must be specified. An inventory number, a mark of belonging to the department or division and the date of the previous inspection should also be indicated.
  2. test and maintenance ladders determined under the regulations SNiP 12-03-2001 and GOST 24258, and according to the rules of work at a height, and the rules on labor protection. When operating stairs and ladders, all these regulations should be taken into account, to avoid accidents and injuries.

After verifying the ladder for suitability for further operation, the log should contain a record of the next test date, an inventory number that must match the number on the ladder, and so on.

Stand for testing of ladders and stepladders: general description

If there is no possibility of the company or in any company perform the test of stairs in the home, contact a specialist company, which has everything you need, including, and methods of testDifferent kinds of stairs.

If you need to experience a ladder or a stepladder, you need to contact a specialist for assistance If you need to test a ladder or stepladder, it needs to seek professional help

In such company the test is carried out with the help of special stands:

  1. or ladders installed on a flat and stable surface, And its structure is subjected to a static load for 2 minutes. Moreover, both halves of the ladder are checked, and the load is carried to the middle stages.
  2. Trial ladders are also tested, the only difference from the test of the ladders is that the ladder is put at an angle of 75 degrees to a flat vertical surface.
  3. Sliding ladders are suspended on the stand in fully decomposed condition, after which the load is hung and held for several minutes.

After all the tests, a protocol with the serial number and the date of testing is compiled, and other characteristics are indicated.

The protocol includes all information about the results of the test and verification of the ladder. The end of the document indicates the suitability or unsuitability of the product signed by the chairman of the commission, and its members.

Frequency Test ladders

procedure for testing all types of stairs and dates for technical examination is governed by rules and regulations and internal rules. The periodicity of testing the sliding stairs is one year, wooden stairs and pendant rope ladders should be checked every six months.

It is mandatory to conduct tests of stairs that have been repaired is mandatory to carry out testing of ladders, which were renovated

also check the frequency depends on the repair of the stairs:

  1. If metal staircase exposed major overhaul, it is also subjected to the test. Check after minor repairs, such as sanding, painting, etc. Not performed.
  2. The inspection of ladders, including portable ones, is carried out, as a rule, by the specialist of the company on special equipment after visual inspection. If there is no such possibility, the inspection is carried out by the engineer of labor protection. If there is no such position, then the person responsible for checking the equipment who has conducted special training is appointed.

Directly checking the ladders before performing any work is performed by the forces of the employee, who must ensure that the equipment is working, it is performed by visual inspection.

GOSTs for testing stairs and ladders

Work at height requires the use of special tools, including stairs. To the stairs, as well as other products used in the performance of certain works, certain requirements are made.

All tests of stairs must be carried out strictly according to GOST All tests must be carried out strictly stairs GOST


  1. rules for testing and operation of ladders include GOST 24258, as well as the regulation of safety in construction, safety rules when working with the tool and GOST 26887.
  2. program checks ladders according to GOST, OKOF and JECFA begins with checkTerm of their application, which should be shown in the document attached to the ladder. If there is no such document, an order is issued for an extraordinary check of the stairs.
  3. Wooden stairs in accordance with GOST begin to be checked from their measurements, which must correspond to the documentation( coverage check, etc.).

When all tests are completed, the stairs are marked with an inventory number, the date of the next test.

Guide for Testing ladders load

All ladders at varying intervals should be checked, it can be performed forces responsible people to test this equipment with entering all of the results in the corresponding document.

It is quite often that ladders are tested using a special load Quite often the ladder is tested using a special load

Instructions, how to test the ladder:

  • Visual inspection of the product, checking inventory numbers, checking all connections, check clearances, checking the stability, the absence of deformation, whichEither chipped, cracked, etc.;
  • ladder mounted on a flat surface at an angle of 75 degrees, then it is fixed load that gives a load of 120 kgf to one of the secondary stage, the total exposure time 2 min;
  • Stremyanka also put on a flat surface in a fully unfolded state, selectively middle stage subjected to a load of 200 kgf, then each string serially loaded with a load of 100 kgf.

Testing ladders( video)

Once the load is removed, the stairs are subjected to inspection for defects, if these are not found, then prescribe another term tests, and the stairs again sent into operation. If, after the tests, the ladder can not guarantee safe operation, in this case, a special form of registration of deterioration for further exploitation is filled.