The combination of wallpaper in the interior: photos of furniture colors, ideas in the room, miscellaneous lining, other examples, laminate

Correctly selected wallpaper will make your room original and beautiful A well-chosen wallpaper will make your room an original and beautiful some very little attention to color combinations in the wallpaper, and this is very important. How to properly combine wallpaper in the interior and what interesting color combinations exist - read on. Thanks to a beneficial combination of wallpaper, you can hide the essential flaws in the apartment, like low ceilings, small space, etc. Correctly combining the wallpaper, you can split a one-room apartment into zones or separate a bedroom from a nursery.

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combination of wallpaper: combining rules

combination of wallpaper in intersphere and what will suit each other - a simple question. To make the room look beautiful and stylish, you need to follow certain rules for combining wallpapers. The wallpaper should not "confront" the furniture, they should be in the same style, so that the room looked stylish.

most basic rules of combination of wallpaper, which will help to make repairs easier and more enjoyable:

  • to wallpaper stressed wall and created the basic form of the room, care should be taken as flat wall surface;
  • The wallpaper should be the same in thickness, to look harmoniously on the surface;
  • To not regret your choice, you should combine the wallpaper before they are bought;
  • It's better if the wallpaper is from the same material, because combining paper wallpapers with, for example, vinyl will not be easy;
  • For freshness of the interior combine bright shades with neutral ones. White color will look great with yellow, beige with turquoise or mint, purple with gray will add mystery room;

In one room is best to use wallpaper with one or two drawings In one room is better to use wallpaper with one or EYAD drawings

should not use more than two images in the same room unless glued design collection.

The combination of wallpaper with wallpaper: design cunning

It's not everyone who can properly combine different wallpapers. This requires a lot of patience, so as a result, the drawings fit together, the colors do not contradict the general situation in the room. Everything is much simpler, if the wallpaper without a picture, then you just need to choose the right shades.
It is easy enough to combine photo wallpapers. Lovers of seascapes can combine photo wallpapers with a picture of the sun and the sky with photo wallpapers, where there is sea and beach. Also, the original solution will combine photo wallpapers with sea fish: on each wall are different fish.
Another popular combination: a different pattern in one color scheme. For example, on one wall you can hang a floral ornament in a pink palette, and on the other wall another rounded pattern in the same color.

If wallpaper is glued in a room with low ceilings, you should choose wallpaper with vertical stripes or paste 2-3 stripes of wallpaper with a narrow vertical image.

Vertical combination of wallpaper strips will give the room an effect of higher ceilings Vertical combination of wallpaper strips will give the room the effect of higher ceilings

For fans of non-standard design, you can suggest to stick a strip of wallpaper that will continue on the ceiling.

beautiful combination for this option can be of three types:

  • red stripe on a white background;
  • Blue strip on a white background with a pattern in the middle;
  • Yellow strip on a white background.

This design requires white wallpaper without a pattern and a moderately wide strip of bright color, which will be glued from the floor towards the ceiling.
To select one area in the room with wallpaper, you should paste a bright strip in the middle of solid wallpaper. Ideas for a combination of shades can be different, but the most popular is a yellow strip on a khaki wall, the above-mentioned red strip on a white background, a purple strip on a white or gray background is perfect.
A standard solution for dividing walls using horizontal wall division. In this case, you can paste different types of wallpaper on the top and bottom, but it is very important that the drawings and color do not contradict each other and were in the same style.

Options for combining wallpapers( video)

Combining colors of furniture and wallpapers: making the apartment stylish and cozy easily

Before you happily exclaim about the perfect wallpaper, you should check that they are combined with furniture and flooring. Simply put, the laminate and the furniture should not have color "disputes" with the wallpaper.
The most popular and most desired color of furniture and wallpaper is the color of wenge. For those who do not know the color, the wenge is reminiscent of bitter chocolate with small light veins. He is strict, but luxurious. Color wenge is the most popular in the interior of expensive restaurants and elite coffee houses.

If the interior is made in beige, sandy or purple hues, the wenge color will perfectly fit into them.

Wenge wallpaper holders can be advised to paste them in a room with light beige or olive furniture.

Kitchen and dining room

In the kitchen, the wenge color will look great with white furniture or vice versa, the white walls are perfectly matched with the furniture under the wenge. The best neighbors for Wenge color, whether furniture or wallpaper, are white, olive, blue and orange. The only place where it is not worth placing a wenge color wallpaper is a children's room, since this shade can reduce a child's mood, make him sleepy and non-contact.

The right combination of wallpaper and furniture in the kitchen will give peace and comfort The right combination of wallpaper and furniture in the kitchen will give peace of mind and comfort

Other rules for combining wallpaper with furniture, too, is better not to be neglected. So, if the lighting in the room is bright, it's better to use cold flowers wallpaper. In order to successfully combine them with furniture, look in advance catalogs or take samples at home. For a room with soft lighting it is better to use warm colors to make the room look more comfortable.
Solid wallpaper will look great with bright furniture, funny elements of the interior, like your photos or pillows with funny drawings.

Living room

To decorate the living room it is worth using wallpaper with a simple drawing that will be in harmony with the furniture and the overall design. If you have chosen wallpaper to decorate the living room, they should be glued to the wall where furniture is not worth it.


To make a bedroom, you need to be especially careful, as using overly bright and fanciful wallpaper can harm sleep and mood. For the design of the bedroom, it is better to use cold wallpaper in combination with light furniture. Wallpaper for the bedroom should be calm and fully match the surrounding environment.

Bedrooms are better to decorate in light colors Bedrooms are better decorated in light colors

Precautions in the design of the country house

Many have cottages where the walls are made of lining. This material is used to wear out visually after a certain amount of time. When this happens, the first thought that comes to mind is to update the walls with wallpaper. However, gluing the wallpaper on the lining is not a good idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, wallpaper can be damaged in areas with seams.

This risk is there, even if it is decided to glue heavy-duty non-woven double-layer wallpaper.

Secondly, when pasting the wallpaper, the trim wears out much faster and loses its properties. The vapor tightness disappears, and there is a need for additional ventilation.

In general, the problem of combining wallpapers is not so complicated. Here, the standard rules apply in combination colors and ornaments, which must be followed to make the apartment stylish and cozy.

Different options for combining wallpaper in the interior( video)

The most important thing is to define the style in which you want to live quietly, and you will be able to easily select wallpapers for it.

combination of wallpaper in the interior( photo)