Drawings 3d on the ceiling: photo perforation, catalog of panels for an apartment, how to make your own hands

3D drawings on the ceiling can reproduce different geometric shapes or configurations 3d drawings on the ceiling can play different geometric shapes or configurations In order to make a 3d drawing on the ceiling, it's best to use an inkjet printer. However, you can build a volumetric ceiling without the use of specialized equipment. It is easy to make a 3d ceiling by itself using perforated panels made of aluminum, PVC film or gypsum. These canvases are easily installed on almost any surface, and look no worse than the suspended panels with photo printing.

    • We make 3d ceilings with our own hands
    • 3d perforation and stretch ceilings
    • How to make the ceiling with 3d photo in the apartment
    • Choose 3D panels for the ceiling
    • Stretch ceilings with 3D pattern( video)
    • Drawings 3d on the ceiling( photo)

We make 3D ceilings with our own hands

In order to create a volumetric ceiling, it is not necessary to put any images on the suspended cloths. Create the illusion of volume can be through special multi-level ceilings and good lighting. For the construction of multi-level volumetric structures it is desirable to use either plasterboard or PVC-linen.

Before installing the 3D ceiling, simulate it in the "3d MAX" or "Compass" program. The layout will help you calculate the necessary amount of building materials and qualitatively establish the construction. If you want, you can download a special catalog in which you can find ready 3D designs.

The main task of creating a 3d ceiling is to design an effective decor element and to ensure convenient operation The main task of creating a 3D ceiling is to design an effective decoration element and to ensure easy operation.

Install the 3D ceiling in the following order:

  1. Treat the base surface with a primer. Fix minor defects with putty mix.
  2. Apply markings to the ceiling.
  3. Make base holes for the dowels.
  4. Install aluminum profiles. To fix them, use dowels.
  5. If you use PVC sheets, heat the room with a heat gun.
  6. After the crate has been erected, install PVC sheets or plasterboard. To fix materials use self-tapping screws and starting profiles.
  7. Then install the fixtures. It is recommended to use a hidden LED backlight. It will look much better than a chandelier or spotlights.

3d perforation and stretch ceilings

If you do not want to apply pictures or print to the ceiling, you can use perforated sheets. On the surface of such paintings is installed vinyl film and a special texture.

If you like non-ordinary solutions, you can buy linens, on which the perforation is applied in several layers. One of the layers can be made translucent or matte, and between the layers set the hidden backlight.

3d perforation looks much more interesting than photo printing 3d punching looks much more interesting than photo printing

When using perforated sheets as lighting devices, you can use:

  • Spotlights. With their help you can easily adjust the angles of light streams.
  • Hidden backlight. It is advisable to use it only if you use multi-layer perforated sheets.
  • LED Strip Light. With their help you can split the room into several functional areas. Also, it is advisable to use the LED tape in case you want to apply some unusual ornament to the canvas.

Perforated board installation technology:

  1. Set the harpoon type baguette. Secure it with dowels.
  2. Display the wiring for the lighting fixtures. If you use spotlights, you need to install mortgages.
  3. Warm the room up to 60 degrees with a heat gun.
  4. Fasten the PVC linen with a clothes peg.
  5. Fill the excess sheets in the baguette.
  6. After the air temperature in the room decreases, install the lighting fixtures.

How to make a ceiling with 3d photo in the apartment

If you want to apply 3d photo to the ceiling, you need to resort to the use of special equipment. The most commonly used inkjet printer. In order for the image to look more realistic, you can install a multi-tiered structure.

It is desirable to use a polyvinyl chloride film for making the 3d composition. It can have a glossy or satin texture. Also, the 3d composition can be applied to the fabric web. However, you can not build a multi-tiered structure from the fabric.

For the realization of 3D effects, vinyl films with a mirror surface are most often used For the realization of the 3D effect, most often used are vinyl films with a mirror surface

The multi-layer construction can be executed as:

  • Arch. Such a construction is advisable to use if the apartment has very high ceilings.
  • Cone. This design helps to recreate the effect of a "falling drop" on the ceiling. The base of the cone is made in the form of rectangles or an oval.
  • Waves. Multi-tiered structures made in the form of a wave, it is rational to install in both high and low rooms.

Choose 3D panels for ceiling

For the decoration of walls and ceilings, various 3d panels are increasingly used. They differ not only in color, but also in relief. Some panels are externally similar to a brick or a natural tree.

For the production of 3d panels, the following materials are used:

  1. Aluminum. Panels made of this material are very practical, however, they have a high cost. Cloths from aluminum are mounted on a special crate, made of steel baguettes.
  2. Plastic. Such panels are used in case you need to create a multi-tiered structure. In addition, volumetric plastic sheets are often used for finishing ceilings in rooms with high humidity.
  3. Gypsum. These panels are used in case you need to create a seamless panel. When using gypsum panels you do not need to build a special frame, since such webs are glued to the base surface with liquid nails.

To create a 3D ceiling, it's best to use gypsum panels. They are easy to install and do not require special care. In addition, gypsum panels are resistant to high temperatures and look no worse than aluminum or plastic cloths.

Stretch ceilings with 3d pattern( video)

Installing 3d ceilings is a great way to transform a room. To create a voluminous composition, you can resort to using a special printer. With it, you can apply any pattern to the hanging sheet. In case you want to mount a volumetric ceiling yourself, you need to buy a special 3d panel or build a multi-tiered structure of plasterboard.

Figures 3d ceiling( photo)